Know about the Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle Answer for April 9th,24

the Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle Answer

Prepare yourselves to solve our next crossword puzzle named Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle for April month.

Crosswords are those puzzles, that will help you to understand the crossword puzzle meaning, find ways on how you can solve it, and then come up with a solution. Crosswords are games that, allow you to learn things along with playing the game. This is a kind of knowledge game, where you get to know various topics. So, when you get any free time or a break from your daily chores try playing the game.

Fall into line (6)

Answer: COMPLY

When someone is asked to fall into line, they are being instructed to comply with a rule or order. The answer to this clue is COMPLY because it means to act in accordance with instructions or rules.

Tap on a cask (6)

Answer: SPIGOT

In order to access the contents of a cask, one typically taps it. The word that fits this description is SPIGOT, which is a device used to control the flow of liquid from a container like a cask.

Customs (5)

Answer: MORES

The term MORES refers to the customs, traditions, and norms of a particular society or community. It encompasses the accepted behaviors and practices within a cultural group.

Hairy (7)


Describing something as HIRSUTE means that it is covered in hair or has a hairy appearance. This word is often used in reference to animals or people with particularly abundant hair growth.

2023 Wimbledon champion (7)


In 2023, the Wimbledon champion was ALCARAZ, referring to Carlos Alcaraz, a professional tennis player who achieved success at Wimbledon in that year.

Extremist (5)

Answer: ULTRA

An extremist is someone who holds radical views or beliefs, often advocating for extreme measures or ideologies. The answer “ULTRA” signifies someone or something that goes beyond the usual or conventional limits, reflecting the extreme nature of the individual’s beliefs or actions.

Soldier’s shelter (6,3)


A soldier’s shelter is a protective structure or enclosure used by military personnel to seek refuge or defense during combat or in harsh conditions. The answer “SENTRY BOX” specifically refers to a small shelter or outpost where a soldier stands guard or keeps watch, indicating its role in providing protection and surveillance.

Lamp (5)

Answer: TORCH

A lamp is a device that produces light, typically by using electricity or a flame. The answer “TORCH” refers to a portable light source, often handheld, powered by a battery or a burning flame. It illuminates the surroundings and is useful in various situations, from outdoor activities to emergency situations.

Do away with (7)


To do away with something means to eliminate, abolish, or put an end to it. The answer “OBVIATE” denotes the act of avoiding or preventing something from happening, thus rendering it unnecessary or irrelevant. It suggests taking measures to circumvent or remove obstacles or problems before they arise.

Gaffe (4,3)


A gaffe is a social blunder or mistake, often resulting from saying or doing something inappropriate or embarrassing. The answer “FAUX PAS” comes from French and literally means “false step.” It refers to an error in social etiquette or manners, highlighting the unintentional nature of the action and its potential for causing embarrassment or offense.

Cereal grass (5)

Answer: MAIZE

“cereal grass” refers to a specific type of grain, and in this case, it’s “maize,” which is commonly known as corn. Maize is a type of cereal grass that is widely cultivated for its kernels, used for various purposes including food, livestock feed, and industrial products.

Urge (6)

Answer: EXHORT

“Urge” suggests a strong encouragement or persuasion towards a particular action or behavior. The word “exhort” perfectly fits this definition, as it means to strongly encourage or urge someone to do something, often with a sense of urgency or conviction.

Mark of disgrace (6)

Answer: STIGMA

When something carries a “mark of disgrace,” it implies that it is associated with shame or disapproval in society. The word “stigma” encapsulates this meaning, representing a mark or sign of disgrace or social stigma attached to a particular characteristic, condition, or behavior.

Percussion instrument (6)

Answer: CYMBAL

A “percussion instrument” is a musical instrument that produces sound by being struck or shaken. One such instrument is the cymbal, which consists of thin, round metal plates that produce a ringing or crashing sound when struck together or hit with a drumstick.

Contemptible person (5)

Answer: LOSER

Describing someone as a “contemptible person” suggests they are considered despicable or unworthy of respect. The term “loser” aligns with this definition, often used informally to describe someone who is unsuccessful, incompetent, or generally disliked.

Disquiet (7)


The word “disquiet” implies a sense of unease or disturbance. When we search for a synonym with seven letters, we find “PERTURB,” which captures the essence of this feeling, indicating a state of agitation or anxiety.

Emaciated (5)

Answer: GAUNT

Describing something or someone as “emaciated” suggests extreme thinness or depletion. In five letters, the term “GAUNT” fits perfectly, conveying the idea of a skeletal, malnourished appearance often associated with profound illness or starvation.

Pierce the skull (6)

Answer: TREPAN

This cryptic clue refers to a medical procedure involving the drilling of a hole into the skull. With six letters, “TREPAN” aligns with this action, denoting the surgical act of trepanation, historically performed for various medical reasons, including releasing pressure on the brain.

Risky (9)


The term “risky” indicates a situation or action fraught with potential danger or uncertainty. With nine letters, “HAZARDOUS” encapsulates this notion, emphasizing the high level of risk involved, suggesting potential harm or adverse consequences.

Certain 3 Down (2-5)


The term “NOHOPER” is a slang expression denoting someone who lacks hope or optimism, fitting the given parameters and completing the crossword puzzle.

Radiography (1-6)


This term refers to the process of taking X-ray images. When rearranged, the letters spell out “XRAYING,” which directly relates to the technique of using X-rays to produce images of the inside of the body.

Suppress (6)

Answer: STIFLE

The word “suppress” indicates the action of holding back or restraining something. When arranged, the letters form “STIFLE,” which is synonymous with suppressing or suffocating something.

Swiss city and canton (6)

Answer: GENEVA

The clue points to a city and canton in Switzerland. When the letters are rearranged, they form “GENEVA,” a well-known Swiss city and canton, famous for its international organizations and picturesque landscapes.

Approximate (5)

Answer: ROUGH

This term suggests coming close to an accurate value or estimate without being exact. When the letters are rearranged, they form “ROUGH,” which can describe something that is close or approximate but not precise or refined.

Disgorged matter (5)

Answer: VOMIT

This phrase refers to expelled or vomited material. Rearranging the letters gives us “VOMIT,” which directly corresponds to the disgorged matter described in the clue.

Percussion instrument (7)


“MARACAS” fits, commonly used in rhythmic accompaniment. They’re handheld, producing shaking sound when played. Vital in energetic rhythm sections, adding lively percussive layer to music.

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