The Tudors: Know the True Story Behind the Movie’s Plot

The Tudors

The Tudorsis a historical fiction television series primarily based on the reign of King Henry VIII and his various relationships. The series has almost shown the actual events, except forthe stories ofHenry’s sisters.

Truth Behind The Tudors Story

The Tudors, a historical fiction, is actually the story of King Henry VIII and his six wives. He had an older sister named Margaret Tudor and a younger sister named Mary Tudor.

His sister’s stories were completely mixed up in the series, and that was the only biggest historical liberties that weren’t true about the show. But otherwise, the stories of Henry and his six wives were mostly true, with very few variations.

Yes, Henry did leave the Catholic Church to marry Anne, but it was evident that he regretted the choice for some time because he never truly accepted Protestantism. He found it difficult to make a clean break, a skill that his daughter Elizabeth would eventually acquire.


Michael Hirst is the creator and writer of the historical fiction television series The Tudors, which is primarily set in 16th-century England. Though named for the entire Tudor dynasty, it is primarily based on King Henry VIII’s reign. Filming for the show took place in Ireland.

After three years, The Tudors was the highest-rated Showtime series when it debuted on April 1, 2007. There are a total of four seasons with 10 episodes each, except the third season, which has only 8 episodes. The broadcast date of the series finale was June 20, 2010.



Character Actor
Henry VIII of England Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Katherine of Aragon Maria Doyle Kennedy
Anne Boleyn Natalie Dormer
Jane Seymour Anita Briem
Annabelle Wallis
Anne of Cleves Joss Stone
Catherine Howard Tamzin Merchant
Catherine Parr Joely Richardson


Foreign wars and internal political intrigue in Henry VIII’s court present difficulties for him as king. Henry starts to have doubts about his marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon and starts to have an affair with Anne Boleyn; Cardinal Thomas Wolsey is his confidant. Wolsey makes an effort to obtain an annulment, but it is challenging. In “The Tudors,” episode 7, a fatal illness makes its way to England, making Henry worry about his own health

Sir Thomas More takes Wolsey’s place as Lord Chancellor after his banishment. In the last episode, Wolsey makes an alliance with Queen Katherine in an unsuccessful attempt to free himself; as a result, he commits suicide while being held captive in the Tower of London. Henry defies the Pope and goes to tremendous lengths to wed Anne Boleyn. While visiting France with Anne, he makes demands of the English clergy regarding loyalty.

The pope makes an unsuccessful attempt to kill Anne. Rome and England grow estranged when Archbishop Thomas Cranmer dissolves Henry’s marriage and permits him to wed the expectant Anne. Bishop Fisher and Sir Thomas More are put to death because they refuse to accept the marriage. King Francis’s refusal to unite their kingdoms complicates Henry and Anne’s marriage, and Thomas Cromwell intends to rid England of dissidents.

A bill to dissolve monasteries and abbeys has been approved. After Anne’s miscarriages, Henry starts courting Jane Seymour in episode 8 of the show as he attempts to make peace with Rome. Charles Brandon and Thomas Cromwell expose her alleged infidelity, which results in her execution. Anne’s father is expelled from the court and exhibits minimal regret. Henry has an opulent breakfast the day Anne is executed.

Henry suppresses a rebellion, executes the Plantagenet heirs, marries Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves, has a son, and begins dating Catherine Howard in season three of the show. In addition to accusing Cromwell of treason, he creates a new Protestant doctrine and secretly falls in love with Catherine. The show’s last season shows Henry VIII’s marriages to Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr, his military adventures in France, and how the ghosts of his previous wives exacerbated his illness.

Henry also has affairs with Anne of Cleves and Catherine Howard, but Catherine Howard has an affair with Thomas Culpepper. In episode four, after being blackmailed by her ex-lover, Henry attempts to stop a French invasion. In the fifth episode, Catherine gets executed along with her two ex-lovers. In the sixth episode, Henry pursues Catherine Parr while allying with the Holy Roman Emperor.

The historical drama’s season finale features King Henry accepting his own death and designating the Earl of Hertford as Lord Protector. Submissive to her husband, Catherine Parr gives the order to have her books destroyed. Henry confronts the ghosts of his former wives after getting back together with Charles Brandon. Before dying, he says goodbye to his family and gives his portrait his blessing.

Streaming Platform

The Tudors is available on Roku devices via Amazon Video, Paramount Plus, SHOWTIME, The Roku Channel, Vudu, or Apple TV. On January 8, 2021, The Tudors was taken down from Netflix, with no clear replacement scheduled.

The show is distributed outside of the US by Sony Pictures Television. ViacomCBS may decide to take up the series, but no new permanent home has been revealed as of yet.

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