Solutions to The Irish Independent Cryptic Clues

The Irish Independent Cryptic Clues

Today, the Irish Independent puzzle has challenging clues. It’s a fun game to improve your skills, so try to solve it and have fun.

The Irish Independent Cryptic crossword is a fun puzzle game. It is like those big crossword puzzles you see in newspapers or on the internet. You have to figure out the right words to put in the grid using your brain. It is a great way to learn new words. People of all ages like solving this crossword because it’s fun.

Work place for the party out of office (10)


Work place for the party suggests a location where work-related gatherings occur outside the regular office environment. Out of office implies a location beyond the typical workspace. The answer is OPPOSITION, indicating a political or ideological group opposing the current regime or viewpoint.

They turn their hand to various ruses (5)


Turn their hand to various ruses implies versatility in employing different tricks or schemes. The answer is USERS, indicating individuals who utilize or manipulate various methods or systems for their own purposes.

One setting fire to the vessel (7)


Setting fire to the vessel suggests an action related to igniting or lighting something. The answer is LIGHTER, a device commonly used to produce flames for ignition, typically of cigarettes or other combustible materials.

Proceed to make a display (3,5)


Proceed to make a display implies taking action to showcase or exhibit something. The answer is SET FORTH, indicating the act of presenting or displaying something in a deliberate manner, often to convey information or to begin a journey or process.

A call that may be on hand (4)


A call that may be on hand suggests a type of communication that could be readily available or accessible. The answer is RING, which refers to both the act of making a phone call and the sound produced by a telephone when receiving an incoming call.

Strip of cloth for covering athlete? (6)


A strip of cloth typically used for covering an athlete is known as a runner, which is a common term for the piece of fabric worn around the waist or across the chest during races or athletic activities.

Without any company, the man is disheartened and sombre-faced (6)


When someone is disheartened and sombre-faced, they are often described as being solemn. This word captures the mood of someone who is alone and feeling deeply serious or saddened.

The moment for a mark of approval (4)


In everyday life, when something is approved or validated, we often mark it with a quick gesture or action. The word tick fits perfectly as it represents a momentary action of approval, like ticking a checkbox.

Some rags produced from very fine threads (8)


Fine threads woven together create delicate and ethereal fabrics known as gossamer. These fabrics are so light and thin that they can resemble rags, making gossamer the correct answer to the crossword clue.

Corresponds with what strikers use (7)


Strikers are used to ignite matches, establishing a connection between the two items. Therefore, matches is the appropriate word to fill the crossword clue, as it corresponds directly with what strikers are used for.

Drop down (5)


In the process of molting, many animals shed their old skin or feathers to allow new growth. This natural phenomenon is often referred to as moulting.

Principal pieces of masonry in the churchyard (10)


Headstones are indeed the primary markers of graves in a churchyard or cemetery, signifying the resting places of the deceased. These sturdy structures serve as enduring memorials, bearing inscriptions that commemorate the lives of those interred beneath them.

Finished by the end of August and open to the public (5)


Something that is overt is clearly visible or easily observed, often implying that it’s open and not hidden from view.

Ignore commemoration of event in Exodus (8)


In the Jewish tradition, the Passover commemorates the event described in the Book of Exodus, where the Israelites were liberated from slavery in Egypt. However, this clue suggests disregarding or passing over this commemoration.

Reveals the secret of an acrobatic feat (6)


An acrobatic feat often involves impressive physical agility and skill, but revealing its secret demystifies the seemingly impossible maneuvers. The word SPILTS fits the clue by hinting at divulging or exposing the inner workings of such a feat, suggesting an element of transparency or disclosure.

Closely follows classical quotations (4)


In the realm of classical literature and wisdom, TAGS denotes a person who meticulously studies and cherishes classical quotations, embodying a reverence for timeless wisdom passed down through the ages.

Briefly explain where the touch judge may be seen (7)


OUTLINE is where the touch judge stands on the sidelines of a rugby match, diligently observing the action to ensure fair play and adherence to the rules, often seen tracing the boundary with a flag.

One bed under another (10)


SUBSTRATUM refers to the arrangement of beds, one beneath the other, in a hierarchical structure, often found in bunk beds or nesting arrangements, optimizing space and functionality in compact living environments.

Being eager, enter frenziedly to provide fresh power (10)


To REGENERATE is to eagerly embrace change and innovation, infusing fresh energy and vitality into a situation, akin to a fervent entry into a new endeavor, igniting a transformative process of renewal and growth.

One who’s saddled with a sore throat, we hear! (8)


A HORSEMAN, burdened with a sore throat, is humorously depicted in wordplay, suggesting someone who rides horses and, in this instance, might be vocally challenged due to illness or strain, adding a playful twist to the traditional image of a strong and hearty rider.

Noose that’s collared! (7)


Collared suggests something worn around the neck, which leads to the answer NECKTIE, a type of clothing worn around the neck that resembles a noose.

Stays when an escort goes astray (6)


The term stays here refers to a supportive undergarment, and escort goes astray hints at rearranging letters to find the answer CORSET, which is a type of supportive undergarment.

Roughly handles a slum redevelopment (5)


Roughly handles implies a rough or aggressive action, which leads to the answer MAULS, meaning to handle roughly or attack. The phrase a slum redevelopment suggests the letters being rearranged to form this word.

Saint giving name to church in the Christian era (4)


This clue refers to rearranging letters to find the answer CHAD, which is a name often associated with a saint in the Christian era. The phrase giving name to church hints at the process of finding the answer through rearrangement.

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