NYT Crossword Answer and Clue for 11 April 2024

NYT Crossword Answer

Find out the NYT Crossword clue and answer for April 11, 2024, for a challenging and enjoyable word puzzle.

NYT Crossword

The NYT Crossword puzzle is a fun game that can be found in newspapers. It is about where you have to fill in words in the grid. Lots of people like to do the New York Times Crossword because it is challenging. This puzzle can be played by all age members.

Sunday puzzles are bigger and have a similar difficulty level to Thursday puzzles and it created by various people called constructors and edited by Will Shortz in 1993. The puzzles often have themes or special clues that make them interesting and fun.

Slicing and dicing, say

Answer: FOOD

This clue suggests an activity involving cutting or preparing food, typically by slicing and dicing ingredients. The word that fits this description is “FOOD,” as slicing and dicing are common actions performed during food preparation.

Training unit

Answer: REP

In the context of exercise or physical fitness, a “REP” refers to a repetition of a specific movement or exercise. During training or workouts, individuals perform multiple repetitions of exercises to improve strength or endurance

Share of the supply

Answer: RATION

This clue hints at a portion or allotment of resources that is distributed among a group. The term that fits this description is “RATION,” which refers to a fixed amount of something, such as food or supplies, allocated to individuals or groups, especially during times of scarcity or rationing.

Italian for “year”

Answer: ANNO

This clue provides a hint about the Italian word for “year.” In Italian, the word for “year” is “ANNO,” which is commonly used in various contexts such as dates, age, or duration.

___ word

Answer: INA

This clue indicates that the answer is a word that fits into a specific phrase or context. The term “INA” is often used as a prefix or as part of compound words, such as “inaugurate” or “inaccessible.” It can also be used as a standalone word, typically in crossword puzzles where a partial word is needed to complete a phrase or sentence.

Lacking the wherewithal

Answer: UNABLE

This clue suggests a state of being without the means or resources to accomplish something. When someone is “UNABLE,” they lack the ability or capacity to perform a certain task due to a lack of resources, skills, or other necessary conditions


Answer: LICE

This clue plays on the idea of something that makes you scratch your head in confusion or puzzlement. In this context, “LICE” fits the description as they are small insects that infest the scalp, causing itching or scratching of the head.

Subjects in a series of van Gogh landscape paintings


This clue refers to a specific theme or motif found in a series of landscape paintings by the artist Vincent van Gogh. One of the recurring subjects in van Gogh’s work is “OLIVETREES,” which he painted in various landscapes, often depicting the beauty of olive trees and their surroundings.

Pricey basketball tickets

Answer: COURT

This clue hints at tickets for a basketball game that are expensive or high in cost. In the context of basketball, “COURT” refers to the playing area where the game is held. Expensive tickets are often for seats close to the action, near the basketball court, hence the answer “COURT” for pricey basketball tickets

Ending with fluor- or chlor-

Answer: IDE

This clue suggests a suffix that commonly follows the prefixes “fluor-” or “chlor-,” typically found in chemical compounds. The suffix that fits this description is “IDE,” which forms names of chemical compounds, especially those containing fluorine or chlorine

Serious ___ (popular cooking blog)

Answer: EATS

This clue refers to a well-known cooking blog that focuses on serious culinary topics or recipes. The missing word here is “EATS,” completing the title as “Serious EATS,” which is a popular and respected online platform for food enthusiasts.

Some baby shower gifts


This clue hints at a specific type of clothing item commonly given as gifts at baby showers. “ONESIES” refers to one-piece garments for infants, typically with snap closures at the crotch, making them convenient and comfortable for babies to wear.

Self images?

Answer: IDS

This clue plays on the idea of self-perception or self-representation. “IDS” is short for “identifications” or “IDs,” which are documents or cards that serve as proof of a person’s identity. In this context, “self images” refers to personal identification documents.

Modern scanning target

Answer: RETINA

This clue suggests a body part or feature that is commonly used as a target for modern scanning technologies, such as biometric scanners. The answer is “RETINA,” which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that processes visual information. Modern scanning technologies often use retina scans for security or identification purposes.

Something to take when you’re in the dark

Answer: STAB

This clue suggests an action one might do when navigating in darkness. The word “STAB” in this context refers to taking a guess or making an attempt at something uncertain or unclear, often done metaphorically when lacking information or guidance



When something is “FORSAKEN,” it means it has been left behind or deserted, often implying a sense of loneliness or neglect. This term can describe places, objects, or even people that have been abandoned or left without care or support


Answer: SCARCE

In this context, “SCARCE” refers to something that is in short supply or not readily available. When something is rare, it means it is uncommon or hard to come by, emphasizing its scarcity or infrequency.

Not in one’s head, say

Answer: ALOUD

This clue hints at a manner of speaking or expressing oneself. “ALOUD” refers to speaking audibly or verbally, as opposed to thinking silently or internally “in one’s head.” Therefore, the answer indicates a way of vocalizing thoughts or ideas rather than keeping them internal.

Alternative to a handshake

Answer: DAP

This clue suggests an alternative greeting or gesture used in place of a traditional handshake. “DAP” refers to a form of greeting or acknowledgment where individuals touch knuckles or perform a brief, stylized handshake, often used in informal or friendly settings as an alternative to a traditional handshake.

Vintner’s concern

Answer: AGING

This clue suggests a matter of importance for someone involved in winemaking. One significant concern for vintners is the “AGING” process of wine. Aging allows wine to develop complexity and flavor characteristics over time, making it an essential aspect of winemaking.

With 46-Across, some areas in Clue … or a hint to the first, fourth, twelfth and fifteenth rows of this puzzle

Answer: SECRET

This clue refers to a hint that is provided in conjunction with another clue (46-Across). The phrase “SECRET” indicates hidden or undisclosed information. When combined with the clue “Some areas in Clue,” it suggests that certain areas in the crossword puzzle are secret or concealed. Specifically, the hint to the first, fourth, twelfth, and fifteenth rows of the puzzle indicates that these rows contain secret or hidden elements

See 44-Across


This clue directs the solver to another clue (44-Across) for additional information or context. In this case, the phrase “See 44-Across” instructs the solver to refer to the clue associated with number 44 for the answer. Therefore, the answer is “PASSAGES,” which is found in clue number 44-Across

Take a hit

Answer: TOKE

This clue suggests an action related to consuming drugs, particularly marijuana. “TOKE” is a slang term that means to inhale smoke from a marijuana cigarette or pipe. Therefore, “Take a hit” implies the action of inhaling smoke from a marijuana joint or pipe, commonly referred to as “TOKE.”

Good hosts make them

Answer: INTROS

This clue suggests something that hosts, such as those hosting events or shows, create or deliver to start off an occasion or program. “INTROS” refers to introductions, typically made at the beginning of an event or presentation, welcoming guests or setting the tone for what follows.

“This is Me … Now” singer, familiarly

Answer: JLO

This clue hints at a singer known by a familiar nickname or abbreviation. “JLO” is a shortened form of the name Jennifer Lopez, a well-known singer, actress, and performer. She released a song titled “This is Me … Now,” among other popular hits.



This clue suggests something that causes confusion or puzzlement, often making people scratch their heads in contemplation. “ENIGMAS” are mysteries or puzzles that are difficult to understand or solve, often requiring deep thought or investigation.

“Jaws” menace

Answer: MANE

This clue refers to a specific threat featured in the movie “Jaws.” The main menace in the film is a giant predatory shark. While the word “MANE” typically refers to the long hair on the neck of a horse or lion, in this context, it hints at the shark’s “MANEater” reputation, indicating its role as the primary threat in the movie.

Commonly mined material that’s relatively rare in Earth’s crust (about 2 p.p.m.)

Answer: TIN

This clue suggests a material that is valuable and frequently extracted from the earth, despite its relative scarcity in the Earth’s crust. “TIN” fits this description, as it is a commonly mined metal used in various industries, despite being relatively rare in the Earth’s crust compared to other elements.

Lender you shouldn’t trust

Answer: SHARK

When it comes to borrowing money, a “shark” refers to a predatory lender who often employs exploitative tactics such as exorbitant interest rates or aggressive collection practices. This term suggests that dealing with such lenders can be dangerous, as they may take advantage of borrowers who are in vulnerable financial situations.

Whales and alligators might be seen on them


Whales” and “alligators” are terms commonly used in the fashion industry to describe individuals who spend large amounts of money on clothing and accessories. A “whale” is someone who splurges on luxury items, while an “alligator” is a wealthy and stylish person. Both of these types of individuals might be seen wearing “polo shirts,” which are a popular clothing choice known for their versatility and casual yet refined aesthetic.

Celebration in the worship of Bacchus

Answer: ORGY

Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, was associated with revelry, excess, and indulgence. In ancient times, worshipers of Bacchus often engaged in wild and uninhibited celebrations known as “orgies.” These events involved feasting, drinking, music, and often sexual activity, reflecting the hedonistic nature of Bacchanalian worship.

Like stubble

Answer: COARSE

Stubble refers to the short, stiff hairs that grow on a person’s face after shaving or a short period of not shaving. This type of hair is often described as “coarse” due to its rough texture and resistance to being smoothed down. The word “coarse” here emphasizes the roughness and bristliness of the stubble, contrasting it with smoother or softer textures.

Comedian ___ Martin

Answer: MAE

Mae Martin is a Canadian comedian, writer, and actor known for their stand-up comedy specials and television appearances. In this clue, “Mae” fills in the blank, indicating the missing part of the comedian’s name.


Answer: SLOP

“Slop” is a term often used to describe spilled or messy food or liquid. It can also refer to the act of spilling something, particularly in a careless or haphazard manner.

Valuable property

Answer: PRIMER

In this context, “primer” refers to a book or guide that provides essential knowledge or serves as an introduction to a subject. Valuable property can be considered something that lays the foundation for further understanding or success, akin to how a primer provides fundamental information.

Choice for a round

Answer: ALE

Ale” is a type of alcoholic beverage, particularly beer, that is often served in rounds at pubs or bars. This clue suggests that “ale” is a suitable choice when ordering drinks in a social setting, such as during a round of drinks with friends

Institution with galleries in Liverpool and Cornwall

Answer: TATE

The Tate is a renowned institution in the United Kingdom known for its network of art galleries, including Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives in Cornwall. These galleries exhibit works from the Tate’s extensive collection of British art, international modern and contemporary art, and temporary exhibitions.

“Nurse Jackie” star

Answer: FALCO

Edie Falco is an American actress best known for her role as the title character in the television series “Nurse Jackie.” In this clue, “Falco” fills in the blank, indicating the last name of the actress who portrayed the lead role in the show.

Something that can be red or white, but not blue

Answer: ONION

Onions are vegetables that come in various colors, including red and white, but not blue. This clue plays on the fact that onions are commonly found in red and white varieties, making them fitting for the description provided.

When theatrical special effects happen, one hopes

Answer: ONCUE

In theater, film, or television production, special effects are often coordinated to occur precisely at the right moment. The phrase “on cue” means to happen at the correct time or in response to a signal. Therefore, when theatrical special effects happen “on cue,” it signifies that they are timed perfectly as intended.


Answer: DOERS

“Doers” refers to individuals who are industrious, proactive, and diligent in their work. They are often described as “workhorses” due to their reliability and capacity for hard work. This clue highlights the characteristic of being a “doer” by using the term “workhorses” as a metaphor for individuals who are consistently productive and efficient

Casino that houses the Penn & Teller Theater

Answer: RIO

The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino is a well-known establishment in Las Vegas, Nevada, which houses the Penn & Teller Theater. Penn & Teller are a famous magician duo known for their innovative magic tricks and comedy performances. The Rio is recognized as the location where audiences can enjoy their shows.

Draft status


In the context of military conscription, “enlisted” refers to individuals who have voluntarily joined the armed forces. They have chosen to serve their country by signing up for military duty. This term contrasts with being drafted, where individuals are selected for military service without volunteering

Settled up

Answer: PAID

“Paid” indicates that a financial obligation has been fulfilled by providing the agreed-upon payment. When someone settles up, they make the necessary payment to clear a debt or account. This could involve paying for goods or services received, or settling outstanding balances.

French translation of the Spanish “calle”

Answer: RUE

In Spanish, “calle” translates to “street.” Similarly, in French, the equivalent term for “street” is “rue.” Both languages use this word to refer to the thoroughfare where people live, work, and travel.

Alternatives to blinds

Answer: ANTES

In poker, “antes” are mandatory bets that all players must place before the start of a hand. This clue plays on the word “blinds,” which are also mandatory bets in poker but are placed by specific players rather than all players. Therefore, “antes” are presented as alternatives to “blinds” in the context of poker gameplay.

___ VanDerveer, coach who holds the record for the most wins in college basketball history (1,200+)

Answer: TARA

Tara VanDerveer is a highly successful American basketball coach who has achieved remarkable success in women’s college basketball. She holds the record for the most wins in college basketball history, with over 1,200 victories. VanDerveer’s coaching career, particularly her tenure at Stanford University, has earned her widespread recognition and admiration within the basketball community.


Answer: IBET

“Pfft” is an onomatopoeic expression often used to signify a dismissive or nonchalant reaction. In this context, “I bet” serves as a response, indicating agreement or acknowledgment of something, albeit in a casual or indifferent manner. The clue plays on the phonetic similarity between “pfft” and “I bet.”

Chorus for los toreadores

Answer: OLES

In bullfighting, spectators often shout “oles” as an expression of admiration or encouragement, especially during particularly skillful or daring maneuvers performed by the bullfighter (toreador). This term is the plural form of “ole,” and it serves as the chorus of vocal support from the crowd during bullfights.

Platform for playing Kirby’s Adventure

Answer: NES

“NES” stands for Nintendo Entertainment System, which was a popular video game console released by Nintendo in the 1980s. “Kirby’s Adventure” is a classic video game featuring the beloved character Kirby, originally released for the NES platform. Therefore, the NES console serves as the platform for playing “Kirby’s Adventure.”

Place to take shots

Answer: VEIN

In the context of medical procedures, a “vein” is a common location for administering injections or taking blood samples. This clue plays on the dual meaning of “shots,” which can refer to both injections and attempts to score points in sports like basketball or billiards. In this case, “vein” specifically refers to the anatomical site for medical injections.


Answer: TIRADE

A “tirade” is a prolonged, vehement speech or outburst expressing strong criticism, anger, or disapproval. It often involves a speaker passionately and forcefully expressing their grievances or frustrations about a particular subject or individual. The word “tirade” accurately captures the intensity and fervor of a verbal onslaught or rant.

“There’s something in the pantry!”

Answer: EEK

“EEK” is an onomatopoeic expression used to convey surprise, alarm, or sudden fear, often in response to encountering something unexpected or frightening. In this context, it represents the exclamation one might make upon discovering something unexpected in the pantry, such as a mouse or insect.

Prosecution figs.

Answer: DAS

“Das” is an abbreviation for “district attorneys,” which are legal officials responsible for representing the government in prosecuting criminal cases. In this clue, “figs.” is an abbreviation for “figures,” indicating that the answer refers to abbreviations related to the legal profession, specifically district attorneys.

Not right (for)

Answer: INAPT

“Inapt” means unsuitable, inappropriate, or not fitting for a particular purpose or situation. In this clue, “not right” suggests that the answer describes something that is not suitable or appropriate for a given context, indicated by the phrase “(for).”

N.K. Jemisin’s “Broken Earth” trilogy, for one

Answer: SAGA

The “Broken Earth” trilogy is a series of fantasy novels written by N.K. Jemisin. A “saga” refers to a long, epic story or narrative, often spanning multiple generations and featuring complex characters and intertwining plotlines. Therefore, the “Broken Earth” trilogy is categorized as a saga due to its expansive and intricate storytelling

What has degrees in math?

Answer: TRIG

Trig” is a colloquial abbreviation for trigonometry, which is a branch of mathematics that deals with the relationships between the sides and angles of triangles. In trigonometry, angles are typically measured in degrees, radians, or other units, so the subject itself, trigonometry, is what “has degrees in math” in this clue.

Common Photoshop target

Answer: ACNE

In Photoshop, a common target for editing or retouching is “acne,” which refers to skin blemishes or pimples. Many people use Photoshop or similar photo editing software to digitally remove or reduce the appearance of acne in photographs, especially in portraits or close-up shots.

Appeals to

Answer: BEGS

When someone “begs,” they make a plea or request for something, often appealing to another person’s sympathy, generosity, or understanding. This clue suggests that the answer is a verb that describes the action of making appeals or pleas to someone or something.

Like lightning

Answer: FAST

Lightning is famously known for being incredibly fast, often striking with rapid speed and intensity during thunderstorms. Therefore, describing something as “like lightning” implies that it moves or operates quickly, with great velocity or agility.

Product made from vegetable oil

Answer: OLEO

“Oleo” is a product made from vegetable oil, typically used as a substitute for butter or margarine. It is commonly used in cooking and baking as a spread or ingredient in various recipes. This clue highlights “oleo” as a specific product derived from vegetable oil.

Be awesome, informally

Answer: ROCK

To “rock” something informally means to be excellent, impressive, or outstanding in a particular context. It’s often used as slang to express admiration or approval for someone’s performance or achievement. This clue suggests that the answer is a verb meaning to excel or be exceptional, particularly in a casual or colloquial sense.

100%, so to speak

Answer: SURE

When someone is “sure” about something, they have complete confidence or certainty in it. In this context, “100%, so to speak” suggests that the answer is a word synonymous with absolute certainty or confidence.

Crème de ___ (liqueur)

Answer: CASSIS

“Crème de cassis” is a type of liqueur made from black currants. The term “crème de” in French means “cream of,” indicating that the liqueur is made from or flavored with the specified ingredient. In this clue, “cassis” fills in the blank, completing the name of the liqueur.

Kind of leave or guidance


“Parental” is an adjective relating to parents or parenting. In this clue, “kind of leave” could refer to “parental leave,” which is time off from work granted to parents, typically following the birth or adoption of a child. Alternatively, “kind of guidance” could refer to “parental guidance,” which involves advice, supervision, or direction provided by parents to their children.


Answer: TIL

In golf, players often shout “fore” as a warning to alert others that a golf ball has been hit errantly and may be heading towards them. In this context, “‘fore” is a colloquial abbreviation for “until,” which is commonly written as “til” or “till.” It signifies the continuation of an action or state up to a specified time or point

Author Joe Hill, vis-à-vis Stephen King

Answer: SON

Joe Hill is the son of the renowned author Stephen King. In this clue, “son” serves as a familial relation indicating Joe Hill’s connection to Stephen King as his offspring. This relationship is emphasized by the phrase “vis-à-vis,” which means “in relation to” or “compared with,” highlighting the association between the two authors

Terse denial

Answer: NOTI

A “terse denial” is a short and succinct refusal or rejection of something. In this case, “NOTI” serves as an abbreviation for “not I,” which is a concise way of expressing that the speaker is not responsible for or involved in the situation being discussed

Walter’s meth-dealing partner on “Breaking Bad”

Answer: JESSE

In the television series “Breaking Bad,” Jesse Pinkman is the character who serves as Walter White’s partner in the illegal drug trade, particularly in the production and distribution of methamphetamine. Therefore, “Jesse” is the name of Walter’s meth-dealing partner, as referenced in the clue.

Suddenly go silent, in modern dating lingo

Answer: GHOST

In modern dating terminology, “ghosting” refers to the act of abruptly and unexpectedly ceasing all communication with someone, especially in the context of a romantic relationship or potential romantic interest. When someone “ghosts” another person, they suddenly disappear from their life without explanation or warning.

“The Jeffersons” actress Gibbs

Answer: MARLA

Marla Gibbs is an actress known for her role as Florence Johnston on the television sitcom “The Jeffersons.” In this clue, “Marla” fills in the blank, indicating the name of the actress who portrayed the character referenced in the question.

Insider language

Answer: ARGOT

“Argot” refers to specialized vocabulary or language used by a particular group or community, often characterized by its exclusivity and insider knowledge. It can include slang terms, jargon, or coded language that is specific to a certain profession, subculture, or social group. Therefore, “argot” is the term for insider language, as mentioned in the clue.

Verb akin to “Zoom”

Answer: SKYPE

“Skype” is a verb akin to “Zoom” in the sense that both are commonly used as names of video communication platforms. Just as “Zoom” has become a verb meaning to participate in a virtual meeting or call, “Skype” is often used similarly to refer to video calls conducted through the Skype platform.

“The Hound of the Baskervilles” location

Answer: MOOR

“The Hound of the Baskervilles” is a famous Sherlock Holmes novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The story is primarily set on the Dartmoor, a wild and rugged area of moorland in Devon, England. Therefore, “moor” refers to the location where much of the novel’s action takes place.

Jai ___

Answer: ALAI

Jai alai” is a sport originating from the Basque region of Spain, known for its fast-paced and intense gameplay involving a ball and a walled court. In this clue, “alai” fills in the blank, completing the name of the sport.


Answer: NORM

“Norm” refers to a standard or average level of achievement, behavior, or performance. It represents what is typical, usual, or expected within a particular context. Therefore, “norm” is synonymous with “average” in this clue, indicating a typical or common state or condition.

Name found in “affirmation”

Answer: IRMA

The name “Irma” can be found within the word “affirmation.” In this clue, “Irma” serves as the specific name referenced in the question, demonstrating how it appears within the longer word “affirmation.”

Doctor sought for a checkup, in brief

Answer: PCP

In this context, “PCP” stands for “primary care physician,” which is a doctor who provides general medical care and is typically the first point of contact for patients seeking healthcare services. When someone seeks a checkup, they often visit their primary care physician for routine examinations and preventive care.

___ Honor

Answer: HER

“Her” is the missing word in the phrase “___ Honor.” In this context, “her” is a possessive pronoun indicating ownership or association with a female person or thing. Therefore, the complete phrase “___ Honor” implies an honor or recognition attributed to a female individual or entity.


Answer: SEE

“Capeesh?” is a colloquial way of asking “Understand?” or “Got it?” It is often used to seek confirmation or agreement from the listener. In this case, “SEE” serves as the answer, indicating that the speaker is asking if the listener comprehends or agrees with what has been said.

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