The Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle Findings for 8th of April 24

The Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle Findings

Here is another crossword puzzle that is going to take your time and make it useful as you will play and also learn things.

A crossword is a word puzzle that is in the form of a square or rectangular grid of white and black squares. In this game, there will be both horizontal and vertical boxes in which you need to fill in the answers for the clues provided. Crossword will help you improve your  ability to think and solve the puzzles on your own.

Fragment (5)

The Solution is SCRAP

A scrap is a small piece or fragment of something larger, often left over after the main portion has been used or discarded. It embodies the concept of incompleteness, yet also the potential for reuse or repurposing.

Brazilian dance (5)

The Solution is SAMBA

The samba is a lively and rhythmic Brazilian dance characterized by its infectious energy, syncopated beats, and elaborate footwork. It embodies the spirit of celebration and joy, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Brazil.

Thin on top (7)

The Solution is BALDING

Balding refers to the gradual loss of hair, particularly on the top of the head, resulting in a thinning or sparse appearance. It reflects the natural process of aging, yet also carries social and cultural significance, symbolizing vulnerability and change.

Dizzy (5)

The Solution is GIDDY

To feel giddy is to experience dizziness or lightheadedness, often accompanied by a sense of excitement or euphoria. It embodies the disorienting sensation of being caught up in a whirlwind of emotions or experiences.

Snow leopard (5)

The Solution is OUNCE

The ounce, also known as the snow leopard, is a magnificent and elusive big cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. Known for its thick fur and spotted coat, the ounce embodies grace, agility, and adaptability in its snowy habitat.

Filament (5)

The Solution is FIBRE

A filament is a slender thread or strand, often used in various contexts such as light bulbs, electronics, or textiles. In the realm of crossword puzzles, it symbolizes the interconnectedness of knowledge and the threads that bind together different disciplines.

Short axe (7)

The Solution is HATCHET

A hatchet is a small, lightweight axe with a short handle, designed for one-handed use. It embodies the practicality and versatility of a tool that has been used for centuries in woodworking, camping, and survival.

Hair-styling product (3)

The Solution is GEL

Gel is a versatile hair-styling product that helps control and shape hair, providing hold and definition. It embodies the art of hairstyling, offering a means of expressing individuality and creativity through hair.

A way out (4)

The Solution is EXIT

An exit is a passage or route leading out of a building, structure, or enclosed space. It symbolizes freedom and liberation, offering a means of egress from confinement or constraint.

Venerate (6)

The Solution is REVERE

To revere is to regard with deep respect, admiration, or awe. It embodies the reverence we feel towards someone or something held in high esteem, acknowledging their significance and importance.

Threshing implement (5)

The Solution is FLAIL

A flail is a tool used for threshing grain, consisting of a wooden handle with a freely swinging stick or chain attached. It symbolizes the laborious process of separating grain from husks, essential for food production in agrarian societies.

Musical dramas (6)

The Solution is OPERAS

Operas are dramatic works combining vocal and instrumental music, theatrical staging, and often elaborate costumes and sets. They tell stories through music and song, exploring themes of love, tragedy, and human emotion.

Unclothed (4)

The Solution is BARE

To be bare is to be uncovered or exposed, devoid of clothing or ornamentation. It symbolizes simplicity and vulnerability, laying bare the essence of our humanity.

And not (3)

The Solution is NOR

This tiny word, “nor,” holds immense power. It allows us to express negation and contrast, shaping the flow of language. This clue can be a launchpad to explore the concept of logic and the importance of conjunctions in forming complex sentences.

Take refuge (7)

The Solution is SHELTER

“Shelter” isn’t just a physical space; it represents a sense of security and protection. This clue highlights our basic human need for safety and the importance of providing refuge to those in need.

Remarkably large (5)

The Solution is GIANT

“Giant” can be literal, referring to size, or figurative, suggesting something exceptional. This clue can spark discussions about scale, perspective, and the power of exaggeration in language.

Football’s — Burley (5)

The Solution is CRAIG

While “Craig” is a specific name, it can also refer to a type of rock formation. This clue highlights the intersection of language and proper nouns. In the context of football (soccer), we can research famous players named Craig Burley and their impact on the sport.

Room under the roof (5)

The Solution is ATTIC

Attics are more than just storage spaces; they can be repositories of memories and forgotten treasures. This clue offers an opportunity to explore the concept of nostalgia, the importance of preserving the past, and the hidden stories within old houses.

Refuse (7)

The Solution is RUBBISH

“Rubbish” isn’t just unwanted material; it’s a reminder of our consumption habits and the challenge of waste management. This clue can spark discussions about environmental issues, the growing problem of plastic pollution, and the importance of sustainable practices in reducing waste.

Ride a bike (5)

The Solution is CYCLE

Cycling is more than just transportation; it’s a healthy activity and a symbol of freedom. This clue offers an opportunity to explore the benefits of exercise, the growing popularity of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport, and the joy of exploring the world on two wheels.

Tropical plant (5)

The Solution is SENNA

Senna, beyond being a tropical plant, has a rich history in medicine. This clue can be a jumping-off point to explore the fascinating world of medicinal plants, traditional healing practices in different cultures, and the ongoing search for natural remedies.

Culminating point (6)

The Solution is CLIMAX

A climax isn’t just a peak moment in a story; it’s a point of heightened tension and resolution. This clue highlights the importance of narrative structure, building suspense, and delivering a satisfying conclusion.

Kidnap (6)

The Solution is ABDUCT

Abduction is a serious crime, but it also holds a place in mythology and storytelling. This clue can be a springboard to explore the psychology of criminals, the impact of abduction on victims and families, and the portrayal of abduction in literature and film.

Remuneration (3)

The Solution is PAY

Pay is more than just money received; it’s a driving force in the world of work. This clue offers an opportunity to explore concepts like fair wages, the living wage, and the relationship between work and compensation.

Confess (5)

The Solution is ADMIT

To admit is to confess or acknowledge something, often reluctantly or with a sense of guilt. It embodies the act of owning up to one’s actions or beliefs, reflecting a willingness to face the truth.

Swimmer’s breathing tube (7)

The Solution is SNORKEL

A snorkel is a breathing tube used by swimmers and divers to breathe while floating face down on the water’s surface. It allows for extended periods of underwater exploration, enabling users to observe marine life and underwater landscapes.

Fever (4)

The Solution is AGUE

Ague is an archaic term for fever or chills, often associated with malaria or other infectious diseases. It evokes the discomfort and malaise of illness, reminding us of the fragility of the human body.

Supporter (6)

The Solution is BACKER

A backer is someone who provides support, financial or otherwise, to a person, cause, or project. It embodies the spirit of solidarity and encouragement, offering assistance to help others achieve their goals.

Touches (5)

The Solution is FEELS

To feel is to perceive or experience through touch, emotion, or intuition. It encompasses the range of sensations and emotions that enrich our lives, from physical contact to deep empathy.

Wading bird (5)

The Solution is HERON

A heron is a long-legged wading bird found near bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and marshes. With its graceful movements and distinctive silhouette, the heron embodies the beauty and tranquility of wetland habitats.

Italian river (5)

The Solution is TIMBER

However, it seems there might be a mistake in the clue-answer pairing. “Timber” typically refers to wood that has been cut and prepared for use, rather than an Italian river. It’s possible that there was an error in the puzzle construction or the clue-answer pairings.

Gain access to (3,2)

The Solution is GETAT

To get at something is to gain access to it or reach it, often through effort or persistence. It might involve overcoming obstacles or finding a way through barriers to reach a desired goal or object.

Prise (5)

The Solution is LEVER

A lever is a simple machine consisting of a rigid bar or beam that pivots around a fixed point, known as a fulcrum. It’s used to exert force or lift objects by applying pressure at one end, often making it easier to move heavy loads or overcome resistance.

Correct (5)

The Solution is RIGHT

To be right is to be accurate or correct in judgment, action, or belief. It embodies the concept of truth and correctness, aligning with facts or reality rather than falsehood or error.

Exhaustion (7)

The Solution is FATIGUE

Fatigue is a state of extreme tiredness or exhaustion, often resulting from physical or mental exertion. It embodies the draining sensation of energy depletion and the need for rest and recuperation.

Badly (6)

The Solution is POORLY

To do something poorly is to perform it in a substandard or inadequate manner. It embodies the concept of deficiency or lack, reflecting a failure to meet expectations or standards.

Very happy or cheerful (6)

The Solution is BLITHE

To be blithe is to be carefree, joyful, or lighthearted. It embodies a sense of happiness and contentment, often accompanied by a lack of concern or worry.

Area (6)

The Solution is REGION

A region is a defined area or territory characterized by certain features, such as geographical, cultural, or administrative boundaries. It embodies the diversity and distinctiveness of different locales and landscapes.

Insults deliberately (5)

The Solution is SNUBS

To snub someone is to deliberately ignore, reject, or slight them as a form of insult or disrespect. It embodies the act of intentionally disregarding or belittling someone, often as a means of asserting superiority or dominance.

Lass (4)

The Solution is GIRL

A girl is a young female human, typically from childhood to adolescence. It embodies the innocence and vitality of youth, representing a stage of development characterized by growth and exploration.

Donkey (3)

The Solution is ASS

An ass is a domesticated mammal of the horse family, known for its stubbornness and endurance. It symbolizes qualities of resilience and determination, often associated with the humble and hardworking nature of these animals.

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