Know the Answers and Explanations for Today’s Daily Telegraph Plusword

Today’s Daily Telegraph Plusword

Do you like solving short and enjoyable puzzles? Daily Telegraph Plusword crosswords are here to make your day more exciting.

Crossword puzzles are a fun game that helps you relax. You use clues to find the right answers. Some puzzles are harder than others, but that is part of the fun. Playing with friends keeps your mind sharp. So, try it and see how many words you can learn. Let’s start.

Steep rock face


In the rugged terrain of the mountains, climbers often encounter a daunting challenge: a steep rock face known as a CRAG. These imposing formations test the skills and courage of even the most experienced adventurers as they navigate their way upward.

Of the kidneys; learn (anag.)


Within the intricate anatomy of the human body, one vital organ plays a key role in filtering waste and regulating fluid balance: the kidneys. Describing something pertaining to these organs, we find the term RENAL, indicating a connection to their function and structure.



Amidst the myriad adverbs that color our language, one stands out for its unique construction: ESPECIALLY. This word, formed by rearranging letters, adds a touch of peculiarity to the expression of emphasis, subtly highlighting a particular significance or distinction.

Pickle; so sue (anag.)


“Pickle; so sue” rearranges to “SOUSE,” which refers to pickling or steeping food in a seasoned liquid, often vinegar or brine, to preserve or flavor it.

Look at with disregard


“Look at with disregard” suggests the answer “SNEER,” which describes a facial expression or attitude of contempt or scorn, often characterized by a curled lip or a disdainful glance.

PlusWord No 691


“PlusWord No 691” clues the answer “FIFTH,” which may refer to various contexts such as the ordinal number, a musical interval, or a division of liquor, typically one-fifth of a gallon.



“Angry” corresponds to the answer “EVIL,” which indicates a strong feeling of hostility, resentment, or displeasure towards someone or something, often associated with malicious intentions or harmful actions.

Lured, enticed; olden (anag.)

LED ON    

“Lured, enticed; olden (anag.)” hints at a word that means being tempted or attracted, with the letters rearranged to form another word meaning from an earlier time. The answer is “LED ON,” conveying the idea of being misled or enticed, with a nod to the past in its anagram.

___ course, eventually


“In ___ course, eventually” suggests a phrase indicating something happening in the future or over time. The answer, “INDUE,” implies a process or eventuality, completing the phrase “in due course,” meaning in the appropriate or expected time.

Not true


“Not true” succinctly calls for a single word denoting falsehood or incorrectness. The answer, “WRONGLY,” directly opposes truth, fitting the clue by indicating an action or statement that is incorrect or inaccurate.

Pamphlet; pilot, perhaps


“Pamphlet; pilot, perhaps” indicates a word that could refer to a type of document or a person with a particular occupation. “FLYER” serves as the solution, representing both a printed advertisement and someone who navigates aircraft, demonstrating versatility in its meanings.

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