Solution to the NYT Mini Crossword for April 09, 2024

the NYT Mini Crossword

If you are a great puzzle solver, try out this crossword puzzle to see how well you can solve problems, exercise your brain and improve your skills. Don’t worry, if you can’t get the answers done right, because we have provided the answers for April 09, 2024, Nyt Mini Crossword clues in this upcoming article.

Nyt Mini Crossword

The New York Times Mini Crossword is a smaller, quicker version of their famous daily crossword puzzle.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term mental exercise or just want to brush up on your word skills, the New York Times’ (NYT) Mini Crossword can be a great resource. The answers aren’t directly available on the NYT’s website, but if you’re stuck, there are plenty of other places to go. One is our site, where we have provided you with the clues answers, with explanations to each of the clues to make you understand and decode the clues and get the answer.

April 09, 2024: Solution

  1. Clue: Music genre with Jamaican origins

Answer: SKA

Explanation: Ska is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s. It combines elements of Caribbean mento and calypso music with American jazz and rhythm and blues. Ska is characterized by its upbeat tempo, offbeat rhythms, and emphasis on brass instruments. The answer SKA directly corresponds to this music genre with Jamaican origins.

  1. Clue: Sound of spring?

Answer: BOING

Explanation: Boing is an onomatopoeic word often associated with the sound made by a spring when it rebounds or bounces back into shape. It mimics the noise produced by a spring when it is compressed and then released. The answer “BOING” directly corresponds to this sound associated with springs, which could be metaphorically linked to the season of spring.

  1. Clue: “Sesame Street” character who sings “Dance Myself to Sleep”

Answer: ERNIE

Explanation: Ernie is a beloved character from the children’s television series Sesame Street. In the song Dance Myself to Sleep, Ernie sings about his bedtime routine, humorously describing how he dances in bed to lull himself to sleep. The answer ERNIE directly corresponds to this character known for his playful and musical antics on Sesame Street.

  1. Clue: Religious offshoot groups

Answer: SECTS

Explanation: Sects are religious groups that have branched off from a larger religious denomination or organization. They often have distinct beliefs, practices, or interpretations of religious teachings that set them apart from the mainstream religion. The answer SECTS directly corresponds to these religious offshoot groups.

  1. Clue: What you might use to test the temperature of a bath

Answer: TOE

Explanation: When testing the temperature of a bath, one might dip their toe into the water to gauge whether it is too hot or too cold before fully immersing themselves. The sensation felt on the toe provides feedback about the water temperature. The answer TOE directly corresponds to this body part used for testing bath temperature.

  1. Clue: “Well, ___ you asked …”

Answer: SINCE

Explanation: The phrase Well, since you asked… is a common expression used to introduce a response or explanation to a question that has been posed. It suggests that the forthcoming information is being provided in direct response to the inquiry. The answer SINCE directly corresponds to this introductory phrase used to answer a question.

  1. Clue: Work with yarn and needles

Answer: KNIT

Explanation: Knitting is a craft or activity involving the creation of fabric by interlocking loops of yarn with knitting needles. It is a popular form of needlework used to create garments, accessories, and decorative items. The answer KNIT directly corresponds to this activity involving yarn and needles.

  1. Clue: Years and years

Answer: AGES

Explanation: Ages is a term used to refer to long periods of time, typically spanning many years or even centuries. It suggests the passage of time over an extended duration. The answer AGES directly corresponds to this concept of extended periods or epochs.

  1. Clue: First word of every Oscars category

Answer: BEST

Explanation: The first word of every category at the Oscars, or Academy Awards, is typically Best. For example, “Best Picture,” “Best Actor,” “Best Actress,” etc. The Oscars recognize excellence in various aspects of filmmaking, and each award category begins with the descriptor Best. The answer BEST directly corresponds to this recurring word in Oscars categories.

  1. Clue: Black-and-white froyo topping

Answer: OREO

Explanation: Oreo cookies are a popular black-and-white sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling. When crushed or chopped, Oreo cookies are often used as a topping for frozen yogurt or other desserts, adding a deliciously crunchy texture and sweet flavor. The answer OREO directly corresponds to this iconic froyo topping.

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