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The Vanishing

‘The Vanishing’ (1988) with our comprehensive ending explanation. Unravel the mysteries behind this gripping thriller and gain deeper insights into its resolution.

The Vanishing 1988 Ending Explained

In the movie “The Vanishing,” the ending can be seen as happy. Rex and Saskia, who were separated, find each other again. Rex promised to always be with Saskia, and now they won’t be alone anymore. This happy ending was hinted at in Saskia’s dream before she disappeared and Rex’s dream afterward.

About the Movie

George Sluizer’s 1988 thriller film “The Vanishing,” or “Spoorloos” in Dutch, is a thriller. The story “The Golden Egg” by Tim Krabbé served as its inspiration. The narrative centers on a man (Gene Bervoets) whose fiancée goes missing at a rest stop and drives him to obsessive search for her. When the film was released on October 27, 1988, reviews were positive. Later, in 1993, Sluizer released an English version of the movie.


A young couple from the Netherlands, Rex and Saskia, go on vacation in France. While driving, Saskia tells Rex about a dream she keeps having where she’s floating in a golden egg in space. In her latest dream, she sees another egg with someone else inside, and she feels like their collision would mean something important.

Their car runs out of gas, so they stop at a rest area. There, a man pretending to be injured approaches them. Rex promises Saskia he’ll never leave her, and they bury two coins as a symbol of their love. Saskia goes to get drinks at the gas station but never comes back. Rex searches everywhere for her but can’t find her.

Meanwhile, a rich man named Raymond plans to kidnap a woman. He buys a secluded house, tries out chloroform, and practices luring women into his car. When his first attempts fail, he fakes being hurt and goes to the rest area where Rex and Saskia are.

Three years later, Rex is still looking for Saskia. He’s received postcards from someone claiming to be her kidnapper, but they never show up. Little does Rex know, the kidnapper is watching him from across the street. Rex’s new girlfriend helps him search, but she eventually leaves because Rex is too obsessed with finding Saskia.

Rex goes on TV asking for the truth about Saskia. Raymond comes forward and confesses to kidnapping her. He takes Rex to the rest area and drugs him with coffee. Rex wakes up buried alive in a box underground.





Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Raymond Lemorne

Gene Bervoets

Rex Hofman
Johanna ter Steege Saskia Wagter
Gwen Eckhaus Lieneke
Bernadette Le Saché Simone Lemorne
Tania Latarjet Denise Lemorne
Lucille Glenn Gabrielle Lemorne

Release Date

On October 27, 1988, “The Vanishing” was released in the Netherlands. It was chosen to represent the Netherlands in the Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Language Film category. But since there was too much French dialogue, it was dismissed. For the first time since 1972, the Netherlands was not included among the foreign films nominated after this since they did not send any more films.

At the Netherlands Film Festival in 1988, the producers, George Sluizer and Anne Lordon, took home the Golden Calf for Best Feature Film. In 1988, Johanna ter Steege also took home the Best Supporting Actress European Film Award.

Movie Review

“The Vanishing” is a one-hour and forty-seven-minute horror and crime film from 1988. It has received positive reviews and is rated 7.7/10 on IMDb and an astounding 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. With its gripping plot and outstanding acting, this psychological thriller enthralls viewers and makes a lasting impression.

Streaming Platform

There aren’t any free ways to watch “The Vanishing” online right now in India. Nonetheless, the 1988 movie is available for streaming on Google Play and the Apple TV Store for audiences in the United Kingdom.

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