Today’s Daily Mail Quick Crossword Answers Revealed for April 10, 2024

Today’s Daily Mail Quick Crossword Answers

Find today’s crossword answers and explanations here and everything you need to know about Daily Mail Quick Crossword.

Hey everyone, want to test your skills today? Try the Daily Mail Quick crossword. We will provide clues, and you have to figure out the answers, which could be a bit tricky. If you get stuck, you can find the answers here. We have also included explanations to assist you. Give it a shot!

Question: Young mares


In the world of horse breeding and racing, young female horses are referred to as fillies. These horses typically range in age from birth to about three or four years old, before they reach maturity. Fillies often participate in races specifically designed for their age group and gender.

Question: Army officer

Answer: MAJOR

Within the hierarchy of military ranks, an army officer holding the rank of Major typically holds a position of significant responsibility and authority. Majors serve as middle-ranking officers, often commanding units such as companies or battalions. They play a crucial role in leading troops and executing military operations.

Question: Hours of darkness

Answer: NIGHT

Hours of darkness refer to the period of time during which the sun has set, and darkness prevails. Nighttime is characterized by reduced visibility and is commonly associated with rest and sleep for humans. It is also a time when nocturnal animals become active and certain activities, such as stargazing, take place.

Question: Memory loss


Memory loss, or amnesia, is a condition characterized by the inability to recall past events or information. It can be temporary or permanent and may result from various factors such as head injury, illness, or psychological trauma. Amnesia can affect different aspects of memory, including short-term and long-term recollection.

Question: Terse


Describing someone as terse implies that they are brief and to the point in their communication style. A laconic individual tends to use few words when speaking or writing, often conveying information succinctly. This trait is valued in contexts where clarity and efficiency of expression are prioritized, such as in professional communication or journalism.

Question: Be

Answer: EXIST

Be prompts us to acknowledge the fundamental state of being, a concept central to philosophy and introspection. The answer EXIST encapsulates this notion, reminding us of our presence in the world and our role in shaping our reality.

Question: Dairy product

Answer: BUTTER

When considering dairy products, the inquiry Dairy product leads us to think of items commonly found in this category. Among them, BUTTER stands out as a quintessential staple, valued for its versatility and widespread use in cooking and baking.

Question: Slumbering

Answer: ASLEEP

As we drift into the realm of sleep and rest, the query Slumbering evokes images of tranquility and repose. ASLEEP encapsulates this state succinctly, hinting at the peacefulness and rejuvenation that accompany a deep slumber.

Question: Punctuation mark

Answer: COMMA

Punctuation marks serve as the silent guardians of written language, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. The question Punctuation mark directs our attention to these essential elements, with COMMA emerging as a particularly versatile and commonly used symbol, aiding in structuring sentences and organizing ideas.

Question: Instance


Within the landscape of examples and illustrations, the query Instance beckons us to provide tangible demonstrations or representations of broader concepts. EXAMPLE rises to meet this call, offering a concrete manifestation that elucidates and clarifies abstract notions, facilitating understanding and learning.

Question: Turf accountants


Turf accountants refers to individuals or businesses that accept bets on horse racing or other sports events. In the world of gambling, they are commonly known as bookies because they keep records of bets and calculate odds, serving as intermediaries between bettors.

Question: Connections

Answer: LINKS

Connections are the relationships or associations between different entities or individuals. In various contexts, connections can refer to personal relationships, professional networks, or even physical links between objects.

Question: Once more

Answer: AGAIN

When something needs to be repeated or done again, we often use the term ‘once more’ to indicate a repetition of an action or event. Whether it’s for emphasis, correction, or simply to redo something, ‘once more’ signifies a repetition.

Question: Indigestion remedy


Indigestion remedy refers to a substance or medication used to alleviate symptoms of indigestion, such as discomfort or pain in the upper abdomen, bloating, or nausea. Antacids are commonly used to neutralize stomach acid and provide relief from indigestion symptoms.

Question: Organisation of admirers


Describing a group or club formed by individuals who share a strong admiration or enthusiasm for a particular person, group, or concept. Such an organization is often known as a fan club, dedicated to supporting and celebrating their shared interest.

Question: Reasoned thinking

Answer: LOGIC

Reasoned thinking is synonymous with logic, as it involves the application of rational thought processes to reach conclusions and make decisions. Logic dictates that conclusions should be derived from evidence and sound reasoning, emphasizing the importance of clear and coherent thought patterns.

Question: Acute


When something is described as acute, it implies a high degree of intensity or severity. In various contexts, from medical conditions to emotional states, the term acute signifies a heightened level of intensity, making intense an appropriate synonym to convey the strength or severity of the situation.

Question: Fabric stiffener

Answer: STARCH

In the realm of textile crafting, a substance commonly used to stiffen fabric for various purposes is starch. Fabric stiffener, such as starch, is applied to textiles to give them structure or rigidity, making them easier to work with or enhancing their appearance when used in projects like sewing or crafting.

Question: Clergyman’s residence

Answer: MANSE

Traditionally, a clergyman’s residence is often referred to as a manse, serving as both a home and a place for pastoral duties. The term manse is deeply entrenched in religious contexts, representing not just a physical abode but also a symbolic connection to the clergy’s role within a community.

Question: Magistrate


A magistrate is a legal official empowered to administer the law and preside over court proceedings, embodying the concept of justice within the legal system. Magistrates play a crucial role in upholding the principles of fairness and equity, making decisions based on the law and evidence presented before them.

Question: Cook in an oven

Answer: ROAST

When you want to cook meat or vegetables slowly and evenly, the best method is to place them in an oven. This process not only ensures thorough cooking but also allows flavors to meld beautifully. The term for this method of cooking is roast.

Question: Lottery


In many social gatherings or events, there’s often a game of chance where participants purchase tickets with hopes of winning a prize. This game, known as a lottery, is a thrilling experience where luck plays a significant role. Another name for such a game, especially in certain regions, is tombola.

Question: Brilliant red


Picture the vibrant hue of a ripe tomato or the striking color of a freshly bloomed rose. This intense shade, often associated with passion and energy, is called scarlet. Its brilliance adds a touch of drama and excitement to any setting.

Question: Glad


When something brings joy or satisfaction, it elicits a feeling of contentment or happiness within us. This positive emotion, synonymous with feeling satisfied or pleased, is simply expressed as glad. It reflects a sense of well-being and gratitude for favorable circumstances.

Question: Former name of Iran

Answer: PERSIA

History holds tales of ancient civilizations and empires that have left indelible marks on the world map. One such empire, known for its rich culture and influence, was formerly referred to as Persia. This region, now known as Iran, has a storied past that continues to fascinate and intrigue.

Question: Hooded snake

Answer: COBRA

The snake with a distinctive hood, often associated with danger and venom, is commonly known as a COBRA. These snakes have a characteristic hood that they expand when threatened, making them easily identifiable.

Question: Arrange in line

Answer: ALIGN

Arrange in line, the clue hints at organizing items or elements in a straight, orderly fashion. In crossword puzzles, the answer to this clue is ALIGN, which means to adjust or position things so that they form a straight line or are in proper order.

Question: Sudden alarm

Answer: PANIC

When there’s a sudden onset of fear or anxiety, often triggered by an unexpected event or danger, it’s described as PANIC. This reaction can lead to a loss of control or rational thinking, as individuals respond impulsively to the perceived threat.

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