Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle Solution for the Clue

Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle

Get yourselves ready as we have both the clues and hints for the crossword puzzle below, and we will also be guiding you on solving the answer.

When you feel like playing crosswords, you can begin with solving from the easy ones so you will start understanding more about the game. In this game, there will be numbered grid boxes that are black and white, and inside the given space you will be filling the answer. The clues for the crossword will be on any topics that will improve your general knowledge.

Thin and puny (5)

Answer: WEEDY

“Thin and puny” describes something that is slender and weak. The word “weedy” fits this description perfectly, as it means lacking strength or robustness, similar to the idea of being thin and puny.

Short pause for rest (8)


A “short pause for rest” is often referred to as taking a breather. The word “breather” denotes a brief period of rest or relaxation, especially after exertion or activity, which aligns with the idea of a short pause for rest.

Bellybutton (5)

Answer: NAVAL

The “bellybutton” is the small, hollow scar left on the abdomen after the umbilical cord is removed following birth. The word “naval” is a homophone for “navel,” which refers to the bellybutton, making it a suitable answer for the clue.

Conform (3,3,4)


“Conform” means to comply with rules, standards, or expectations. “Toe the mark” is an idiom that means to comply strictly with rules or orders. The phrase “toe the mark” metaphorically implies aligning oneself with a designated standard or expectation, fitting the definition of conforming.

Tending to squander (8)


Tending to squander” describes someone or something that habitually wastes or spends resources, especially money or time, without care or consideration. The word “wasteful” fits this description perfectly, as it means inclined to waste or extravagantly use resources.

Discharge (4)

Answer: MEET

Discharge” typically means to release or let go of something, often referring to the act of releasing fluid or gas. However, “meet” does not directly represent the usual meaning of “discharge.” It’s possible that “meet” may be used in a different context or have a specific meaning in the context of the crossword.

Way of walking or running (4)

Answer: GAIT

Way of walking or running” refers to the manner or style in which a person or animal moves their legs and body while walking or running. The word “gait” specifically denotes this manner or style of walking or running, including the rhythm, speed, and coordination of movement.

Keen or penetrating (perception) (8)


“Keen or penetrating” describes someone or something that is sharp, perceptive, or insightful in their observations or analysis. The word “incisive” fits this description perfectly, as it means having the ability to understand things clearly and deeply, often by cutting through complexity or confusion.

Blowfly (10)


A “blowfly” is a type of fly known for its metallic blue or green coloration and its tendency to lay eggs on carrion or decaying matter. The term “bluebottle” is a common name for this type of fly, derived from its distinctive coloration and bottle-like shape

Wooden shoe (5)

Answer: SABOT

A “wooden shoe” is a type of footwear traditionally made from wood, often associated with Dutch or French cultures. The word “sabot” specifically refers to this type of shoe, which has a long history in European footwear.

Politeness (8)


“Politeness” refers to the quality of being courteous, respectful, and considerate in social interactions. The word “elegance” can also describe a refined and graceful quality, often associated with sophistication and good taste. While “elegance” may not always directly denote politeness, it does convey a similar sense of refinement and decorum.

Garret (5)

Answer: ATTIC

A “garret” is a small, often cramped room or space, typically located at the top of a house or building and used as a living quarters or storage area. The word “attic” refers to the uppermost part of a house, directly under the roof, often used for storage or as an additional living space. While “garret” and “attic” are not exactly synonymous, they both refer to the uppermost part of a building and are often used interchangeably in certain contexts.

Glass opening in a wall (6)

Answer: WINDOW

A “glass opening in a wall” is a structural feature designed to allow light and air to enter a building while providing a view of the outside. The word “window” specifically refers to this opening, typically framed with glass panes, which can be opened or closed to control airflow and visibility.

Composition for two (4)

Answer: DUET

A “composition for two” refers to a musical piece intended to be performed by two musicians, often singing or playing instruments together. The word “duet” specifically denotes such a musical composition, which highlights the collaboration and harmonization between two performers.

Worry (4)

Answer: FLAP

Worry” can mean to feel anxious or troubled about something. The word “flap” can also mean to be agitated or excited, often in a nervous or anxious manner. While “flap” may not be a direct synonym for “worry,” it can represent the agitation or disturbance caused by worry.

Weekly pay (5)

Answer: WAGES

“Weekly pay” refers to the compensation received by an employee for work completed over the course of a week. The word “wages” specifically denotes payment for labor or services rendered, often on a weekly or hourly basis.

Armour of interlinked metal rings (5,4)


“Armour of interlinked metal rings” describes a type of protective clothing made from small metal rings linked together in a pattern resembling a mesh fabric. The term “chain mail” specifically refers to this type of armor, historically worn by soldiers and warriors for protection in combat.

Nab (6)

Answer: DETAIN

“Nab” means to catch or apprehend someone, often in the act of committing a crime or wrongdoing. The word “detain” also means to hold or keep someone in custody, typically for questioning or investigation, which aligns with the concept of nabbing someone.

Defeated competitor (5)

Answer: LOSER

A “defeated competitor” is someone who has not won in a competition or contest. The word “loser” specifically refers to such a person, emphasizing their lack of success or victory in the competition.

Hard-working (9)

Answer: WONK

“Hard-working” describes someone who is diligent, industrious, and dedicated in their work or studies. The term “wonk” often refers to someone who is highly knowledgeable or deeply immersed in a particular field, often characterized by their enthusiasm and dedication to their area of expertise.

Vaselike vessel (3)

Answer: URN

A “vaselike vessel” is a container, typically with a narrow neck and a wider base, used for holding liquids, ashes, or other substances. The word “urn” specifically denotes such a vessel, often used for decorative or ceremonial purposes.

Tablets (5)

Answer: CURES

“Tablets” can refer to small, flat, often round or rectangular pieces of solid material, typically used for medicinal, nutritional, or technological purposes. The word “cures” specifically refers to tablets or medications that are intended to alleviate or remedy illnesses or ailments

Return (2,4)

Answer: GO BACK

“Return” often means to go or come back to a previous place or state. The phrase “go back” specifically denotes this action of returning, emphasizing the movement or action of going back to a previous location or state.

Originating in a foreign country (6)

Answer: EXOTIC

Originating in a foreign country” describes something that comes from or is characteristic of a distant or foreign place. The word “exotic” specifically refers to such things, often associated with being unusual, distinctive, or intriguing due to their foreign origin or unfamiliarity.

Make or become less (5)

Answer: ABATE

“Make or become less” describes the process of diminishing or decreasing in intensity, extent, or amount. The word “abate” specifically means to lessen or reduce, either by causing something to diminish or by experiencing a decrease in intensity or severity.

Chuck (4)

Answer: HALT

“Chuck” can mean to throw or toss something carelessly or abruptly. The word “halt” also means to stop or come to a sudden pause or standstill. While “halt” may not directly signify throwing something, it does denote a sudden cessation of movement or action, similar to a chucking motion.

Compass point (4)

Answer: LAST

A “compass point” refers to one of the 32 directions indicated on a compass, such as north, south, east, or west. The word “last” does not directly represent a compass point. It’s possible that “last” may have a specific meaning in the context of the crossword, but it does not align with the typical definition of a compass point.

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