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Season 2 Of The Gentlemen Release Date

Netflix has not officially confirmed a second season of the gentlemen as of today, 21 March 2024. However, there are reasons to be hopeful. Marc Helwig (Head of TV, Miramax), who was involved in the creation of the show, has said that discussions have taken place with the director, Guy Ritchie, and writers about potential stories for a second season. The bottom line is that the final decision will be made by Netflix, and the success or failure of the show will have a significant impact on their decision.

Overall, there are plans in the works for a possible second season, but the final approval from Netflix will depend on the success of the first season.

Season 1 Ending Explained

The first season ended with some loose ends, leaving viewers curious about what might happen next. After inheriting the title and estate from his father in the show’s first episode, Edward “Eddie” Halstead learns that privilege comes with a hefty price: criminal involvement. While his elder brother Freddy racks up debts with psycho “priests”, dresses like a chicken, snorts mountains of cocaine and is a total disappointment, Eddie navigates his new life as steward of Bobby Glass’ secret weed farm. Eddie’s daughter, Betsy, acts as his secretary while he enjoys a little Barbie behind bars. Betsy works with Eddie to grow the business on the promise of the Halsteads’ contract ending at the year’s end.

Instead, the harder Eddie tried to get rid of Glass’ company, the more crimes, murders, and chaos he had to deal with. In the season finale, Glass admitted to leading a hostile takeover run by Stanley Johnston that both Eddie and Susie had to fight to keep a lid on for eight full episodes. With Eddie’s hands bloodied, his relationship with Susie on the line, and his own future as the new boss all but assured, the show offered hints of what to expect in the future. Becoming Britain’s classiest cannabis tsar is no easy feat, and Eddie has already made plenty of enemies, some of which could prove troublesome in the future.

The season ends with a chilling scene, Stanley, defeated and arrested for tax evasion, ends up in the same prison as Bobby. This sets the stage for a potential alliance or a renewed conflict between the two powerful figures, leaving viewers to wonder what the future holds for The Gentlemen.

About The Series

“The Gentlemen” is an action comedy television series created by Guy Ritchie for Netflix. It serves as a spin-off of Ritchie’s 2019 film of the same name. The series falls under the genre of action comedy and is inspired by Ritchie’s original film. It is co-written by Ritchie and Matthew Read. The show is a collaboration between the United States and the United Kingdom and is primarily in English. As of now, it consists of one season including eight episodes.

Season 1 Release Date

The Gentlemen, a new action-comedy series created by Guy Ritchie, premiered on Netflix on March 7, 2024. Though it has a new cast and plot, this series is essentially a spin-off of Ritchie’s 2019 movie of the same name.  The Gentlemen might be the ideal binge-watch if you’re searching for a fast-paced, entertaining series featuring gangsters, surprising turns, and Guy Ritchie’s distinct style.





Theo James Edward “Eddie” Horniman
Kaya Scodelario Susan “Susie” Glass
Daniel Ings Lord Frederick “Freddy” Horniman
Joely Richardson Lady Sabrina Horniman
Joshua McGuire Peter Spencer-Forbes / Sticky Pete
Vinnie Jones Geoffrey Seacombe
Edward Fox Archibald Horniman
Giancarlo Esposito Stanley Johnston
Ray Winstone Robert “Bobby” Glass
Freddie Fox Max Bassington Smythe
Kristofer Hivju Florian de Groot
Laurence O’Fuarain JP Ward


Edward Horniman gets a big surprise when he finds out he’s received a huge estate and the title of Duke of Halstead from his dad who just died. But there’s a catch – the title can only go to the second son. To make things even trickier, he finds that the land is being used to grow a lot of weed by a guy named Bobby Glass. Now, he has to deal with dangerous people who all want something from him, while also trying to keep his home safe.



Episode No.


Directed by

Written by

Original release date

1 “Refined Aggression” Guy Ritchie Guy Ritchie & Matthew Read March 7, 2024
2 “Tackle Tommy Woo Woo” Guy Ritchie Guy Ritchie & Matthew Read March 7, 2024
3 “Where’s My Weed At?” Nima Nourizadeh Haleema Mirza & Matthew Read March 7, 2024
4 “An Unsympathetic Gentleman” Nima Nourizadeh Matthew Read & Billy Mason Wood & Theo Mason Wood March 7, 2024
5 “I’ve Hundreds of Cousins” Eran Creevy Stuart Carolan March 7, 2024
6 “All Eventualities” Eran Creevy Stuart Carolan March 7, 2024
7 “Not Without Danger” David Caffrey John Jackson March 7, 2024
8 “The Gospel According to Bobby Glass” David Caffrey Matthew Read March 7, 2024

Streaming Platform

Catching up on The Gentlemen is easy! Season 1 is currently available to stream exclusively on Netflix. They may even provide a free trial if you haven’t subscribed yet, allowing you to explore Eddie Horniman’s world and his surprising fortune.

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