Save Yourselves Ending Explained, Plot, Cast, Streaming Platforms and More

The ending of “Save Yourselves!” leaves Su and Jack alone in a sound-proof bubble that is rising into space, implying that the pouffes are still a menace.

Save Yourselves

The 2020 American science fiction comedy “Save Yourselves!” was written and directed by Eleanor Wilson and Alex Huston Fischer. Starring Sunita Mani and John Paul Reynolds, it premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

The film, which was distributed by Bleecker Street, tells the story of Su and Jack, a couple who go to a remote cabin to get away from their technologically driven being. They have no idea, though, that the Earth is being overrun by “pouffes.”

These seemingly harmless entities prove to be a lethal menace, forcing Su and Jack to face their survival. The movie looks at issues like technological reliance and people’s ability to bounce back from misfortune.

Ending Explained

The conclusion of “Save Yourselves!” reveals an important fact about the poufs, the cute but dangerous animals that are invading Earth. Although most pouffes are deadly and violent, directors Eleanor Wilson and Alex H.

Fischer explains that one pouffe, known as the “cabin pouffe,” has a different attitude. Because Su and Jack are the primary characters, this specific pouffe considers them to be an interesting case study and does not harm them. The other pouffes, on the other hand, have no choice but to murder people. The directors propose that the unique traits and motivations of the pouffes have an impact on how they act.

The ending of the story, in which Su and Jack are imprisoned in a sound-proof bubble that is rising into space, is made more complex by their knowledge of the animals. In view of the couple’s probable survival, the conclusion raises concerns regarding humanity’s future in the face of these mysterious alien entities. The pouffes continue to represent a danger.


A young couple named Su and Jack go to a rural cabin to get away from the city. They come into strange creatures known as “pouffes” that devour ethanol and cause mayhem in New York. When their contact is cut off, they learn about the alien invasion. They try to run away after saving a baby, but a thief leaves them behind.

They avoid alien-induced hallucinations because of Su’s quick thinking. Before calling for help, they come upon a strange building, only to find themselves caught in a bubble that rises into space. The conclusion, Jack’s cell phone keeps them secure. They have to deal with this alien threat in a race against time, all the while trying to survive.




John Paul Reynolds Jack “Jackie” Wyndam
Sunita Mani Surina “Su” Raji
Ben Sinclair Raph
John Early Blake
Jo Firestone Desi
Johanna Day Judy
Amy Sedaris (voice) Jack’s mother
Zenobia Shroff (voice) Su’s mother

Streaming Platforms

Save Yourselves was released on January 25, 2020. Websites such as Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, and the Microsoft Store offer for purchase or rental. For convenience at home, viewers can get the movie via these streaming services by either buying or renting it.

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