Puzzle Page Crossword Answers For Today April 10, 2024

Puzzle Page Crossword Answers

Get into this page for our guide to get today’s answer for Puzzle Page Crossword and take your time to sit and solve the crossword clues. We have decoded every answer to the puzzle and listed out everything here. So, without further ado let’s get back to the article.

Puzzle page crossword is a fun game that tests your vocabulary, your logic, and your problem solving skills. With a grid of interlocking words and clues that range from simple to complex, it’s a great game for beginners and experienced puzzle players alike.

Whether you’re looking for a quick word scramble over your morning cup of coffee or you’ve got a marathon in mind, you’ve come to the right place. Puzzle page crossword provides endless fun. New puzzles are released every week, so there’s never a dull moment. So pick up a pencil, get your brain sharpened, and jump into the world of puzzle page crosswords.

Puzzle Page Crossword Answers For Today April 10, 2024

Shadowy area

Answer: SHADE

A shadowy area refers to a place where shadows are cast, often due to obstruction of light by objects or structures. Shade specifically denotes an area where sunlight or light is blocked, resulting in darkness or reduced brightness. The answer SHADE directly corresponds to this description of a shadowy area mentioned in the clue.

Redden with embarrassment

Answer: FLUSH

Flush can mean to become red or to blush, especially due to embarrassment or excitement. When someone is embarrassed, their face may flush, indicating a reddening of the skin. The answer FLUSH directly corresponds to this action of reddening with embarrassment mentioned in the clue.

An alternative

Answer: CHOICE

An alternative refers to one of two or more options or possibilities that can be chosen instead of another. A choice is a selection made from available alternatives. The answer CHOICE directly corresponds to this concept of an alternative mentioned in the clue.


Answer: CORE

The crux refers to the central or most important point of an issue or matter, often the key or essential aspect. The core similarly denotes the central or innermost part of something, representing its essence or foundation. The answer CORE directly corresponds to this central aspect or crux mentioned in the clue.

Elegant, fashionable

Answer: POSH

Posh is an informal term used to describe something as elegant, stylish, or fashionable, often associated with luxury or sophistication. It denotes a high standard of quality or refinement. The answer POSH directly corresponds to this descriptor of elegance and fashionability mentioned in the clue.

Heat to bubbling

Answer: BOIL

To heat to bubbling means to bring a liquid to the point where it starts bubbling vigorously due to the formation of steam or vapor. Boil specifically refers to the process of heating a liquid to its boiling point, characterized by bubbles rising to the surface. The answer BOIL directly corresponds to this action of heating to bubbling mentioned in the clue.


Answer: SEW

Darn can mean to mend or repair fabric by sewing stitches over a hole or tear, usually to strengthen or conceal it. Sew specifically denotes the act of joining or fastening fabric together using a needle and thread. The answer SEW directly corresponds to this action of darning mentioned in the clue.

Dwell on, brood

Answer: WORRY

To dwell on or brood over something means to think about it obsessively or excessively, often with anxiety or concern. Worry specifically refers to the act of thinking about potential problems or difficulties with apprehension or unease. The answer WORRY directly corresponds to this action of dwelling on or brooding over something mentioned in the clue.

Ringed, enclosed

Answer: FENCED

Fenced means surrounded or enclosed by a fence, typically used to demarcate a boundary or to prevent access. Fence refers to a barrier made of posts, wire, or other materials used for this purpose. The answer FENCED directly corresponds to this description of being ringed or enclosed by a fence mentioned in the clue.


Answer: HOTELS

Inns are establishments providing lodging, food, and drink to travelers, often characterized by a cozy or rustic atmosphere. Hotels are similar establishments that offer accommodation and other amenities to guests, typically ranging from budget to luxury options. The answer HOTELS directly corresponds to this type of accommodation mentioned in the clue.

Not bendable

Answer: STIFF

Something that is not bendable is rigid or inflexible, lacking the ability to bend easily. Stiff specifically describes an object or material that is resistant to bending or movement. The answer STIFF directly corresponds to this description of not being bendable mentioned in the clue.

Hold someone tightly

Answer: HUG

To hold someone tightly is to embrace them closely, often as a gesture of affection or comfort. A hug specifically denotes this act of wrapping one’s arms around another person in a tight embrace. The answer HUG directly corresponds to this action of holding someone tightly mentioned in the clue.

Converts hide into leather

Answer: TANS

Tans is a term used in the process of leather making, referring to the conversion of animal hides into leather through chemical treatment, typically involving tannins. To tan specifically means to treat animal hides with tannins or other chemicals to make them durable, flexible, and resistant to decay. The answer TANS directly corresponds to this process of converting hide into leather mentioned in the clue.

Out of tune

Answer: OFFKEY

Out of tune refers to a musical note or instrument that is not properly tuned or adjusted to the correct pitch or frequency. Off-key specifically describes a note or sound that is not in harmony with the other notes being played or sung. The answer OFFKEY directly corresponds to this condition of being out of tune mentioned in the clue.

Melodrama, hand-wringing


Hysterics refers to an emotional state characterized by excessive or uncontrollable displays of emotion, often involving melodrama or hand-wringing. It can denote a state of intense emotional agitation or distress. The answer HYSTERICS directly corresponds to this description of melodramatic hand-wringing mentioned in the clue.


Answer: CANS

Cans are containers made of metal, typically used for storing or preserving food or beverages. They are often made of tin or aluminum and are sealed to keep the contents fresh. The answer CANS directly corresponds to these containers made of metal mentioned in the clue.


Answer: RATIFY

Ratify means to formally approve or confirm something, usually through a formal process or procedure. It implies giving official consent or authorization to a decision or agreement. The answer RATIFY directly corresponds to this action of confirming or approving mentioned in the clue.

Decimate, mar

Answer: WRECK

Wreck means to cause extensive damage or destruction to something, often resulting in ruin or devastation. It can also mean to spoil or mar the appearance or condition of something. The answer WRECK directly corresponds to this action of decimating or marring mentioned in the clue.

Large natural pond

Answer: LAKE

A lake is a large body of water surrounded by land, typically larger and deeper than a pond. It is a natural formation, often fed by rivers or springs and can vary greatly in size. The answer LAKE directly corresponds to this description of a large natural pond mentioned in the clue.

Rush, inpouring

Answer: INFLUX

An influx refers to a sudden or rapid inward flow or arrival of something, often referring to people or things entering a place or system in large numbers. It implies a surge or rush of activity or movement. The answer INFLUX directly corresponds to this description of a rush or inpouring mentioned in the clue.

Gives, confers

Answer: WILLS

Gives and confers suggest the act of bestowing or granting something to someone else. In the context of the clue, wills refer to legal documents through which individuals express their wishes regarding the distribution of their property and assets after their death. By drafting a will, a person gives or confers their instructions on how their belongings should be distributed. Therefore, wills directly correspond to the action of giving or conferring mentioned in the clue.

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