Solve the Daily Express Crusader Answers for April 8, 2024

the Daily Express Crusader

Here are today’s crossword clues, take your time and try to find the answers for this interesting crossword puzzle.

Solving this crossword is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary and thinking. It is a new world where you have to think in a different perspective. Sometimes, it is easy to solve crosswords, but it is not the same all the time. All you need to do is fill in the correct answers in the grid. Let’s try today’s crossword.

Punctually turning into this writer (2,4)


Punctually implies the solution is related to time. Turning into this writer suggests the answer consists of two letters turning into another four letters. ONTIME fits, as it means being punctual, aligning perfectly with the clue.

Old inclination started and ran riot (8)


Old inclination hints at a past tendency or leaning. Started and ran riot indicates a sudden burst of chaotic activity. RAMPAGED fits as it means to engage in violent or unrestrained behavior, matching the description provided in the clue.

After games start, kittens twinkle (7)


After games start suggests looking for a word that follows the start of the word games. Kittens twinkle implies something shining or sparkling. GLITTER fits, as it refers to the shimmering effect often associated with small, twinkling lights or particles.

Church finds unlimited love in any fish (7)


Church here may refer to the abbreviation commonly used in crossword puzzles, which is CH. Unlimited love hints at the letters O (love, as in a zero score) and ANY provides the remaining letters. ANCHOVY is the solution, a type of fish, which fits the criteria outlined in the clue.

Lone arrangement about British peer (5)


Lone arrangement suggests a word for a single or solitary setup. About British peer indicates that the solution includes a word for a British aristocrat, which is often a noble. NOBLE fits the clue as it meets both criteria, indicating someone of high rank or nobility.

Inferior part – tear into pieces (5-4)


The word tear into pieces indicates an anagram, where the letters of a word are rearranged. Combining these hints, inferior part can be rearranged to form the answer TENTH RATE, which implies something of low quality or inferior standard.

Not the first character to have instinct (6,6)


Not the first character suggests a subsequent individual, and instinct hints at an inherent trait. The answer, SECONDNATURE, suggests a trait or behavior so ingrained that it comes naturally to someone, emphasizing that it’s not the primary or initial disposition.

Encourages man to make dish (4,8)


Encourages suggests motivation, while man indicates a gender-specific term. The answer, EGGS BENEDICT, refers to a dish comprising eggs served on toasted English muffins with ham or bacon and hollandaise sauce, which aligns with the idea of a dish made by following instructions or encouragement.

Interested to rewrite rigid tune (9)


The word rewrite signals an anagram. Putting it together, the answer is INTRIGUED, suggesting curiosity or fascination, which is a softer and more flexible state than rigidity.

Left one item of underwear as a sign (5)


Left indicates a direction, suggesting something remaining or remaining behind. One item of underwear implies a single piece of clothing. The answer, LIBRA, is a zodiac sign represented by scales, which resemble a balanced item of underwear left behind, symbolizing harmony and balance.

Weapon is free in shelter (7)


weapon hints at something associated with combat or warfare, while free in shelter suggests being unhindered or released within a protective space. The answer, TRIDENT, fits this description as it is a type of weapon often associated with the sea and is composed of three prongs, typically seen as symbolic of strength or power.

Flavouring developed for fans (7)


flavouring indicates something used to enhance taste, and developed for fans implies that it’s something enjoyed by enthusiasts or followers. SAFFRON fits perfectly as it is a prized spice known for its distinctive flavor and often used in cooking by culinary enthusiasts worldwide.

Rowing team is hiding key for a decade (8)


EIGHTIES is the answer, referring to the decade from 1980 to 1989. The wordplay cleverly suggests that the rowing team (denoted by row) hides the key, which stands for the E in EIGHTIES, indicating it’s hidden within the word.

Monster has registered an ally (6)


Monster is often associated with a creature from myths or horror stories. Registered an ally indicates that we’re looking for a word for an ally or companion that is associated with a monster. The word that fits the bill here is FRIEND, as monsters are often depicted with allies or friends in various narratives.

Musician alternatively upsetting giants (8)


musician suggests someone skilled in playing instruments, while alternatively upsetting giants implies rearranging letters in a specific way. ORGANIST emerges as the solution, as it’s a musician who plays the organ. The wordplay indicates that you need to take every other letter of upsetting giants to form ORGANIST.

Follow support for jam (8)


Follow implies something behind, support for jam indicates backing up or congestion. The answer is TAILBACK, which describes a line of vehicles slowed or stopped on a roadway, often due to congestion or an accident.

Engineers assembled first at a certain distance (5)


Engineers assembled first implies arranging engineers before something else. The answer is METRE, a unit of measurement that engineers commonly use, and it’s also the first part of the word metre.

Opposed to making a profit on the way (7)


Opposed to suggests resistance or contradiction, making a profit on the way implies a term for an obstacle to monetary benefit. The answer is AGAINST, meaning in opposition to or contrary to something, often used in the context of opposing financial gain.

Wolves by shore, worrying another animal (9)


Wolves by shore suggests a specific setting, worrying another animal implies a predatory behavior. The answer is PACKHORSE, which refers to a horse used for carrying goods, often accompanied by a group of wolves.

Radiate good time, both endlessly and across the world (6)


Radiate good time implies spreading happiness, both endlessly and across the world suggests universality. The answer is GLOBAL, meaning worldwide or pertaining to the entire world, which aligns with the clue’s global reach and perpetual positivity.

Baddy running around English couch (3,3)


Baddy running around implies movement or circling, English couch suggests a specific type of furniture. The answer is DAYBED, a type of couch that can also function as a bed, with bad (baddy) moving around day (English for couch).

Close neighbour is corrupt or bent (6)


Close neighbour is corrupt or bent, the term close neighbour hints at proximity, leading to the answer BRETON. This word describes someone from Brittany, a region in France.

Careless, leaving night attire on book (9)


Careless, leaving night attire on book, the clue suggests the word NEGLIGENT. Here, night attire refers to something worn for sleep, which, when left on book, implies negligence or carelessness.

Note followed tune, and first appeared in flight (8)


Note followed tune, and first appeared in flight points to the answer AIRBORNE. The clue suggests that a musical note followed tune, indicating a connection to music, while first appeared in flight hints at something being airborne or in the air.

Removed water from river with muddy exterior (8)


In Removed water from river with muddy exterior, the answer is STRAINED. Here, removed water from river implies a process of separation, which is what STRAINED describes.

Hasten to sink (7)


Hasten to sink hints at the answer SCUTTLE. The term hasten implies quick movement, while to sink suggests downward motion. SCUTTLE fits this description as it can mean to move hurriedly, especially with a downward motion, such as a ship sinking rapidly.

Most senior steed managed to get left (6)


Most senior indicates a word meaning oldest. Steed managed suggests rearranging letters, which leads to ELDEST. To get left hints at taking the letters L (an abbreviation for left) from the rearranged word.

Patience is one woman – strangely true (6)


Patience is being equated with one woman in a cryptic manner. The phrase strangely true suggests an anagram. Rearranging the letters of true gives us VIRTUE, which indeed means patience or moral goodness.

Police operation has run to a series (6)


Police operation could be termed as a string, and the phrase has run suggests an anagram. Rearranging the letters of to a series leads us to the solution. Therefore, the answer is STRING.

Existence right for inmate (5)


Existence right implies something fundamental to life or survival. Inmate suggests someone confined, often in a prison, and existence indicates their life. The solution here is LIFER, referring to someone serving a life sentence, hence their existence being confined to prison.

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