The Irish Independent Simple April 9, 2024 Answers are Here

The Irish Independent Simple

We have got the answers and explanations for today’s crossword puzzle, so scroll and check everything you need to know about this crossword.

If you are a person who always looks for a challenge, then playing crosswords is the best option for you. Crosswords will always be challenging, making us think deeply and playing crosswords has a lot of benefits. So, to improve your skills and to have a fun day, try solving the below clues.

Of two equal parts (4,3,4)


Of two equal parts HALF AND HALF – This points towards a phrase indicating an equal division. “Of two equal parts” suggests a splitting into halves. The solution “HALF AND HALF” fits this description, representing a phrase commonly used to denote an equal mixture or division into two equal portions, such as in food or drink.

Rodent (3)


Rodent R A C – Within this lies a reference to a small mammal known for its gnawing habits. “Rodent” suggests a creature belonging to the order Rodentia. The solution “R A C” does not appear to accurately fit this description. A possible alternative solution could be “RAT,” representing a common rodent with three letters.

Exceed numerically (9)


Exceed numerically OUTNUMBER – This involves a directive to surpass in quantity or count. “Exceed numerically” suggests having a higher count or number. The solution “OUTNUMBER” fits this description, representing a verb meaning to surpass or be greater in number than another group or entity.

Stocking material (5)


Stocking material LISLE – Here, we encounter involving a type of fabric commonly used for stockings. “Stocking material” suggests a textile suitable for making hosiery. The solution “LISLE” fits this description, representing a fine, smooth cotton fabric often used for making stockings or other lightweight garments.

Withdraw (7)


Withdraw NULLIFY – Within this a directive to revoke or invalidate something. “Withdraw” suggests the act of retracting or canceling. The solution “NULLIFY” fits this description, representing a verb meaning to make legally void or ineffective, often used in the context of nullifying a contract or agreement.

Absorb (6)


Absorb SUCK IN – This involves a phrase indicating the action of drawing something inward. “Absorb” suggests the process of soaking up or assimilating. The solution “SUCK IN” fits this description, representing a verb phrase that can mean to draw in or take in something, often used to describe the action of absorbing air or liquid.

Counsel (6)


“Counsel” suggests a term describing the act of providing guidance or advice. The answer is INFORM, representing the action of advising or informing someone about a particular matter or situation, often based on knowledge or expertise.

Mimic (7)


“Mimic” hints at a word describing someone skilled at imitating others’ behavior or speech. The answer is TROUPER, representing a performer who is adept at impersonating or mimicking different characters or personalities, typically in theatrical productions.

Tendon (5)


“Tendon” directs attention to a fibrous tissue connecting muscles to bones. The answer is FIBER, representing the structural component of the body that provides strength and flexibility to support movement and stability.

Pretentiously splendid (9)


“Pretentiously splendid” suggests a term describing something overly extravagant or showy. The answer is GRANDIOSE, representing a characteristic of being excessively impressive or magnificent, often in a manner perceived as pretentious or self-important.

Pitch (3)


“Pitch” implies a term referring to the angle or slope of a surface, particularly in aviation or nautical contexts. The answer is YAW, representing the movement of a vehicle or vessel rotating around its vertical axis, causing it to deviate from its intended course.

Marital band (7,4)


“Marital band” suggests a term describing a piece of jewelry symbolizing marriage. The answer is WEDDING RING, representing the traditional band worn by individuals to signify their marital status and commitment to their spouse.

Behave (3)


“Behave” directs attention to a word indicating the manner in which someone conducts themselves. The answer is RUN, representing the action of behaving or conducting oneself in a particular way, often implying movement or progression in behavior or action.

Scowl (5)


Scowl GLOOM – This describes a facial expression indicating displeasure or discontent, leading to “gloom” as the answer. Gloom refers to a dark or somber mood often associated with feelings of unhappiness or despondency, typically reflected in a scowling expression.

Character (6)


Character FELLOW – This refers to a person or individual, often emphasizing their distinctive qualities or traits, leading to “fellow” as the answer. Fellow describes a person, especially one with a particular characteristic or affiliation, contributing to their overall character.

Visited by ghosts (7)


Visited by ghosts HAUNTED – This suggests a place or location where spirits or ghosts are believed to linger or frequent, leading to “haunted” as the answer. Haunted describes a place or property believed to be visited or inhabited by ghosts or spirits, evoking a sense of eerie presence.

Curator of a book collection (9)


Curator of a book collection LIBRARIAN – This refers to a professional responsible for managing and organizing a collection of books, leading to “librarian” as the answer. Librarians oversee library collections, assisting patrons with research, recommending reading materials, and maintaining order within the library.

Shavings (4,7)


Shavings IRON FILINGS – This indicates small metallic particles or fragments produced by the act of shaving or filing iron, leading to “iron filings” as the answer. Iron filings are tiny shavings or particles of iron typically created by filing or cutting iron materials.

Transcribed text (7,4)


Transcribed text WRITTEN WORD – This describes text that has been recorded or written down, leading to “written word” as the answer. Written word refers to language or communication expressed through written symbols or characters, conveying meaning and information.

Oil (9)


Oil KNOWLEDGE – This refers metaphorically to something that lubricates or facilitates smooth functioning, leading to “knowledge” as the answer. Knowledge is often likened to oil, as it helps to facilitate understanding, problem-solving, and progress in various endeavors.

Marked (7)


Marked SLASHED – This suggests the presence of visible cuts or gashes on something, leading to “slashed” as the answer. Slashed describes something that has been marked or cut with a sharp object, leaving a visible incision or tear.

Notoriety (6)


Notoriety REPUTE – This refers to the state of being well-known or famous, often for something negative or infamous, leading to “repute” as the answer. Repute describes the general opinion or reputation of someone or something, whether positive or negative.

Curse (5)


Curse SPELL – This indicates a verbal or written expression of a wish for harm or misfortune to befall someone or something, leading to “spell” as the answer. A spell can refer to a spoken formula or incantation believed to have magical or supernatural power, often used to curse or bewitch.

2240lbs (3)


2240lbs TON – This refers to a unit of weight equal to 2,240 pounds, leading to “ton” as the answer. A ton is a standard unit of measurement for weight, commonly used to measure heavy objects or loads.

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