The Fallout Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, and More

The ending of Fallout expresses, how Vada downplays or ignores the impact of the shooting on her. She often says she’s “calm” or “relaxed” and avoids discussing her feelings with her mother. But as the movie goes on, Vada’s behavior becomes more unpredictable.

The Fallout Ending Explained

The ending of The Fallout movie shows how trauma from school shootings can have a lasting impact and that healing is not straightforward. Director Megan Park purposely leaves the ending open to reflect how ongoing challenges include school violence and trauma recovery. Vada’s story in The Fallout highlights that recovering from trauma is complicated and doesn’t erase painful memories

The ending of The Fallout is unfortunate because the movie deals with the emotional following of a school shooting. The main character, Vada, tries to cope with the trauma she experienced. The film’s conclusion serves as a sad reminder that emotional scars from such events can’t be fully healed when school violence continues to happen.



Cast Member Character
Jenna Ortega Vada Cavell
Maddie Ziegler Mia Reed
Lumi Pollack Amelia Cavell
Shailene Woodley Anna
Niles Fitch Quinton Hasland
Julie Bowen Patricia Cavell
Will Ropp Nick Feinstein
John Ortiz Carlos Cavell
Austin Zajur Dan Bonavure
Christine Horn Mrs. Victor
Yindra Zayas Megan


The initial scene of The Fallout features a school shooting and shattered Vada, who hides in the restroom with classmates Mia and Quinton. The rest of the film deals with Vada’s attempts to process her experience and move on, as her increasingly unstable behavior begins to worry her family. But the end of The Fallout makes clear how temporary such healing can be after a traumatic event, as it deals with some complex issues.

Vada returns to school and goes to therapy as her parents request, but finds the experience uncomfortable. When she heard the sound of the lollipop shattering, she couldn’t get to the bathroom where she was hiding and ended up peeing her pants. She uses ecstasy to deal with the stress, and Nick has to help her deal with the resulting high. Vada and Mia kiss and have sex after another round of drinking. After an argument between her and Nick about his inadequate coping strategies, Vada appears to Quinton and tries to kiss him.

Since Quinton is not yet mentally ready for a relationship, she politely rejects him. He further isolates himself from Mia and her family. Amelia later confesses to Vada that she had thought Vada was angry with her over the phone call that had placed her at more risk. Vada achieves emotional closure with her parents and makes amends with Mia; they decide to remain friends going forward.

Though she acknowledges that she and Nick might not end up together, Vada has come a long way in accepting what transpired by the time of their next therapy appointment. When Vada stands beside Mia’s dance class, waiting for her.

She experiences a panic attack after listening to her phone that there has been another school shooting in the nation. With this, the movie shows how difficult it can be to heal from emotional wounds, especially when mass violence continues to happen.


Universal Pictures obtained the film’s international distribution rights in December 2020. On March 17, 2021, the movie made its global premiere at South by Southwest. Warner Bros. Pictures would distribute the movie in regions where HBO Max is not available, however, HBO Max bought distribution rights to the movie in July 2021. On January 27, 2022, HBO Max released it.


You can watch “The Fallout” on streaming services like Max, and Max Amazon Channel, or buy it as a download on platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, and Microsoft Store. This drama movie stars Jenna Ortega, Maddie Ziegler, and Niles Fitch.

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