The Twisty Ending of Apples Never Fall Explained, Plot, Cast and More

Apples Never Fall

ApplesNever Fall is a drama that premieredon 14th March. Find out the secrets of Delaney’s family as they are involved in the search for their missing mom, Joy.

The Twisty Ending of Apples Never Fall Explained

In the TV show, Apples Never Fall, the story follows a family called the Delaneys, who are trying to find their missing mom whose name is Joy. Everyone started to think that something has happened to her because of her husband Stan. But Joy is enjoying her life by taking a break from her family. She stayed with a woman named Savannah in Georgia.

Joy decides to live her own life because she is disappointed with her family. She meets Savannah after an accident and decides to go away with her. At some point, Joy learned that Savannah was not a good person, she wanted to hurt Delaney’s family despite her problems.

In the end, Joy realized the truth and came back to her family and the family also decided to be more honest and open with each other in the future. They were very happy and agreed to be open with one another.

What is Savannah’s Original Identity?

Savannah’s original name in Apple Never Fall is Lindsay Haddad. She pretended to be someone else named Savannah, but her real name is Lindsay Haddad. She is the sister of the Stan’s Student. She had a sad past and she blamed Joy’s family for her unhappiness. Her intention was to break Joy’s family.

She hides her true identity and pretends like someone else to help Joy from the accident. She planned to hurt Joy and her family. At the same time. Joy found some pieces of evidence in Lindsay’s home that showed her true identity.

Apples Never Fall Plot

Apples Never Fall is the story that follows the Delaney family, including siblings Troy, Brooke, Amy, and Logan along with their parents Stan and Joy. Their mom Joy was missing suddenly and they suspected their dad. They search for their mom and they come to know that their mom is alive and staying with a woman named Savannah.

Joy ran away from home because she felt unappreciated in her house. Joy realized that Savannah wanted to break their family because she hated them. After that, Joy comes back to her family. They lived happily and agreed to open up with each other.

Apples Never Fall Cast




Annette Bening Joy Delaney
Sam Neill Stan Delaney
Alison Brie Amy Delaney
Jake Lacy Troy Delaney
Georgia Flood Savannah
Conor Merrigan Turner Logan Delaney
Essie Randles Brooke Delaney
Jeanine Serralles Detective Elena Camacho
Dylan Thuraisingham Detective Ethan Remy

Apples Never Fall Where to Watch?

Apple Never Fall has a total of 7 episodes and it started streaming on Peacock on March 14. You can watch it on Peacock with the subscription.

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