The Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzle for Today April 09, 2024

The Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzle

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Thomas Joseph Crossword

The Thomas Joseph Crossword is a word game, which improves the skills in several ways.
It’s a popular activity where you fill in a grid with words using clues to help you figure outthe answer.. It’s a fun way to play with words and challenge yourself.  It’s a fantastic way to pass the time and keep your mind sharp. Check out our page for the latest Crossword puzzles and Have Fun!

“Aladdin” villain


“Aladdin” villain: JAFAR – This clue directs us to a character from the popular animated film “Aladdin.” “Aladdin” villain hints at a negative character within the storyline, and the solution “JAFAR” precisely fits this description, representing the antagonist who opposes the protagonist, Aladdin, throughout the narrative.

Auth0 entic


Authentic: REAL – Here, we encounter a clue pointing towards something genuine or true to its nature. “Authentic” suggests the presence of qualities that are original and not imitation. The solution “REAL” perfectly aligns with this definition, denoting something genuine or actual.

Battery end


Battery end: ANODE – Within this clue lies a reference to a specific part of an electrical device. “Battery end” indicates a component found in batteries, typically at one of the terminals. The solution “ANODE” represents this part, often associated with the flow of electric current within a battery.

Big nails


Big nails: SPIKES – This clue navigates us towards a term describing large, pointed objects used for various purposes. “Big nails” suggests sturdy and sizable objects utilized for fastening or securing materials. The solution “SPIKES” fits this description, representing large nails often employed in construction or industrial settings.

Big wave


Big wave: SWELL – Within this clue lies a reference to a natural phenomenon commonly observed in bodies of water. “Big wave” hints at the presence of a large and powerful movement of water. The solution “SWELL” precisely fits this description, denoting a significant and often impressive wave typically caused by strong winds or seismic activity.

Binary base


“Binary base” points to a fundamental concept in computing representing the number 2. The answer is TWO, indicating the base of the binary numeral system, which uses only two digits: 0 and 1.

Brown seaweed


“Brown seaweed” suggests a type of marine plant often found in coastal regions. The answer is KELP, referring to a large brown seaweed commonly seen in underwater forests, known for its ecological importance and various uses in food and industry.

Caesar’s land


“Caesar’s land” directs attention to the territory associated with the ancient Roman ruler. The answer is TERRA, Latin for “land” or “earth,” representing the extensive dominion of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire during his reign.

Cain’s father


“Cain’s father” leads to the biblical figure who was the father of Cain and Abel. The answer is ADAM, the first human in Abrahamic religions according to the creation narrative, who is traditionally regarded as the ancestor of all humanity.

Canyon sound


“Canyon sound” implies a phenomenon often experienced in deep, narrow valleys. The answer is ECHO, referring to the reflection of sound waves off surfaces, commonly heard in canyons due to the acoustics of their terrain.

Castle surrounders


“Castle surrounders” hints at the defensive structures often found encircling medieval fortresses. The answer is MOATS, referring to the water-filled ditches or trenches dug around castles to enhance their protection against attackers.

Charged particle


Charged particle: ION – This refers to a subatomic particle that carries an electric charge, leading to “ion” as the answer. Ions are atoms or molecules that have gained or lost electrons, resulting in a net electrical charge.

Club money


Club money: FUNDS – This clue indicates money held or managed by a club, leading to “funds” as the answer. Clubs often have funds for various purposes such as operations, events, or investments.

Cry of distress


Cry of distress: OHNO – This is a common exclamation expressing distress or disappointment, making “oh no” the appropriate answer. It’s often used colloquially to convey a sense of dismay or regret.

Dance unit


Dance unit: STEP – In the context of dancing, a “step” refers to a particular movement or sequence of movements, making it the answer. Dance routines are composed of various steps coordinated to music.



District: ZONE – This clue suggests an area or region, leading to “zone” as the answer. A district is a specific division or area within a larger region, often designated for administrative or organizational purposes.



End: FINISH – This refers to the conclusion or termination of something, leading to “finish” as the answer. The end of a task, race, or event is often referred to as the finish.

Enjoy the slopes


Enjoy the slopes: SKI – This clue suggests an activity typically done on snowy slopes, leading to “ski” as the answer. Skiing involves gliding over snow using skis, and it’s often enjoyed as a recreational or competitive sport.



Family: KIN – This refers to relatives or a group of people related by blood or marriage, leading to “kin” as the answer. Family members are often considered kin, indicating a close familial bond.

Follow as a result


Follow as a result: ENSUE – This suggests a sequence of events or actions that occur as a consequence of something else, leading to “ensue” as the answer. “Ensue” means to happen or occur afterward as a result or consequence of something.

Goes a bout


Goes a bout: BOXES – This clue directs us to an activity involving physical engagement or competition. “Goes a bout” suggests participation in a match or contest where individuals engage in combat or sport. The solution “BOXES” aligns perfectly with this description, referring to the activity of engaging in boxing matches.



Hankering: YEN – Within this clue lies a reference to a strong desire or craving for something. “Hankering” indicates a longing or yearning for a particular object or experience. The solution “YEN” precisely fits this description, representing a strong inclination or desire for something desired.



Hoopla: ADO – Here, we encounter a term often associated with fuss or commotion. “Hoopla” suggests a state of excitement or exaggerated enthusiasm surrounding an event or situation. The solution “ADO” perfectly aligns with this definition, denoting unnecessary fuss or attention given to something relatively unimportant.

Junior, to senior


Junior, to senior: SON – This clue navigates us towards a familial relationship between generations. “Junior, to senior” hints at the connection between a younger family member and an older one. The solution “SON” represents the offspring of a parent, specifically the male child in a family.

Like some ales


Like some ales: HOPPY – Within this clue lies a reference to a characteristic flavor often associated with a certain type of beverage. “Like some ales” suggests a taste profile found in certain varieties of beer. The solution “HOPPY” precisely fits this description, denoting a beer with a distinctively bitter or aromatic flavor derived from hops.

Limerick part


Limerick part: RHYME – This clue directs us to a component often found in a specific type of poetic form. “Limerick part” suggests a structural element within a limerick, a form of humorous poetry. The solution “RHYME” precisely fits this description, indicating the repetition of sounds at the end of lines, a characteristic feature of limericks.

Lofty poems


“Lofty poems” suggests a type of lyrical composition known for its elevated style and serious subject matter. The answer is ODES, referring to a form of poetry characterized by its elaborate structure and often dedicated to praising or commemorating specific individuals or events.

Long-distance copy


“Long-distance copy” implies a method of transmitting documents or images over a distance. The answer is FAX, short for facsimile, a technology used for the electronic transmission of scanned material, commonly used in offices before the widespread adoption of email.

Oscar winner Luise


“Oscar winner Luise” points to a renowned actress who achieved recognition in the film industry. The answer is RAINER, referring to Luise Rainer, a German-American actress who won consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actress in the 1930s.

Overhead trains


“Overhead trains” suggests a mode of transportation that operates above ground level. The answer is ELS, short for elevated trains, which are railway systems positioned on elevated tracks, commonly seen in urban areas to alleviate traffic congestion.

Overly touchy


“Overly touchy” hints at a phrase describing someone who is easily offended or sensitive to criticism. The answer is THINSKINNED, conveying the idea of having a delicate emotional disposition or being prone to taking offense at minor provocations.

Parsley unit


“Parsley unit” directs attention to a small portion or segment of the herb parsley. The answer is SPRIG, representing a small stem or branch with leaves, often used as a garnish or flavoring in culinary dishes.

Quick punch


“Quick punch” implies a brief, sharp blow with the fist. The answer is JAB, referring to a swift and direct punch, commonly used in boxing and other combat sports as a quick offensive maneuver.



Reply: ANSWER – This clue leads us to a response or solution to a question or query. “Reply” indicates the act of providing an answer or response to a prompt or inquiry. The solution “ANSWER” perfectly aligns with this description, representing a reply or solution to a given problem or question.

Rider’s strap


Rider’s strap: REIN – Within this clue lies a reference to a piece of equipment used in equestrian activities. “Rider’s strap” suggests an item utilized for controlling and guiding a horse while riding. The solution “REIN” precisely fits this description, representing a strap or rope attached to a horse’s bridle for directing its movements.

Rose part


Rose part: STEM – Here, we encounter a clue pointing towards a specific component of a flower. “Rose part” suggests a particular section of the plant known for its structural support and nutrient transportation. The solution “STEM” aligns perfectly with this description, representing the main stalk of the rose plant.



Seething: MAD – This clue directs us towards an emotional state characterized by intense anger or frustration. “Seething” suggests a boiling or bubbling up of emotions, particularly negative ones. The solution “MAD” fits this description, representing a state of anger or fury often associated with seething emotions.

Shark’s home


Shark’s home: OCEAN – Within this clue lies a reference to the natural habitat of a specific marine creature. “Shark’s home” suggests the environment where sharks typically reside and thrive. The solution “OCEAN” precisely fits this description, representing the vast body of water where sharks are commonly found.

Shaving need


Shaving need: RAZOR – Here, we encounter a clue pointing towards an essential tool used in personal grooming. “Shaving need” suggests an item required for the removal of facial or body hair. The solution “RAZOR” perfectly aligns with this description, representing a sharp-edged tool used for shaving.

Sign of indifference


Sign of indifference: SHRUG – This clue directs us to a physical gesture often associated with a lack of concern or interest. “Sign of indifference” suggests a nonchalant or dismissive movement of the shoulders. The solution “SHRUG” fits this description, representing a gesture characterized by lifting and dropping of the shoulders, typically indicating indifference or uncertainty.

Soak up


Soak up: SOP – Within this clue lies a reference to the absorption of liquid by a porous material. “Soak up” suggests the act of absorbing or soaking in a liquid, often by using a sponge or similar material. The solution “SOP” precisely fits this description, representing a piece of bread or sponge used to absorb gravy or liquid from a dish.

Some wines


“Some wines” suggests a category of wine characterized by their color. The answer is REDS, indicating red wines, which derive their color from the skins of dark-colored grapes during the fermentation process.



“Sprinted” implies a rapid burst of running or moving swiftly over a short distance. The answer is RAN, indicating the past tense of the verb “to run,” describing the action of moving quickly on foot.



“Stupid” directs attention to a term describing someone lacking intelligence or common sense. The answer is THICKWITTED, conveying the idea of being slow to comprehend or understand things, often due to a lack of mental acuity.

Take the prize


“Take the prize” hints at a phrase indicating achieving victory or being awarded a reward. The answer is WIN, representing the act of being successful or triumphant in a competition or endeavor.

Toy store section


“Toy store section” suggests a specific area within a store dedicated to recreational activities. The answer is GAMES, referring to various playthings and activities designed for entertainment and amusement.

Trait carriers


“Trait carriers” points to entities responsible for passing on hereditary characteristics. The answer is GENES, representing the units of heredity found in organisms’ DNA, which determine traits and characteristics.

Tuscany city


“Tuscany city” directs attention to a well-known city located in the Tuscany region of Italy. The answer is PISA, referring to the city famous for its iconic leaning tower, a symbol of architectural marvel and historical significance.

Twisty turn


“Twisty turn” implies a maneuver involving a curved or winding movement. The answer is ESS, referring to the letter “S,” which is often depicted with a twisting or curving shape reminiscent of its sound and form.

Use oars


Use oars: ROW – This clue suggests an activity involving the propulsion of a boat using oars, leading to “row” as the answer. Rowing involves using oars to propel a boat through the water by pushing against the resistance of the water.

Use scissors


Use scissors: CUT – This refers to the action of using scissors to divide or separate something, leading to “cut” as the answer. Cutting involves using scissors or another sharp tool to separate material along a defined line or edge.

With no particular reason


With no particular reason: IDLY – This suggests an adverb indicating a lack of purpose or direction, leading to “idly” as the answer. Doing something idly means doing it without any specific reason or purpose, often implying a sense of aimlessness.

Young ones


Young ones: TOTS – This clue refers to small children or toddlers, leading to “tots” as the answer. Tots is a colloquial term used to refer to young children, especially those who are just learning to walk or talk.

— Arbor, Michigan


— Arbor, Michigan: ANN – This is a hint at a location in Michigan, specifically Ann Arbor, leading to “Ann” as the answer. Ann Arbor is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan, known for its cultural attractions, university, and vibrant community.

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