Truth Behind Coma Movie, Cast, Release Date, Plot and Streaming Platform

Discover the truth behind the TV series Coma. It is an inspiring and thrilling story not directly based on a true story. Explore how the movie shows the real-life incidents of family, crime and society facing challenges.

Truth Behind Coma Movie

The truth behind the TV series Coma is not directly based on a true story. But Coma was inspired by a real-life incident which was experienced by the creator Ben Edwards. This series theme is based on situations that reflect contemporary issues based on society. Coma is a fictional story which tells a story based on job insecurity, rising crime rates, and public services like the NHS.

It is about the observation and experiences of the creator and aims to resonate with the audience by addressing relevant real-world concerns. So, this tells that Coma is not based on a true story. Coma is influenced by the genuine events and issues that society faces especially on how youths are facing consequences.

Release Date

Coma was released on 18th March 2024 on Channel 5.


Actor Character
Jason Watkins Simon
David Bradley Harry
Claire Skinner Beth
Joe Barber Jordan
Kayla Meikle DS Kelly Evans
Jonas Armstrong Paul
David Mumeni Jimmy
Matilda Firth Sophie Bamford
Adrienn Reti Anna Franklin
Craige Els Mark
Kwadwo Kwateng Mason


Coma tells the story of Simon, a man who faces a tough situation that leads him beyond his control. It becomes more stressful for Simon when dealing with local youths who cause trouble in his neighborhood. One day he snaps and ends up punching their leader Jordan in a moment of anger. This single action changes everything as Jordan is injured badly and Simon is left with the consequences.

As Simon tries to hide his involvement in the incident he gets into the web of lies. The series explores themes like job insecurity, financial strain, and also rising crime rates. This adds some extra pressure to Simon. On the other side his wife, Beth, and Simon navigate through personal and societal challenges. This leads the whole group to an ultimate tension.

The coma was filmed in Budapest, Hungary. It is not directly based on a true story, but it dawns inspiration from real-life experiences and it reflects the social issues. This TV series keeps the audience engaged throughout the last as it is a thrilling experience as Simon’s life is out of control. Coma has four episodes which were released on channel 5. In short, two people with good jobs want to leave their neighborhood for a safer place to raise their kids.

Streaming Platform

Coma is a British television series in 2024, which is streaming on channel 5.

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