The Independent’s Cryptic Clues Solved (April 10, 2024)

The Independent's Cryptic Clues Solved

Find today’s challenging clues here and discover the answers and explanations for a fulfilling experience.

Crossword puzzles are fun games that challenge your brain with clues. You can solve the clues by thinking deeply. They also help you learn to see things from different angles. If you practice crosswords regularly, you will get better at it. Let’s solve today’s puzzle. Scroll down for the clues.

Film involving cocaine bust Billy helps cover


In the movie “Beverly Hills Cop,” the main character, Axel Foley (played by Eddie Murphy), investigates a murder case which involves a cocaine smuggling operation. Foley, along with his friends Billy Rosewood and Taggart, works to uncover and solve the crime.

Spinning top, novel problem


A dilemma is a situation requiring a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives, much like a spinning top presents a problem of balance and uncertainty.

Superior’s bottom is a huge one

Answer: LAKE BED

The lake bed refers to the bottom of a lake, and Lake Superior’s bottom is indeed vast due to its immense size.

Flying carpets all too slow in race


In a race, the “runners-up” are the competitors who finish in second place or subsequent positions, implying that the flying carpets mentioned in the clue are not winning but rather coming in behind the victor.

Dance beat with energy

Answer: TANGO

The “dance beat” refers to a type of dance, and “with energy” suggests a lively and energetic dance. The TANGO fits this description as it is a passionate and energetic dance form with a distinct beat.

Tickle pals regularly to relax

Answer: PLEASE

The clue is a play on words. “Tickle pals regularly” implies using a word that means to please or make someone happy. “Relax” hints at a calming effect. The word that fits both interpretations is PLEASE, as it’s a polite request that can make someone feel good or at ease.

Nurse and doctor left during date in concert


This clue combines elements related to healthcare (“nurse and doctor”) and music (“concert”). “Nurse and doctor left” suggests removing the letters “n,” “u,” “r,” and “d” from a word. “During date” implies that these letters are inside another word. The word that fits is ENSEMBLE, which refers to a group of musicians performing together in a concert setting

Semester at Yale for Victoria, say


This clue requires understanding of university terms and locations. “Semester at Yale” refers to a period of time at a prestigious university. “Victoria, say” suggests that this is an example or representation of something. TERMINUS fits as it refers to the end point of a journey or the final destination, akin to completing a semester at a university like Yale.

Toilet mostly clear after fellow flushed

Answer: FLORID

This clue requires understanding wordplay. “Toilet mostly clear” suggests taking the word “toilet” and removing its last letter (“clear” meaning removing). “After fellow flushed” suggests that we should add the letters “F,” “L,” “U,” “S,” and “H” after the word “fellow.” Putting these together, we get FLORID, which means flushed or excessively ornate.

Engineers attack change from original design

Answer: REFIT

In this clue, “Engineers attack” suggests that we need to rearrange or “attack” the letters of “engineers” to form a new word. “Change from original design” indicates that the resulting word is related to modifying or altering something. REFIT fits this description, as it means to renovate or modify something, often referring to a change from the original design.

Batty as her poem signals


This clue is a bit more abstract. “Batty” suggests a signal or communication method that may seem unusual or eccentric. “Her poem signals” indicates that we’re looking for a word related to signaling or communication. SEMAPHORE fits as it refers to a system of sending messages using visual signals, often flags or lights, and fits the idea of signaling in a poem.

Sadly Harry now living abroad – less English, American


This clue requires some wordplay. “Sadly” suggests that we need to find a synonym for “sad” or “unhappy.” “Harry now living abroad” indicates that we need to take the name “Harry” and rearrange its letters (“living abroad” implies rearrangement). “Less English, American” hints that we should remove the letters in “English” and “American” from the rearranged name.

Info about film editor put in reviews


The clue suggests that we’re looking for information related to a film, specifically about the “film editor.” This information is typically found at the end of a movie and is known as “CREDITS,” which lists all the individuals involved in the production, including the film editor.

Delivery option that might make Don’s cap cost less


This clue requires a play on words. “Don’s cap” is a hint that we should think of a term related to the word “hat.” “Cost less” suggests a cheaper option. “Delivery option” hints at a method of sending something through the mail. SECOND-CLASS POST is a type of postal service that is less expensive than first-class mail, and it fits the clue’s requirements.

Flipping radio switch is nightmare for user

Answer: BAD TRIP

The clue involves wordplay. “Flipping radio switch” suggests rearranging or flipping letters in a phrase. “Nightmare for user” hints at an unpleasant experience. BAD TRIP fits the description as it means a negative or frightening experience, especially while using drugs, which aligns with the idea of a “nightmare for the user.

Offer nut lover nuts, full of energy


This clue involves a play on words. “Nut lover” suggests someone who enjoys eating nuts. “Nuts, full of energy” hints at the idea of being enthusiastic or energetic. VOLUNTEER fits as it refers to someone who offers their services willingly and enthusiastically, akin to offering nuts to a nut lover with energy.

Spinner reported creases on pitch surface


This clue involves a bit of a twist. “Spinner” could refer to a storyteller or someone who spins tales. “Reported creases on pitch surface” suggests that we’re looking for a character from a story who is related to spinning and who might be associated with “creases on a pitch surface,” which can refer to the straw into gold challenge from the tale of RUMPELSTILTSKIN.

Poet agreed terms without hesitation

Answer: YEATS

The clue indicates that we are looking for the name of a poet. “Agreed terms without hesitation” suggests a poet who consented or agreed to something quickly. YEATS refers to W.B. Yeats, a renowned Irish poet who fits the description

Pressure-lowering tablets hospital department wasted


This clue involves a play on words. “Pressure-lowering tablets” refers to medication that reduces pressure, possibly hinting at a medical term. “Hospital department wasted” suggests removing letters related to a hospital department from a word. ILL-SPENT fits as it means used wastefully or ineffectively, and it fits both the medical and wasteful aspects suggested in the clue

Fancy each son catching gonorrhoea so quickly


This clue is a play on the phrase “like the clappers,” which means very quickly or with great speed. The clue suggests an allegorical situation where each son catches gonorrhoea rapidly. This is a humorous and ironic way of describing something happening very fast, hence the answer LIKE THE CLAPPERS

More or less trash house

Answer: CABIN

This clue involves understanding a phrase. “More or less” indicates that the answer is a word that means something simple or basic, without any additional frills or extravagance. “Trash house” refers to a modest dwelling place. A CABIN fits this description as it is a small, simple house, often found in rural or rustic settings

Italian inn-keeper’s lying about bill


This clue requires understanding wordplay. “Italian inn-keeper’s” suggests that we are looking for an Italian term related to someone who manages an inn or a hotel. “Lying about bill” indicates that we need to rearrange letters in a word related to a “bill.” PADRONE fits this description as it refers to an Italian term for an innkeeper or a landlord, and it can be formed by rearranging letters in the word “padrone.”

Make flooring under counter red


“Make flooring” suggests a type of material used for flooring, and “under counter red” hints at a color. BARDOLINO refers to a type of red wine. It fits the clue because it’s a red color often associated with wine, and it can be imagined as part of a counter or bar setup.

Bench on one Concorde’s left wing? Not so fast


“Bench on one Concorde’s left wing” suggests thinking about something related to the speed of Concorde, which was a supersonic aircraft. “Not so fast” implies the opposite of supersonic. SUBSONIC refers to speeds slower than the speed of sound, which contrasts with the fast speeds of Concorde.

Henry wears tramp’s clothing


“Henry wears” suggests that we’re looking for a word related to clothing. “Tramp’s clothing” indicates a rough or worn-out style of clothing. THREADS fits as it means clothing or garments, and it can be imagined as something that someone like “Henry,” a common name, would wear.

Profound songs for gig, not at all poppy?

Answer: DEEP-SET

Profound songs for gig” suggests thinking about deep or meaningful music played at a gig. “Not at all poppy” hints that the music is not of the pop genre. DEEP-SET fits as it means deeply ingrained or profound, and it contrasts with the idea of pop music, which is often associated with light, catchy tunes.

Old money flowed into football club

Answer: FRANC

Old money” refers to a currency that was used historically. “Flowed into football club” suggests that we should insert or flow a type of currency into a term related to a football club. FRANC fits as it is an old currency, and it can be inserted into “football club” to form the name of a currency used in some countries and also resembles a football club’s name.

Number one cricket club? Answer, Lord’s, for cricketers

Answer: MECCA

Number one cricket club” suggests a place that is highly regarded in the cricket world. “Answer, Lord’s, for cricketers” hints that we should think of a term that cricketers would consider as a top destination. MECCA fits as it refers to a place that is regarded as the center or heart of something, and in cricket culture, Lord’s Cricket Ground in London is often referred to as the “home of cricket,” making it the MECCA for cricketers.

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