Solutions for Today’s Daily Mail Quick Crossword for April 6, 2024

Today’s Daily Mail Quick Crossword

Here are the clues for today’s crossword and try to solve them. If you are struggling, you can get the answers in this article.

Today’s crossword puzzle is here for you to solve. Take your time and give these clues a try provided in this article. Working on puzzles like these is a good way to sharpen your thinking and problem solving skills. Keep scrolling for today’s clues and explanations, and don’t forget to check our website for the daily answers.

Assault (6)

The Solution is ATTACK

  • An “assault” is an aggressive physical attack or confrontation. The word “ATTACK” accurately reflects this definition, as it denotes an act of aggression or hostility towards someone or something.

US coin (6)

The Solution is NICKEL

  • In the United States, a “NICKEL” is a coin worth five cents. The term “NICKEL” refers specifically to the metal alloy from which the coin is made, predominantly consisting of nickel and copper.

Had a meal (5)

The Solution is DINED

  • “DINED” means to have a meal, often in a formal or elegant setting. It implies dining with a certain degree of formality or sophistication, rather than simply eating.

Riding a bike (7)

The Solution is CYCLING

  • “CYCLING” refers to the activity of riding a bicycle. It involves pedaling and maneuvering a bicycle for transportation, recreation, or sport. The answer accurately describes the action of riding a bike.

Continue (5,2)

The Solution is CARRYON

  • “CARRY ON” means to continue or persist in a course of action. It suggests continuing with something despite difficulties or interruptions. The phrase “CARRY ON” reflects the idea of perseverance and determination to keep going.

Perspiration (5)

The Solution is SWEAT

  • “SWEAT” is the fluid secreted by the sweat glands of the skin, typically in response to heat, physical exertion, or emotional stress. It plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature and maintaining hydration levels.

Shrove Tuesday festival (5,4)

The Solution is MARDIGRAS

  • “MARDI GRAS” refers to a festive celebration, particularly associated with carnival celebrations held in various countries, notably in New Orleans, Louisiana. It typically occurs on the day before Ash Wednesday and is characterized by parades, parties, and revelry.

Stops (5)

The Solution is HALTS

  • “HALTS” refers to the action of coming to a stop or causing something to stop. It can be used to describe pauses or interruptions in movement or activity.

Generally (2,1,4)

The Solution is ASARULE

  • “AS A RULE” means typically or usually. It suggests a common or general practice or occurrence, indicating something that is true in most cases.

Furthermore (7)

The Solution is BESIDES

  • “BESIDES” is used to introduce additional information or reasons. It indicates something in addition to what has already been stated, often emphasizing further points or arguments.

Captured (5)

The Solution is TAKEN

  • “TAKEN” refers to the action of capturing or seizing something. It can denote the act of taking possession or control of someone or something by force or authority.

Revered (6)

The Solution is ADORED

  • “ADORED” means greatly loved, admired, or respected. It suggests deep affection or reverence towards someone or something, indicating a high level of admiration or esteem.

Three-legged stand (6)

The Solution is TRIPOD

  • A “TRIPOD” is a stand or frame with three legs, often used to support cameras, telescopes, or other equipment. It provides stability and balance, especially for devices requiring a steady base.

Junkie (6)

The Solution is ADDICT

  • “ADDICT” refers to a person who is addicted to a particular substance or activity. It suggests someone who has a strong dependency or compulsion towards something, often to the detriment of their health or well-being.

Childish fit of anger (7)

The Solution is TANTRUM

  • A “TANTRUM” is a sudden outburst of childish, uncontrolled anger or frustration, typically characterized by crying, screaming, or stomping. It is often associated with young children who have difficulty regulating their emotions.

Golfer’s assistant (5)

The Solution is CADDY

  • A “CADDY” is a person who assists a golfer by carrying their clubs, providing advice on club selection and strategy, and performing other tasks to support them during a round of golf. They play a crucial role in helping golfers navigate the course efficiently and effectively.

Narrow-edged tooth (7)

The Solution is INCISO

  • “INCISO” refers to a tooth with a narrow edge or cutting surface. In dental terminology, it typically describes a type of tooth with sharp, chisel-like edges, often used for cutting or tearing food.

Cutting implement (5)

The Solution is KNIFE

  • A “KNIFE” is a cutting implement with a sharp blade attached to a handle. It is used for slicing, chopping, and other tasks requiring precision cutting. Knives are versatile tools found in kitchens, workshops, and various other settings.

Illuminations (6)

The Solution is LIGHTS

  • “LIGHTS” refers to sources of illumination, such as lamps, bulbs, or fixtures that emit light. It can also refer to the act of lighting up an area or space, providing visibility and enhancing ambiance. Illuminations play a vital role in lighting up environments for various purposes, including practical and aesthetic reasons.

People who eat people (9)

The Solution is CANNIBALS

  • “CANNIBALS” refers to individuals who practice cannibalism, which is the act of consuming the flesh of one’s own species. While historically and culturally significant in some societies, cannibalism is generally considered taboo and is often associated with extreme circumstances or practices.

What is left (7)

The Solution is RESIDUE

  • “RESIDUE” refers to the substance or material that remains after a process or event has taken place. It often consists of remnants, traces, or leftover matter left behind. Residue can be found in various contexts, such as chemical reactions, cleaning processes, or natural phenomena.

Hoity-toity (5-2)

The Solution is STUCKUP

  • “STUCK UP” is a colloquial phrase used to describe someone who is arrogant, conceited, or snobbish, often behaving in a manner perceived as overly proud or superior. It suggests an attitude of superiority or disdain towards others.

Irrational fear (6)

The Solution is PHOBIA

  • A “PHOBIA” is an intense, irrational fear of a specific object, situation, or activity. Phobias can range from common fears like spiders or heights to more obscure or unusual fears. Phobias often elicit strong emotional and physical reactions, and they can significantly impact a person’s daily life and functioning.

Written (6)

The Solution is PENNED

  • “PENNED” refers to something that has been written or composed, typically by hand or with a writing instrument. It implies the act of putting thoughts or ideas into written form, whether it be in the form of a letter, a story, or any other written communication.

Lariat (5)

The Solution is LASSO

  • A “LASSO” is a rope with a sliding loop, used for capturing or restraining livestock, particularly cattle or horses. It is commonly associated with cowboys and western culture, where it is used for various tasks such as roping cattle or performing tricks in rodeos.

Change (5)

The Solution is ALTER

  • “ALTER” means to make a change or modification to something, typically to adapt or adjust it to a different condition or state. It implies the act of modifying or varying something, often to improve or customize it according to specific needs or preferences.

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