Tyson’s Run is Not Based on a True Story, All You Want to Know About Tyson’s Run

No Tyson’s Run is not based on a true story, however, it seems inspired by a true story. The characters of Aklilu and Tyson are fictional, but Barkhad Abdi and Major Dodson play their roles authentically.

Tyson’s Run

Tyson’s Run is a movie from 2022, written and directed by Kim Bass. It stars Rory Cochrane, Amy Smart, Major Dodson, and Barkhad Abdi. The film highlights the difficulties kids with autism face in school and at home. The cast of Tyson’s Run includes experienced actors and newcomers, making the movie touching and unforgettable.

Tyson’s Run is Not Based on a True Story

No, Tyson’s Run is not based on a true story, where Tyson Hollerman is a fictional character and not based on a real person who faced similar challenges in real life.

However, there were many inspirations for the movie Tyson’s Run, even though it’s not a true story. The writer and director, Kim Bass, got ideas from real-life experiences. He mentioned in an interview, that he was inspired by a boy in his son’s class who had difficulty running because he felt different.

The little boy shared with Bass that he wanted to quit running because he couldn’t keep up with the other boys. The movie shows Tyson facing tough times and winning in a real way.

It highlights how he keeps trying and stays strong, with help from his family and friends. Even though Tyson is not a real person, his story is like what many people with autism and their families go through.


Cast Member Character
Major Dodson Tyson
Rory Cochrane Coach
Amy Smart Eloise
Layla Felder Shannon
Claudia Zevallos Ms Fernandez
Reno Wilson Mayor
Barkhad Abdi Aklilu
Isaiah Hanley Bradley
Jibre Hordges Billy Kidman


Tyson is a teenage boy with autism. His mom teaches him at home because his dad, who used to play football professionally but got injured, is a coach at Pope High School and doesn’t interact much with Tyson.

One day, Tyson suggests going to his dad’s school for math since his mom can’t teach him. After arguing with his wife, Tyson’s dad agrees. At school, Tyson faces bullying, especially from a boy named Bradley, but makes a friend named Shannon.

Meanwhile, Tyson’s mom Eloise is worried that their new baby might also have autism. Tyson meets a marathon runner named Aklilu at football practice and they become friends. Things get tough for Tyson at school when he’s wrongly accused of something bad by Bradley, leading to more bullying. Tyson runs away during a storm and gets stuck in a pond, but Aklilu saves him.

At the hospital, Tyson’s dad realizes how he’s treated Tyson and wants to be a better father. He decides to support Tyson’s dream of running in a marathon, even though others doubt him. Tyson faces challenges but with encouragement from his dad and Aklilu, he wins the marathon and finds support from his peers.


The movie Tyson’s Run was released on March 11, 2022, with a running time of 103 minutes. Tyson’s Run is an American drama film written and directed by Kim Bass, starring Rory Cochrane, Amy Smart, Major Dodson and Barkhad Abdi.


Currently you are able to watch “Tyson’s Run” streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. It is also possible to buy “Tyson’s Run” on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Sky Store, Google Play Movies, YouTube as download or you can also rent.

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