Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzle for Today April 6, 2024

Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzle

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Thomas Joseph Crossword

The Thomas Joseph Crossword puzzle is a fun and challenging game that tests your word skills. It’s a popular activity where you fill in a grid with words and phrases, using clues to help you figure out what goes where. You can enjoy Thomas Joseph Crossword puzzles anywhere, whether you’re relaxing at home, on your commute, or taking a break at work. It’s a fantastic way to pass the time and keep your mind sharp. Check out our page for the latest Universal Crossword Puzzle and Enjoy.

Add a change to


Add a change to this clue prompts for a term meaning to make an alteration or addition to something. The answer is AMEND, which means to modify or revise, commonly used in legal contexts or when making adjustments to documents or laws.

Bar rocks


Bar rocks here, a phrase suggesting a type of solid substance often used to cool beverages is described. The answer is ICE, referring to frozen water commonly added to drinks to lower their temperature or provide a refreshing chill.

Baseball’s Ryan


Baseball’s Ryan This clue directs attention to a prominent figure in the world of baseball, specifically known for his pitching prowess. The answer is NOLAN, referring to Nolan Ryan, a Hall of Fame pitcher known for his record-breaking career and remarkable longevity in Major League Baseball.

Basic idea


Basic idea In this clue, a term indicating the fundamental concept or essence of something is sought. The answer is GIST, which refers to the main point or essential part of a matter or argument, often used in summarizing information or discussions.



Beginner Here, a word describing someone who is new to a particular activity or skill is indicated. The answer is NOVICE, referring to a person who is inexperienced or just starting to learn or engage in a specific pursuit or endeavor.

Berlin lang


Berlin lang This clue hints at the language spoken in Berlin, Germany’s capital city. The answer is “GER,” which stands for German, the primary language spoken in Berlin and throughout Germany.

Calendar boxes


Calendar boxes Refer to the compartments or divisions on a calendar where dates are listed or marked. The answer is “DAYS,” indicating the individual units of time that make up a calendar, typically representing a 24-hour period.



Consume Describing the action of eating or drinking something, often implying the complete ingestion of a substance. The answer is “EAT UP,” which signifies the act of consuming food or beverages entirely, leaving nothing behind.



CroneThis term refers to an old woman, often depicted in folklore as a witch-like figure or a wise elder. The answer is “HAG,” a derogatory term used to describe an old woman, particularly one considered ugly or unpleasant.



Deeds Denoting actions or accomplishments carried out by individuals, often with legal or moral significance. The answer is “ACTS,” referring to the behaviors or actions performed by someone, whether good or bad, in various contexts.

Dietary restriction


Dietary restriction Describing limitations or guidelines imposed on one’s food intake for health or personal reasons. The answer is “NO SALT,” indicating the avoidance or restriction of salt in one’s diet due to health concerns or dietary preferences.



Disputed This clue suggests a situation or topic that is under debate or disagreement. The answer is “ATISSUE,” which means in question or subject to controversy, often used to describe matters that are unresolved or contentious.

Dote on


Dote on This phrase describes the act of showing excessive love or fondness towards someone or something. The answer is “ADORE,” which means to deeply love or admire someone or something, often with great affection or devotion.



Fabricated This clue indicates something that has been made or created artificially, often with the intention to deceive or mislead. The answer is “UNTRUE,” which describes something that is not based on truth or reality, often fabricated or invented.

GIs, slangily


GIs, slangily In this context, “GIs” refers to members of the United States armed forces, specifically soldiers. The answer is “GRUNTS,” which is a slang term commonly used to refer to infantry soldiers, particularly those who do the bulk of the physical labor and fighting on the ground.

In shape


In shape This phrase suggests being physically fit or having a well-toned physique. The answer is “TONED,” which describes a state of being in good physical condition, often with firm muscles and defined contours.

Kuwaiti coin


Kuwaiti coin This clue refers to the currency used in Kuwait. The answer is “DINAR,” which is the monetary unit of Kuwait, commonly used for transactions and representing a certain value in the country’s economy.

Lace’s place


Lace’s place This clue directs attention to a specific part of clothing or fabric where lace is commonly found. The answer is “EYELET,” which refers to a small hole or opening in fabric or leather, often reinforced with metal or stitching and used for threading lace or a cord.

Lincoln debater


Lincoln debater This clue refers to a historical figure known for engaging in debates with Abraham Lincoln during the 1858 Illinois Senate race. The answer is DOUGLAS, referring to Stephen A. Douglas, a prominent American politician and senator from Illinois, who famously debated Lincoln on issues such as slavery and states’ rights.



Muck Here, a term describing wet, sticky, or dirty matter, often found in gardens or agricultural settings, is indicated. The answer is SLUDGE, referring to a thick, muddy substance consisting of waste material or sediment, commonly found in ponds, sewage systems, or industrial processes.

Naval initials


Naval initials This clue directs attention to a set of letters commonly used to denote ships in the United States Navy. The answer is USS, which stands for United States Ship, a prefix used before the names of vessels in the U.S. Navy, indicating their status as part of the naval fleet.

Old horse


Old horse In this clue, a term describing an aged or worn-out equine animal is suggested. The answer is NAG, referring to an old or overworked horse, often associated with stubbornness or a tendency to complain, commonly used in colloquial language to describe someone who is bothersome or persistent.



Oneness Here, a concept denoting unity, harmony, or the state of being united as one entity is indicated. The answer is UNITY, referring to the state of being undivided or joined together as a single whole, often emphasized in various contexts such as relationships, communities, or philosophical ideologies.

Photo finish


Photo finish This clue suggests a term describing the result of a close race or competition, often requiring a detailed examination of photographs to determine the winner. The answer is MATTE, referring to a type of finish or surface texture applied to photographs or prints, commonly used to reduce glare and enhance visual clarity.

Pindar poem


Pindar poem Pindar was an ancient Greek poet known for his lyrical compositions, often performed at public events. The answer is “ODE,” a form of lyric poetry characterized by its elevated language and emotional expression, often dedicated to praising or celebrating a person or event.



Prestige This term refers to the respect, admiration, or influence associated with a person, organization, or position. The answer is “STATUS,” indicating a person’s standing or position in society, often based on factors such as wealth, power, or reputation.

Puget Sound city


Puget Sound city Puget Sound is a body of water in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, bordered by several cities, including Seattle and Tacoma. The answer is “TACOMA,” a city located in the state of Washington, known for its proximity to Puget Sound and its vibrant maritime industry.

Quill need


Quill need  historical contexts, writing instruments were often made from quills, requiring a particular substance for writing. The answer is “INK,” the fluid or paste used for writing, traditionally made from various pigments or dyes suspended in a liquid medium.

Rough guesses


Rough guesses Describing speculative or uncertain attempts to answer questions or solve problems without complete information. The answer is “STABS,” indicating attempts or efforts made with little certainty or precision, often based on intuition or limited knowledge.



Run-down This term describes something in a dilapidated or deteriorated condition, often due to neglect or age. The answer is “RATTY,” indicating that something is shabby or worn out, resembling the appearance of a rat-infested place or object.

Salad servers


Salad servers These are utensils used for serving salad, typically consisting of a pair of elongated implements. The answer is “TONGS,” which are kitchen utensils with two arms or prongs joined at one end, often used for grasping and serving food items such as salads or vegetables.

Sea dogs


Sea dogs This clue refers to a term often used to describe sailors or mariners. The answer is “TARS,” which is a slang term for seamen or sailors, derived from the use of tar to waterproof the seams of wooden ships.

Simple tops


Simple tops This clue suggests a type of clothing that is uncomplicated or basic. The answer is “TEESHIRTS,” which are casual garments with short sleeves and typically made of cotton, commonly worn as everyday attire.

Some diviners read them


Some diviners read This clue hints at a practice where certain individuals interpret symbols or patterns to predict the future. The answer is “TEALEAVES,” referring to the dried leaves of the tea plant, which are sometimes used in divination practices such as reading tea leaves.

Sphinx setting


Sphinx setting This clue directs attention to a specific geographical location associated with the Sphinx. The answer is “EGYPT,” as the Great Sphinx of Giza is situated in Egypt, near the famous pyramids on the Giza Plateau.



SpotsIn this context, “spots” likely refers to advertisements or commercial messages. The answer is “ADS,” which is short for advertisements, commonly used in newspapers, magazines, television, and other media to promote products or services.

Tennis star Roddick


Tennis star Roddick This clue points to a well-known tennis player. The answer is “ANDY,” referring to Andy Roddick, a former professional tennis player from the United States who achieved significant success during his career, including winning the US Open in 2003.

Texas player


Texas player This clue suggests a sports team associated with the state of Texas. The answer is ASTRO, referring to the Houston Astros, a Major League Baseball team based in Houston, Texas, known for its competitive presence in the league.



Tight-fitting Here, a term describing something that fits closely or snugly to the body is indicated. The answer is SNUG, suggesting a comfortable and close-fitting arrangement or design, commonly used to describe clothing or spaces that provide a feeling of security and warmth.

Tiny worker


Tiny worker, This clue hints at a small insect known for its industrious nature within a colony. The answer is ANT, referring to a tiny but highly organized insect known for its collaborative efforts in tasks such as foraging, building, and defending the colony.

Titled women


Titled womenIn this clue, a term denoting women with honorary or inherited titles of nobility is suggested. The answer is DAMES, which historically refers to women of noble or high social rank, often bestowed with titles such as “Dame” in recognition of their status or achievements.

Tries to find


Tries to find Here, an action describing the effort to locate or discover something is indicated. The answer is SEEKS, suggesting the act of actively searching or pursuing a particular object, goal, or piece of information with determination and intent.

Turn away


Turn away This clue suggests an action indicating the redirection or avoidance of something. The answer is AVERT, meaning to prevent or avoid something undesirable from happening by turning one’s attention or action away from it, commonly used in contexts such as averting disaster or averting one’s gaze.

Variety show


Variety show This term refers to a type of entertainment production that features a diverse range of acts, often including comedy, music, dance, and sketches. The answer is “REVUE,” denoting a theatrical presentation that showcases various performers and performances within a single show.

Was furious


Was furious Describing a state of intense anger or rage, often indicating strong emotional agitation. The answer is “SEETHED,” suggesting a boiling or simmering anger that manifests internally, as if one’s emotions are bubbling beneath the surface.

Watering hole


A watering hole Typically refers to a place where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and socialize. The answer is “BAR,” indicating an establishment that serves drinks, often alcoholic, and provides a social setting for patrons to relax and converse.

Where Gauguin painted


Where Gauguin painted This clue points to the location where the French artist Paul Gauguin spent a significant portion of his artistic career, known for its vibrant landscapes and indigenous culture. The answer is “TAHITI,” an island in French Polynesia renowned for its natural beauty and the inspiration it provided to Gauguin’s paintings.

Will subject


Will subject  This phrase hints at a legal concept involving the distribution of one’s possessions and assets after death. The answer is “ESTATE,” referring to the total sum of an individual’s possessions, including property, money, and other assets, which are typically distributed according to the terms of a will.

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