NYT Mini Crossword Clue for April 10, 2024

NYT Mini Crossword Clue

Discover the solution to the NYT Mini Crossword clue for April 10, 2024, and conquer the puzzle with our assistance to uncover the hidden words.

NYT Mini Crossword

Elevate your skills with the New York Times Mini Crossword. Create a new and unique crossword every day. If you have run out of answers and need more, just come back to refresh your brain. Check out this page to see the latest New York Times mini crossword solutions for April 10th, 2024.

What a little bird told me?


What a little bird told me?: This clue suggests a term for a brief message or statement typically communicated through social media. The answer is TWEET, representing a short post or message shared on platforms like Twitter, often containing concise information or updates, akin to the sound made by a small bird.

Bird that’s also a term in golf


Bird that’s also a term in golf: Here, we’re directed to identify a type of bird that shares its name with a scoring term in the game of golf. The answer is EAGLE, representing a large bird of prey and also signifying a score of two strokes under par on a golf hole, demonstrating exceptional performance and skill.

Made a mistake


Made a mistake: This phrase suggests a term describing the action of committing an error or error in judgment. The answer is ERRED, representing the act of making a mistake or deviating from the correct course of action, often resulting in unintended consequences or outcomes.

Square thing that won’t fit in a round hole


Square thing that won’t fit in a round hole: Here, we’re prompted to identify an object with a shape that is incompatible with its intended placement. The answer is PEG, representing a cylindrical or tapered object typically used for securing objects or fastening things together, which wouldn’t fit smoothly into a round hole due to its square or rectangular shape.

Pig’s home


Pig’s home: This clue directs us to find a term for the dwelling or shelter of a particular animal. The answer is STY, representing a small enclosure or shelter where pigs are kept, often consisting of a simple structure with an area for feeding and resting, typically associated with farm settings.

Bad shirt choice for a fancy restaurant


Bad shirt choice for a fancy restaurant: This phrase suggests a term describing a type of shirt that would be considered inappropriate or unsuitable attire for dining at an upscale establishment. The answer is TEE, representing a casual and typically short-sleeved shirt often associated with sports or leisure activities, contrasting with the formal dress code expected at a fancy restaurant.

Becomes damaged, like wood


Becomes damaged, like wood: “WARPS” describes the process by which wood or other materials become distorted or deformed due to changes in moisture or temperature. When wood warps, it loses its original shape, often resulting in bends, twists, or curves that compromise its structural integrity.

Bird that’s the symbol of the National Audubon Society


Bird that’s the symbol of the National Audubon Society: “EGRET” refers to a type of bird known for its long, slender legs and graceful appearance, often found in wetland habitats. As a symbol of the National Audubon Society, the egret represents conservation efforts and environmental stewardship, embodying the organization’s commitment to protecting bird species and their habitats.

Mournful poem


Mournful poem: “ELEGY” denotes a poetic composition that expresses sorrow, grief, or lamentation, often written in memory of someone who has died. Through its solemn and reflective tone, an elegy serves as a literary tribute to the deceased, honoring their life and legacy through verse.

___ Mosby, main character on “How I Met Your Mother”


___ Mosby, main character on “How I Met Your Mother”: “TED” represents the main character from the television sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” portrayed by actor Josh Radnor. Ted Mosby serves as the central protagonist and narrator of the series, recounting the story of how he met the mother of his children to his own children in the future.

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