The Sun Mini Crossword April 10, 2024 Answers are Updated Here

The Sun Mini Crossword

Improve your critical thinking by solving today’s crossword puzzles and also check solutions provided below.

Solving a crossword puzzle is like a special talent. It’s not something you can do quickly. You need to take your time, be patient, and learn how to do it. Sometimes, what you think is the answer might not be correct. So, it’s important to think carefully before you choose an answer. Now, let’s solve today’s puzzle.


The Crossword Clue Answer is BYGONE 

Past – This clue directs attention to a period of time that has already occurred, no longer in the present or future. The answer is BYGONE, describing something that belongs to an earlier time or era, often associated with nostalgia or historical context.

Romantic affair

The Crossword Clue Answer is LIAISON 

Romantic affair – This clue refers to a romantic relationship or liaison between two people, typically characterized by secrecy or illicitness. The answer is LIAISON, representing a romantic involvement or connection, often kept hidden or discreet due to various circumstances or societal norms.

Reach a place

The Crossword Clue Answer is ARRIVE 

Reach a place – This phrase indicates the action of arriving or reaching a destination after traveling or moving from one location to another. The answer is ARRIVE, describing the act of reaching a specific place or destination, often associated with the completion of a journey or trip.

Cain’s biblical brother

The Crossword Clue Answer is ABEL 

Cain’s biblical brother – This clue refers to a figure from the Bible, specifically a character known for his tragic fate and his connection to one of the earliest stories in the Old Testament. The answer is ABEL, representing the brother of Cain, whose story of fratricide is recounted in the Book of Genesis.

Stockings, tights etc

The Crossword Clue Answer is HOSIERY 

Stockings, tights, etc – This clue prompts the solver to think of a term that encompasses various types of legwear typically worn under clothing. The answer is HOSIERY, representing garments such as stockings, tights, socks, or pantyhose, often made of elastic material and worn to cover and protect the feet and legs.

Mexican currency unit

The Crossword Clue Answer is PESO 

Mexican currency unit: This clue directs us to identify the monetary unit used in Mexico. The answer is PESO, representing the official currency of Mexico, commonly abbreviated as “MXN” or represented by the symbol “$,” used for transactions and financial exchanges within the country.

___ Gruffudd, TV star

The Crossword Clue Answer is IOAN 

___ Gruffudd, TV star: Here, we’re prompted to recall the name of a television actor with the given first name. The answer is IOAN, referring to Ioan Gruffudd, a Welsh actor known for his roles in various television shows and films, including his portrayal of Mr. Fantastic in the “Fantastic Four” film series and as Horatio Hornblower in the television series of the same name.


The Crossword Clue Answer is NEED 

Requirement: This word indicates a condition or necessity that must be fulfilled or satisfied. The answer is NEED, representing something essential or obligatory, often indicating a condition or circumstance that must be met or addressed in order to achieve a desired outcome or goal.

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