Rex Splode Fate in Invincible, Know Everything About the Character

Rex Splode's Fate

Find out if Rex-Splode meets his endin the adventurous superhero series Invincible. Discoverthe fate of this explosive character and how heimpacts the storyline.

Rex Splode’s Fate in Invincible

It is not known if Rex Splode is going to die or not. There’s this villain named Angstrom Levy, played by Sterling K. Brown. He can travel through different universes, and he’s waiting to cause trouble for Invincible, who is played by Steven Yeun. In a fit of anger, Invincible seems to kill Levy after Levy threatens his family.

Levy doesn’t actually die. Instead, he rebuilds his body and sends a bunch of evil versions of Invincible from different universes to attack our Invincible’s Earth. It is because of the Invincible war, that not only Rex-Splode but lots of characters die trying to stop the bad versions of Invincible. During a fight with one of the evil Marks, Rex gets lifted into the air and teases his bones. Rex Splode blows himself along with Evil Mark.

Rex-Splode seems to die in “Invincible,” but he’s not gone for good. After the big Invincible War, the main character gets to reset the universe, like in classic comic book stories. In this new universe, Rex-Splode is alive and stays that way until the end of the comic series.

About the Character

Rex Splode is a superhero who can make things explode. He used to be part of the Teen Team, but they split up. Now, he’s in the new Guardians of the Globe. The government made Rex into a superhero. They bought him from his poor family when he was very young and changed him. Now, he can make things explode by charging them with energy.

Once Rex grows up, he runs away from the secretive group that has changed him and goes to find his family. But when he got there, he found out they had another child and had moved away. So, he moved on too and joined the Teen Team. Later, he became close with one of the members, Atom Eve.

Rex is often rude and immature, and gains dislike among other superheroes due to his distrustful nature. He shows occasional acts of bravery and tries to mend friendships. His possessiveness leads to conflicts in his relationship with Eve, and his arrogance leads to battles with his teammate. However, he sometimes surprises others with acts of kindness and courage, showing there’s more to him than just being a jerk.

About the Show

Invincible is a cartoon for adults about superheroes on Amazon Prime Video. It’s based on a comic book series with the same name. The main character is Mark Grayson, a teenager who becomes a superhero with the help of his dad, Omni-Man. Omni-Man is the strongest superhero around.

As Mark becomes a superhero, he faces challenges balancing his normal life with saving the day. He needs to show he can be as heroic as his dad. The show features Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, and J.K. Simmons as Mark’s family, with others playing different characters who pop up now and then.

“Invincible” started showing on March 25, 2021. In April 2021, Amazon said they’d make two more seasons. A special show before the main series called “Invincible: Atom Eve” came out in July 2023. The second season aired in two parts, first in November 2023 and then in March 2024. Critics really liked the show, especially the animation, action scenes, and story.


Mark Grayson is a normal teenager who is the son of Nolan. His father Nolan is not an ordinary human as he is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Mark Grayson also started to gain powers after he reached the age of 17. So with the help of his father, he learns to control his power and aims to become a superhero. Not only Mark Grayson and his father hold power in this series but this story also delves into many super heroes and villains.



Character Voice Actor(s)
Markus Sebastian “Mark” Grayson / Invincible Steven Yeun
Deborah “Debbie” Grayson Sandra Oh
Nowl-Ahn / Nolan Grayson / Omni-Man J. K. Simmons
Samantha Eve “Sam” Wilkins / Atom Eve Gillian Jacobs (teen/young adult), Jazlyn Ione (preteen), Aria Kane (child)
William Francis Clockwell Andrew Rannells
Global Defense Agency (GDA)
Cecil Stedman Walton Goggins
Donald Ferguson Chris Diamantopoulos
Guardians of the Globe (new roster)
The Immortal Ross Marquand
Rudolph “Rudy” Connors / Robot Ross Marquand (as Robot), Zachary Quinto (as Connors)
Rex Sloan / Rex Splode Jason Mantzoukas
Katherine “Kate” Cha / Dupli-Kate Malese Jow
Rachel / Shrinking Rae Grey Griffin
Amanda / Monster Girl Grey Griffin (as Amanda), Kevin Michael Richardson (as ogre form)
Markus Grimshaw / Black Samson Khary Payton
Zandale Randolph / Bulletproof Jay Pharoah
The Shapesmith Ben Schwartz
Amber Justine Bennett Zazie Beetz
The Mauler Twins Kevin Michael Richardson
Killcannon Fred Tatasciore
Arthur “Art” Rosenbaum Mark Hamill
Adam Wilkins Fred Tatasciore
Elizabeth “Betsy” Wilkins Grey Griffin
Damien Darkblood Clancy Brown
Angstrom Levy Sterling K. Brown
The Coalition of Planets
Allen the Alien Seth Rogen
Thaedus Peter Cullen
Telia Tatiana Maslany

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