Solve the Answers For The 7 Little Words For April 6, 2024

the Answers For The 7 Little Words

Are you eager for a fun and skilled activity to test your brain? Let’s start finding the answers for 7 Little Words crosswords are here to make you more enjoyable.

7 Little Words Crossword

The 7 Little Words Crossword is an entertaining game, competitors build words on a grid by filling in the letters in each box. Clues guide you toward the answers. Since solving tricky puzzles is interesting and keeps the mind active, many people like doing this. You just need to take a pencil to get started. Come on, we will start solving the puzzle.

Here are some tips to solve your crossword puzzles in the most interesting way:

  • Start with easy clues to build confidence.
  • Use a pencil to write answers so you can erase mistakes.
  • Take breaks to refresh your mind if you get stuck.
  • Look for common prefixes or suffixes to help solve longer words.
  • Have fun exploring words and their meanings as you fill in the puzzle.



“Completed” means finished. The answer to a crossword clue is “FINISHED,” it is saying the same thing. When you finish something, it is completed, and when something is completed, it is finished. So, in the puzzle, when you see “Completed,” you just need to fill in “FINISHED,”. So, the answer is “FINISHED”.

Spots for posting notices


“Spots for posting notices” means places where you can put up papers or messages. The answer “CORKBOARDS” is the correct answer because they are boards made of cork where you can pin or stick things. Imagine a board made of cork, like a bulletin board you might see in school or an office. People use these to pin up papers, notes, or announcements. That’s why “CORKBOARDS” is the right answer.

Musical tour de force


“Musical tour de force” means a really impressive performance in music. The answer “SHOWSTOPPER” matches the clue, it describes a moment in a show that is so good, like everyone clapping or cheering because the show is so amazing. Think of it like the best part of a concert or a musical, where everyone is enjoying away by seeing the good performance. So, the right answer is “SHOWSTOPPER”.

Luxurious London hotel

Answer: SAVOY

“Luxurious London hotel” means a fancy hotel in London. The answer “SAVOY” suits me because it is the name of a famous hotel in London. It is a nice place to stay, with fancy rooms, delicious food, and maybe even famous guests. The Savoy Hotel is known for being just super luxurious and elegant. So, when the clue is about a luxurious London hotel, the answer is about the Savoy. People from all over the world go there for a special experience.

It makes waste, they say

Answer: HASTE

“It makes waste, they say” means rushing or doing things too quickly. The answer is “HASTE”, when you hurry, you might make mistakes or waste time to fix them. Think like if you running so fast that you drop things or trip over. That is like when you do things in haste, you may mess up. The correct answer is “HASTE”.

Actress Leroy-Beaulieu

Answer: UNITED

“Actress Leroy-Beaulieu” is referring to a person’s name, and “UNITED” is the answer. Leroy-Beaulieu is a French actress known for her role in a TV series called “Call My Agent!” In this clue, “UNITED” may indicate that she worked together with other actors on the show. It could also imply a sense of collaboration or togetherness, which is often important in acting. So, the answer is “UNITED,”.

Vocal trio, often


“Vocal trio, often” means a group of three people who sing together. The answer is “TRIPLETS” because it refers to a set of three things or people born at the same time, like siblings. This clue is about singers who are often grouped in threes, harmonizing and singing together. So, when the clue mentions a vocal trio, it is talking about triplets – a group of three singers performing together. The correct answer is “TRIPLETS”.

Cheerleader’s prop

Answer: POMPOM

“Cheerleader’s prop” refers to an item used by cheerleaders during performances. The answer is “POMPOM” because it is a fluffy ball made of strands of colored material attached to a handle. Cheerleaders waving these colorful pompoms in the air while cheering for their team. They add excitement and energy to the performance. So, the clue mentions a cheerleader’s prop, it is talking about pompoms the fun and vibrant accessories used by cheerleaders to cheer on their team.

Place to find a squirrel


“Place to find a squirrel” refers to where you might see a squirrel. The answer is “TREETOP” and it is the highest part of a tree where squirrels often climb and play. Picture a squirrel moving from branch to branch or peeking out from the leaves at the top of a tree. So, the clue indicates a place where squirrels are found, it is talking about treetops the elevated areas where these furry creatures love to roam.

Oscar-nominated Leigh

Answer: JANET

“Oscar-nominated Leigh” refers to a person who was nominated for an Oscar award, and the answer is “JANET.” Janet Leigh was an actress who received an Oscar nomination for her performance in a movie. She is known for her roles in classic films such as “Psycho.” So, “JANET” is the right answer.

Cut across


“Cut across” means to go through or divide something. The answer is “TRANSECT” because it describes cutting across an area like a scientist might do when studying a forest by making a straight line through it to observe everything along that path. It is like slicing through something to see what is inside. So, the clue says about cutting across, it is talking about transecting making a clear path through something to examine it thoroughly.



“Eternal” means something that goes on forever. The answer “UNENDING” it describes something that never stops or has no end. Think of a never-ending road stretching out into the distance, or a story with no final chapter. The answer is that “UNENDING” means continuous and without an endpoint. So, the clue talks about something eternal, it is referring to something unending lasting forever, and never coming to a finish.


Answer: STORE

“Stockpile” means to gather and keep a large amount of something. The answer “STORE” matches because it is a place where things are kept in large quantities, like a pantry or a warehouse. Shelves filled with items neatly organized and ready to be used when needed. That is like what a store is, a place where goods are stored till they are needed or sold. So, “STORE” is the right answer.



“Accustom” means to make someone familiar with something. The answer “ORIENTATE” describes the process of helping someone become familiar with their surroundings or a new situation. It is like giving someone directions so they know where they are and where they are going. When you orientate someone, you are helping them adjust and become comfortable with their environment. So, the clue is talking about orientating and guiding someone to become familiar with something new.

Ingress with a curved top


The clue “Ingress with a curved top” describes an entrance with a rounded upper part. The answer is “ARCHWAY” because it refers to a doorway or passage that has a curved or arched top. Think you are walking through a door that has a rounded shape at the top, like the entrance to a castle or an old building. The clue mentions an entrance with a curved top, it is talking about an archway a type of architectural feature commonly seen in buildings, where the top of the entrance is curved or arched.

Slightly injured


“Slightly injured” means having a small injury or damage to the body. The answer is “BRUISED” because it describes a condition where there is discoloration of the skin due to minor damage to the underlying blood vessels. Bumping into something and getting a dark spot on your skin that hurts a little. That is like what happens when you are bruised and it is a minor injury that might sting or ache but is not too serious. The “BRUISED” is the right answer.

Where settlers live

Answer: COLONY

“Where settlers live” refers to a place where a group of people establish a community. The answer “COLONY” it defines a group of people who settle in a new area and live together. A group of houses or buildings where people from the same place live and work together, like early settlers in a new land. So, The correct answer is “COLONY”.



“Gift-getter” means someone who receives a present. The answer is “RECIPIENT” it defines the person who gets the gift. Think like if you are giving someone a present and they are the one receiving it with a smile. That person is the recipient of the gift. So, the clue mentions a gift-getter, it is talking about the recipient, the person who gets the gift. It is a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, the recipient is the one who receives the thoughtful gesture. The right answer is  “RECIPIENT”.

In a fussily proper way


“In a fussily proper way” means behaving very neatly and properly, often in a way that seems overly careful or picky. The answer is “PRISSILY” because it describes someone who is very concerned with being proper and neat, sometimes to an extreme degree. If someone arranges things meticulously or straightens their clothes constantly. They may be described as behaving prissily. “PRISSILY” is the right answer.

Make darker

Answer: BEDIM

“Make darker” means to reduce the brightness or visibility of something. The answer “BEDIM” it describes the action of making something darker or less clear. A room becomes dimmer as the lights are turned down or clouds cover the sun, causing the sky to darken. So, the clue indicates making it darker, it is talking about bedimming and making something less bright or clear. Whether it is by reducing light or obscuring visibility, bedimming is about diminishing brightness or clarity.

Part of USA

Answer: UNITED

“Part of USA” refers to a region or territory within the United States. The answer “UNITED” suits because it describes the country itself, which is made up of different states and territories. A map showing all the states coming together to form one nation the United States of America. So, the clue mentions a part of the USA, it is talking about the whole country, which is called the United States.

Writer Erica

Answer: JONG

“Writer Erica” refers to a person’s name, and the answer is “JONG.” Erica Jong is a writer known for her novels and poetry. She is famous for her works exploring themes like feminism. So, the clue says a writer named Erica, it is referring to Erica Jong, the author known for her impactful writings. Whether it is her novels or poetry, Jong’s work often resonates with readers, sparking discussions and reflections on important topics.

Sling mud at

Answer: MALIGN

“Sling mud at” means to speak badly about someone or something. The answer is “MALIGN” because of the action of making harmful or untrue statements about someone or something. If someone spreads rumors or says mean things about another person to make them look bad. That is what it means to malign someone. The clue says slinging mud at, it is talking about maligning and saying negative things to damage someone’s reputation. The answer is “MALIGN”.

Sooner State resident


“Sooner State resident” refers to a person who lives in a specific state. The answer is “OKLAHOMAN” If someone who resides in Oklahoma, And someone living in a house or apartment within the state boundaries of Oklahoma. They would be called an Oklahoman. So, the clue states a resident of the Sooner State, it hints about an Oklahoman, someone who calls Oklahoma their home. If they are born there or moved later, an Oklahoman is someone who lives in and identifies with the state of Oklahoma.

One on the picket line


“One on the picket line” refers to a person participating in a protest or demonstration. The answer “PROTESTER” it defines someone who takes part in a public display of disapproval or objection. A group of people holding signs and chanting slogans to express their dissatisfaction with something. A protester is someone actively involved in such an event.

So, the clue is that someone on the picket line is talking about a protester, an individual engaged in expressing their views or advocating for change through organized public action.

Let out a shrill cry


“Let out a shrill cry” means to make a loud, high-pitched sound suddenly. The answer is “SHRIEKED” because it defines the action of emitting a piercing and sharp cry. Think like hearing someone scream loudly and sharply in surprise or fear. That is like what it means to shriek. So, when the clue mentions letting out a shrill cry, it is talking about shrieking producing a loud, sharp sound, often in response to a sudden or intense emotion. The is right answer “SHRIEKED”.

Four-footed animals


“Four-footed animals” refers to creatures that walk on four legs. It describes animals with four feet or legs. Think of animals like dogs, cats, or horses, all of which move around on four legs. So, the clue mentions four-footed animals, it is talking about quadruped creatures with four limbs used for walking or running. Whether they are domestic pets or wild animals, quadrupeds are characterized by their four-legged locomotion. “QUADRUPEDS” is the right answer.

Negative response


“Negative response” refers to a reaction that is unfavorable or opposing. The answer is “BLOWBACK” and it defines a negative consequence or backlash resulting from a particular action or decision. If someone expresses disapproval or disagreement in response to something they do not like or agree with. So, the clue mentions a negative response, it is talking about blowback, the adverse reaction or backlash that occurs in response to a specific situation or event.

Plateau in southern India

Answer: DECCAN

“Plateau in southern India” refers to a flat and elevated landmass located in the southern part of India. The answer “DECCAN” it describes the specific plateau region situated in southern India. Imagine a large area of land with a flat and elevated surface, characterized by its distinct geography and climate.

So, the clue says a plateau in southern India, it is talking about the Deccan, a significant geographical feature known for its unique landscape and cultural heritage. “DECCAN” is the right answer.

Walk quietly

Answer: TIPTOE

“Walk quietly” means to move silently without making noise. The answer is “TIPTOE” because the action of walking quietly by placing the weight of the body on the toes while lifting the heels off the ground. Imagine if one moving carefully and quietly, taking small steps to avoid making any sound. That is like what it means to tiptoe walking stealthily to avoid being heard. “TIPTOE” is the right answer.

Not explained, as a term


“Not explained, as a term” means a word or concept that has not been clearly defined or described. The answer is “UNDEFINED” something that lacks a precise meaning or explanation. Encountering a word or idea that is vague or unclear, leaves you unsure of its exact definition or significance. That is like what it means for something to be undefined and lacking a clear definition or explanation. “UNDEFINED” is the right answer.

South American plain

Answer: LLANO

“South American plain” refers to a flat and open area located in South America. The answer is “LLANO” it specifically describes the vast grassy plains found in regions like Venezuela and Colombia. A large expanse of land covered with grass and dotted with occasional trees, stretching out as far as the eye can see. So, the clue says a South American plain, it is talking about the llano a distinctive geographical feature characterized by its expansive grasslands and relatively flat terrain. “LLANO” is the right answer.

Laptop navigation device


“Laptop navigation device” refers to a tool used for moving and controlling the cursor on a laptop screen. The answer “TRACKPAD” suits you because it is a flat surface on a laptop that you can touch to move the cursor. Think if you are using your finger to glide across the surface to select things or scroll through pages on your laptop. That is what a trackpad does it helps you navigate your laptop without needing a separate mouse. The correct answer is “TRACKPAD”.

Inventor Franklin


“Inventor Franklin” refers to a historical figure known for his contributions to science and invention. The answer “BENJAMIN” it is the first name of Benjamin Franklin, a famous inventor, statesman, and Founding Father of the United States. A person who discovered electricity by flying a kite in a storm.

Benjamin Franklin was known for his experiments and inventions, which helped shape modern society. So, the clue indicates an inventor named Franklin, it is telling about Benjamin Franklin a prominent figure in history known for his innovative ideas and pioneering spirit.

French carmaker


“French carmaker” refers to a company that manufactures automobiles in France. The answer is “CITROEN” because it is the name of a well-known car manufacturer based in France. Think of you driving cars on the streets of France, and some of them are Citroen cars.

Citroen is a famous brand that produces various models of vehicles, from compact cars to commercial vans. So, when the clue mentions a French carmaker, it is referring to Citroen a company recognized for its automotive innovation and stylish designs.

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