Solve the Daily themed Mini Crossword Clue and Answer

Daily themed Mini Crossword

Finding it difficult to solve the crosswords? With the help of our page, solve today’s Daily themed Mini Crossword.

Daily themed Mini Crossword

Daily themed Mini Crossword is a word game that helps you improve your vocabulary and problem-solving skills. It is usually found in newspapers or online. You have a grid of squares, and you need to fill in words that fit both across and down based on the clues given for each word. Your goal should be to fill in the grid with words. To help you answer the challenge, identify synonyms and definitions using your knowledge and a dictionary. It is an enjoyable way to spend your time. If you need assistance completing the puzzle, visit our page. We will guide you to finding the answers.

Question: Morse code or Braille feature

Answer: DOT

In Morse code or Braille, this feature represents a single point or dot. It serves as the fundamental unit for encoding letters, numbers, and symbols in these tactile and auditory communication systems.

Question: Dry and parched

Answer: ARID

When a landscape is described as dry and parched, it indicates a lack of moisture or water. The term arid succinctly captures this condition, depicting environments such as deserts where rainfall is scarce and vegetation struggles to survive.

Question: Prop passed in a relay race

Answer: BATON

In a relay race, athletes pass a slender cylindrical object known as a baton to their teammates. This prop symbolizes the seamless transfer of momentum and effort between runners, crucial for maintaining speed and continuity in the race.

Question: Like a couch potato

Answer: LAZY

Describing someone as like a couch potato implies a sedentary lifestyle or a tendency to laze around on the sofa for extended periods. The term lazy encapsulates this lack of activity or motivation to engage in physical or productive endeavors.

Question: Nothing but ___ (perfect basketball shot)

Answer: NET

When a basketball shot is described as nothing but net, it indicates a flawless execution where the ball cleanly passes through the hoop without touching the rim or backboard. This expression highlights precision and accuracy in scoring points during the game.

Question: Apply lightly, as foundation

Answer: DAB

Apply lightly, as foundation suggests using a gentle touch, which is represented by the word DAB as the answer. When applying foundation, it’s crucial not to use too much product, hence the instruction to apply lightly.

Question: Exam that doesn’t require pen or paper

Answer: ORAL

An Exam that doesn’t require pen or paper refers to an oral exam, where students answer questions verbally instead of writing them down. This form of assessment relies solely on spoken communication, making it an appropriate response to the clue ORAL.

Question: Saturn’s largest moon

Answer: TITAN

Saturn’s largest moon is unmistakably TITAN. As the largest moon of Saturn, Titan holds significant importance in planetary studies and exploration, thus making it a fitting answer to the crossword clue.

Question: ___ off (go to sleep)

Answer: DOZE

To ___ off implies drifting into sleep, hinting at the word DOZE as the answer. This colloquial expression suggests a state of relaxation and drowsiness, often preceding sleep.

Question: Big Apple paper: Abbr.

Answer: NYT

Big Apple paper: Abbr. is a reference to the widely recognized newspaper, The New York Times, abbreviated as NYT. As a prominent publication headquartered in New York City, it’s commonly referred to as the Big Apple paper, tying it directly to the crossword clue.

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