The Times Concise Crossword Clues and Answers

The Times Concise Crossword Clues

In this The Times Concise Crossword, you can learn new word play techniques and strategies, and we have included the answers for your reference.

The Times Concise Crossword is a word puzzle suitable for all crossword solvers for its interesting topics and tricky clues. It offers a range of clues, from easy to more challenging ones that require creative thinking and wordplay to solve. It’s essential to carefully read each clue and find the correct answers to fill in the grid. But remember that solving the crossword is not just about filling in the blanks but also about improving vocabulary. We have provided the answers for better clarity.

Perforate, prick

Answer: PIERCE

Both “perforate” and “prick” suggest the action of making a small hole or opening in something, often by piercing through it. So, the word that fits here is one that means to penetrate or make a hole in something.


Answer: CAPE

The beak is a characteristic feature of birds and some other animals, used for feeding, manipulating objects, and sometimes for defense. We need a word that relates to this specific anatomical feature

Raise, expand


Both “raise” and “expand” suggest the action of making something bigger, whether it’s in terms of volume, size, or quantity. So, we’re looking for a word that means to make something larger or to increase its extent


Answer: GYRE

To “revolve” means to move in a circular or orbiting path around a central point or axis. This could refer to the movement of celestial bodies or objects spinning around a fixed point.

Scotland’s longest river

Answer: TAY


  • Scotland’s longest river refers to a specific geographical feature, implying a body of water that flows through Scotland and is known for its length
  • The River Tay is indeed Scotland’s longest river, flowing approximately 120 miles (193 km) from its source on the slopes of Ben Lui to the Firth of Tay on the east coast of Scotland.



“Thus” is an adverb used to indicate a conclusion drawn from something previously stated or implied. It’s often used to introduce a result or consequence. AS A RESULT – This phrase serves as a synonym for “thus,” indicating a consequence or outcome following from a previous action or condition.

Noise of a gunshot

Answer: REPORT

The “noise of a gunshot” refers to the sound that is typically produced when a firearm is discharged. It’s a distinctive sound often described as sharp and loud. REPORT – In this context, “report” refers specifically to the sharp, explosive sound produced by a gunshot.

Avenue or boulevard, eg

Answer: STREET


  • The clue suggests a type of road or thoroughfare, typically found in urban areas and characterized by its width and layout.
  • “Avenue” and “boulevard” are both types of streets, making “street” a suitable answer here. It’s a general term for a public road in a city or town, often lined with buildings.

Try again

Answer: TOE


  • This clue indicates a need to retry or attempt something anew, implying a second chance or another attempt after an initial failure.
  • TOE – In some contexts, “try again” might involve reattempting to achieve something by starting from a different point or angle, which could involve using one’s toe to make a fresh attempt.

Animal’s coat


This answer seems incorrect in relation to the given clue. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding or a misprint in the puzzle. If we’re looking for a term related to an animal’s coat, “cathode” does not fit. A more suitable answer might be a term like “fur,” “pelt,” or “hide.”

The two of them

Answer: BOTH

This clue indicates a reference to a specific quantity of items or individuals, implying a pair or a couple. This word indicates two items or individuals together, often used to refer to a pair or a combination of two things

Disorderly yob


The clue describes a person who is unruly, often associated with rowdy or antisocial behavior. This term refers to someone, usually a young person, who engages in violent or destructive behavior, often as part of a group or gang.

Arrest, nab

Answer: NICK

This clue suggests taking someone into custody, usually by law enforcement authorities, typically for alleged criminal activity. In British English, “nick” can mean to arrest or apprehend someone. It’s a colloquial term often used in informal language or in police jargon.

Australian city

Answer: BERRI

This answer seems incorrect in relation to the given clue. Perhaps there was a mistake in the puzzle or a misunderstanding. A more fitting answer might be a well-known Australian city like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or Canberra

Excessively particular

Answer: PICKY

This clue describes someone who is overly fussy or fastidious about certain things, often to an excessive degree. This term fits the description well, indicating someone who is excessively selective or choosy about trivial matters.

Body of voters


This clue refers to a group of individuals who are eligible to vote in an election, typically within a specific geographical area or district. This term denotes a body of voters within a defined area who elect a representative to a legislative body


Answer: KISS

This answer seems incorrect in relation to the given clue. “Kiss” typically refers to an act of affection involving pressing one’s lips against someone or something. A more appropriate answer might be a term like “coddle” or “spoil.”

Beg earnestly



  • This clue describes the action of pleading or asking someone earnestly and urgently for something.
  • This word means to earnestly request or implore someone for something, often suggesting a sense of urgency or desperation in the plea.

Knight’s long spear-like weapon

Answer: LANCE


  • This clue refers to a specific type of weapon associated with knights, typically used in medieval combat.
  • A lance is a long spear-like weapon with a pointed tip, historically used by mounted warriors, including knights, in jousting and cavalry charges.

Winner, champion

Answer: VICTOR

This clue seeks a term to describe someone who has achieved victory or success in a competition or contest. “victor” is someone who wins or triumphs in a competition, contest, or conflict, emerging as the champion or winner.

Track-and-field event made up of seven disciplines


This clue refers to a specific athletic competition consisting of multiple events or disciplines within the sport of track and field. The heptathlon is a track-and-field event made up of seven different disciplines for women, including sprinting, hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin throw, and the 800 meters.

Synthetic material

Answer: RAYONS

Rayon is a synthetic material often used in clothing and textiles. It’s derived from natural sources like wood pulp or bamboo and then processed into fibers. The clue prompts you to think of a synthetic fabric, leading to “RAYONS” as the answer.

Northern Irish county

Answer: DOWN

“Down” is a county in Northern Ireland. In this clue, the answer is the name of a specific geographic location within Northern Ireland.

Personify, represent

Answer: EMBODY

To “embody” something is to personify or represent it. In other words, if you embody a certain trait or idea, you represent it through your actions, appearance, or character.

Common garden bird


The bullfinch is a type of bird commonly found in gardens and wooded areas. This clue directs you to think of a bird species that is frequently encountered in garden settings.

Covered in dense mist

Answer: FOGGY

When the atmosphere is filled with dense mist or fog, it is described as “foggy.” This clue prompts you to think of an adjective that describes the condition of being enveloped in mist.

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