To Kill a Tiger Ending Explained, Where to watch to Kill a Tiger?

To Kill a Tiger Ending Explained

To Kill a Tiger Ending Explained tells the gripping story of a victim who musters all the courage that she and her father deserve in the deep patriarchal tyranny of sexual violence.

To Kill a Tiger Wiki

To Kill a Tiger is a documentary that is about a real-life incident of child sexual violence that happened in 2017 in India where the victim and her father lodged an FIR  to get justice and how the village as a whole views the sexual violence and impending arguments to tarnish the image of the girl.

The story tells what it takes to be a girl child who faces sexual violence and what it means to get the courage and go against the grain just to get her due justice fairly. The documentary ended its production in 2022 and started filming for international movie screens across the world in 2023.

It was officially nominated for Best Documentary Film at the Oscars Awards 2024.

Ending Explained

To Kill a Tiger is a Gripping documentary about the child sexual violence that happened in a small village in Jharkhand Indian hinterlands away from the concrete jungles and cosmopolitan cities.

In the end, Kiran decided and gave a gripping retelling of the horror of sexual violence in the court to get her due justice with her statement and police evidence which ultimately led to a 25-year life sentence for the perpetrators Kapil, Langru, and Ishwar.

Now what happens to the family as Ranjit and her daughter face a society that still thinks rape happens because of women, not because of men’s attitude towards the opposite sex of the same species.

The story ends with folklore euphemism as told by Ranjit, In the villages to kill a tiger people need the help of other people as it will be difficult to kill it as an alone person but if society does not see wrong with child sexual violence does not have the courage and wisdom to support the victim.

Then it’s better to kill the tiger alone with courage and determinism than to seek support from the village even if it banishes them.


To Kill a Tiger as we all know is based on a real-life documentary so the character name of the victim is changed. Apart from a few names like, Muthalik a ward Member and Ashok Kumar Rai public prosecutor, apart from the victim, father Ranjit, and the perpetrators Kapil, Langru, and Ishwar.

we do not know the most cast members’ names from the village. But we do know the crew behind it.


Name Role
Nisha Pahuja Director, Screenplay, Producer
Mrinal Desai Cinematography
Jonathan Goldsmith Music
David Kazala & Mike Munn Editing
David Oppenheim Producer

Release Date

To Kill a Tiger documentary was released overseas for award screening first before Releasing on the Netflix platforms in India on March 10th. According to its filmmaker on her official Instagram account.


In this, the main protagonists are Ranjit and his daughter Kiran (whose Name Changed) fighting with the Indian justice system and Indian society’s deep patriarchal tyranny of sexual abuse and how our society sees it.

In 2017, Kiran was raped by three boys  Kapil, Langru, and Ishwar, who are acquainted with the family, and the documentary shows what that family faces from society in a gripping manner from the character assassination and female sexual modesty.

The sexually abused victim and her father filed a police complaint and in the end, did they get justice for what happened to them?

Streaming Platforms

As we all know it is an OTT Documentary, People who know about this movie would like to know when it will be released and on which platform to answer that question people can watch it on the Netflix platform from march 10th Below is the official trailer released on the Netflix platform.

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