Nolly is a True Story , Nolly Ending Explained

The story ends with Nolly going back to the Crossroads show after losing her job before. But sadly, she doesn’t stay long because she gets stomach cancer and dies. When Nolly returns to the show, it’s happy because she’s doing what she loves again.

Nolly is a True Story

Yes, “Nolly” is based on a true story. It tells the real-life tale of Noele ‘Nolly’ Gordon, who became famous as a soap star in the UK. She started her career acting on stage after graduating from a famous acting school.

Nolly had a romantic relationship with a married man named Val Parnell, who was much older than her. They kept their relationship secret for 20 years. Nolly then moved to television and became known for hosting talk shows.

But her biggest role was in a soap opera called “Crossroads,” where she played a character named Meg Mortimer. She was loved by millions of fans, but sadly, she was suddenly fired from the show, causing a lot of upset.

Ending Explained

At the end of the story, Nolly returns to the Crossroads show after being fired before. But sadly, she doesn’t stay for long because she becomes sick with stomach cancer and passes away.

When Nolly comes back to the show, it’s a happy moment because she’s back doing what she loves. But then, her sickness takes her away from the show and everyone who cared about her.

Even though Nolly’s time on the show is short this time, her return is still meaningful. It shows that she’s forgiven for her past mistakes and that she’s welcomed back by her colleagues. But her death leaves a sadness behind, especially for those who loved watching her on the show.

Nolly Join Crossroads

Nolly goes back to Crossroads, the TV show she was on before. She had some trouble there before and got fired. But later, she gets invited back. Jack, one of the people in charge, says sorry to her and asks her to come back. Nolly says yes. She’s happy to be back because she likes acting on the show.

This time, Nolly decides to do things differently. She doesn’t argue with people or try to change the script. She wants to make things better for everyone. But then, something sad happens. Nolly gets very sick. She finds out she has stomach cancer, which is a serious illness. Sadly, she dies not long after she comes back to the show.

About the Series

Nolly is an English three-part biographical miniseries created and written by Russell T Davies and directed by Peter Hoar. It was streamed on 27 to  29 December 2023 and it was broadcast on PBS in March 2024.

The series premiered on the new telecast platform ITVX. The show follows TV celebrity Noele “Nolly” Gordon’s rapid rise to fame and subsequent betrayal and sudden dismissal. It was revealed in June 2022 that Mark Gatiss is going to play Larry Grayson and Augustus Prew would portray Tony Adams.

Richard Lintern, Bethany Antonia, Antonia Bernath, Lloyd Griffith, Con O’Neill, Tim Wallers, and Clare Foster also joined the cast.  The majority of the photography was done in and around Manchester. Bonham Carter was photographed filming at the Salford Lads’ Club in Ordsall in May 2022.

Then, in Le Mans Crescent in Bolton, cast and crew were observed.Nicola Shindler’s ITV-backed Quay Street Productions commissioned Nolly as their first production. Helena Bonham Carter was set to play Noele Gordon in the three-part series, it was revealed in November 2021.



Actor/Actress Role
Helena Bonham Carter Noele Gordon
Max Brown Michael Summerton
Antonia Bernath Jane Rossington
Bethany Antonia Poppy Ngomo
Mark Gatiss Larry Grayson
Emily Butcher Fiona Fullerton
Augustus Prew Tony Adams
Richard Lintern Ronnie Allen
Chloe Harris Susan Hanson
Clare Foster Sue Lloyd
Lloyd Griffith Paul Henry
Con O’Neill Jack Barton
John Mackay John Logie Baird
Tim Wallers Charles Denton
Boro’ Brass Brass Band

Release Date

The Mini series ‘Nolly’ premiered on 2 February 2023 on ITVX. In June 2022, ITV revealed  a first look at Bonham Carter in costume. On March 17, 2024 it premiered  in the US on PBS.

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