Update of Newsday Crossword Clue Answers for April 11, 2024

Newsday Crossword Clue Answers

Unravel the answers by Challenging Yourself with the Newsday Crossword for April 11, 2024. Have a Joyful Playing to all Newsday Crossword enthusiasts!

Here we are back with today’s Newsday crossword puzzle to enjoy your play with both educational learning and entertainment. Start screening out the clues that encourage you to fill the empty grid lines. Exploring the clue’s meaning is an essential trick to play crossword. Do you get exhausted from testing answers? Players can also check for the given clue on this page to complete their puzzle.

Wrestler in Rocky III

Answer: HOGAN

In the movie “Rocky III,” Hulk Hogan, a professional wrestler, portrayed the character Thunderlips, who fought against Sylvester Stallone’s character, Rocky Balboa. “Hogan” is the last name of the wrestler known for his role in the film.

Inapt rhyme for “work”

Answer: SHIRK

“Shirk” is a word that rhymes with “work,” but it has the opposite meaning. While “work” implies effort, diligence, or labor, “shirk” means to avoid or neglect one’s responsibilities or duties. Therefore, “shirk” is an inapt rhyme for “work” because it conveys the opposite idea


Answer: AGE

“Age” refers to the process of growing older or the period of time during which a person or thing has existed. When something “matures,” it reaches a state of full development, ripeness, or sophistication, often associated with the passage of time and experience.

Optimistic utterance

Answer: IHOPE

“I hope” is an optimistic utterance expressing a desire or wish for a positive outcome. It indicates optimism, anticipation, or faith in the possibility of something desired happening. This phrase reflects a hopeful attitude toward the future.

Ol’ pal

Answer: KIDDO

“Kiddo” is a colloquial term used to affectionately address someone, often implying familiarity or camaraderie. It is typically used to refer to someone younger or less experienced than the speaker, but it can also be used more broadly as a friendly or endearing term for a friend or acquaintance. Therefore, “kiddo” is a term used to address an old pal in a familiar and friendly manner.

Prom rental

Answer: TUX

For many high school students attending prom, renting a tuxedo (“tux”) is a common practice. A tuxedo is a formal suit typically worn by men for special occasions, such as proms, weddings, or other formal events.

With 62-Across, venerable curiosity seeker


The Smithsonian Institution is a renowned organization in the United States dedicated to research, education, and the preservation of art, culture, history, and science. With “62-Across” referring to another clue, the full answer “Smithsonian” indicates that the venerable curiosity seeker mentioned in the clue is associated with the Smithsonian Institution.

Word to the wise

Answer: TIP

Tip” in this context refers to a piece of advice or suggestion, often given by someone with knowledge or experience in a particular subject. The phrase “word to the wise” suggests that the advice being offered is valuable or beneficial for those who receive it.

Alternative wd.

Answer: SYN

“Wd.” is an abbreviation for “word.” In this context, “alternative” indicates that the answer is a synonym (“syn”) for another word. Therefore, “syn” serves as a shortened form for “synonym,” indicating that it is an alternative word with a similar meaning.

Selfie taker

Answer: IPAD

An iPad is a type of tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. It is commonly used for various purposes, including browsing the internet, watching videos, playing games, and taking selfies. With its built-in camera and user-friendly interface, the iPad is a popular device for capturing self-portraits or “selfies.”

Novelist Brookner

Answer: ANITA

Anita Brookner was a novelist and art historian known for her introspective and psychologically astute novels exploring themes of loneliness, isolation, and the human condition. In this clue, “ANITA” fills in the blank, indicating the first name of the novelist being referenced.

Kellogg brand

Answer: EGGO

Eggo is a brand of frozen waffles produced by the Kellogg Company. These waffles are popular for their convenience and quick preparation, often being toasted and served with toppings such as syrup, fruit, or whipped cream. In this clue, “Eggo” is the brand name being referenced.

Trivial things

Answer: FLUFF

“Fluff” refers to things that are light, inconsequential, or lacking in substance. In a figurative sense, “fluff” can refer to trivial or superficial matters that are of little importance or significance. Therefore, “fluff” is the term used to describe trivial things in this clue.

Milne’s first name

Answer: ALAN

A.A. Milne was a British author best known for creating the beloved children’s character Winnie-the-Pooh. In this clue, “ALAN” fills in the blank, indicating the first name of Milne, the author referenced in the question.

White Italian wine

Answer: SOAVE

Soave is a type of white wine produced in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy. It is made primarily from the Garganega grape variety and is known for its light and refreshing characteristics. In this clue, “Soave” is the specific type of white wine being referenced

All Access Pass holder


A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck or wrist to hold items such as identification badges, keys, or tickets. In the context of an “All Access Pass holder,” a lanyard is commonly used to display and securely hold a pass granting unrestricted access to an event, venue, or facility.

Poplar cousins

Answer: ASPENS

Aspens are deciduous trees belonging to the poplar genus (Populus). They are known for their characteristic white bark and shimmering leaves that flutter in the wind. In this clue, “aspens” are described as cousins of poplars, highlighting their taxonomic relationship within the plant family.

Catty comment

Answer: BARB

A “barb” is a sharp, pointed projection or comment intended to hurt, criticize, or provoke someone. In a figurative sense, a “catty comment” refers to a snide or spiteful remark often made with the intention of causing offense or stirring up discord. Therefore, “barb” is the word used to describe a catty comment in this clue.

Nickname for 17/62-Across


Without the actual crossword grid, it’s hard to determine the specific clues referenced here. But “THENATIONSATTIC” is likely a nickname for a place, possibly a national museum or archive. The nickname suggests that this place collects and preserves items of historical significance, akin to an attic in a house where old and valuable items are stored.

Euro fraction

Answer: CENT

In this clue, “Euro fraction” refers to a part of the Euro currency. In this case, the answer is “CENT,” which is a fraction of a Euro, just as it is a fraction of a Dollar in US currency.

Odysseus’ hometown

Answer: ITHACA

This clue refers to the legendary Greek hero Odysseus from Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.” His hometown is ITHACA, a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea.

Chamber music


This clue refers to a type of music typically performed by a small group of musicians in a chamber or room, rather than in a large concert hall. The answer is QUARTET, which is a musical ensemble consisting of four musicians, commonly seen in classical music performances

Immunizations, these days

Answer: VAXES

The clue “Immunizations, these days” suggests a modern term related to vaccinations or immunizations. The answer is VAXES, which is a colloquial abbreviation for “vaccines.” “VAXES” refers to the process of administering vaccines to protect against various diseases.

Rag doll’s name

Answer: ANDY

The clue “Rag doll’s name” implies that we’re looking for the name of a famous rag doll character. The answer is ANDY, which likely refers to “Raggedy Andy,” the brother of “Raggedy Ann.” Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are classic American rag dolls that originated in children’s literature and became popular toys.


Answer: POISE

This clue, “Coolheadedness,” suggests a quality associated with composure and calmness, especially in challenging situations. The answer is POISE, which describes the ability to remain balanced, composed, and in control of one’s emotions and actions, even under pressure.

Get clean

Answer: WASH

The clue “Get clean” indicates an action related to personal hygiene. The answer is WASH, which refers to the act of cleaning oneself or an object using water and often soap. It could mean washing one’s hands, body, clothes, or any other item that needs cleaning.

“No way!”

Answer: NEVER

The phrase “No way!” expresses disbelief or refusal, to which the answer “NEVER” is synonymous, emphasizing the permanence of the refusal.

Poet fond of outlandish rhymes

Answer: NASH

This clue refers to the American poet Ogden Nash, known for his witty and often whimsical poetry characterized by unconventional rhymes and humor. The answer is a shortened form of his last name, “NASH.”

However, for short

Answer: THO

The phrase “however” is often abbreviated as “THO” in informal writing or speech, especially in text messages or social media where space is limited. This answer provides a shortened version of the word, fitting the format of a crossword puzzle.

__ chi

Answer: TAI

“Chi” refers to the vital life force or energy in Chinese philosophy. The answer “TAI” completes the phrase, as it refers to Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits

See 17-Across


This clue directs the solver to look at the answer for 17-Across in the crossword grid. The answer to that clue is “INSTITUTION,” meaning an organization or establishment, which should be found in the grid.

Nativity scene beast

Answer: ASS

In traditional depictions of the Nativity scene, the beast of burden that often appears is the donkey or “ASS,” which is referenced here.

Porous gem

Answer: PEARL

A “PEARL” is a gem formed inside the shell of certain mollusks, particularly oysters, and is known for its smooth surface and lustrous appearance. It is considered porous due to its organic composition and the way it is formed.

Express anger

Answer: GROWL

When someone is angry, they may express it through a low, guttural sound known as a “GROWL.” This answer fits the clue perfectly


Answer: SEE

To “ascertain” means to find out or determine something with certainty. In this case, the answer “SEE” suggests observing or discovering the truth about something.

Aerial milestones

Answer: SOLOS

“Aerial” in this context likely refers to something related to the air or flying. “Milestones” often signify significant events or achievements. In aviation, “SOLOS” can refer to the milestones achieved by a pilot when they fly an aircraft alone for the first time without an instructor.


Answer: EENSY

“Wee” is a colloquial term meaning small or tiny. The answer “EENSY” is a variation of “teeny” or “itsy-bitsy,” which are synonyms for “wee.” It fits the lighthearted tone often found in crossword clues.

Protests, perhaps


The phrase “HISSES AT” suggests the action of making disapproving sounds, often associated with protests or expressions of dissatisfaction. In this case, the answer “HISSESAT” is a phrase indicating protests, with the word “AT” implying the target of the protest.

“Holy cow!”


“Holy cow!” is an exclamation expressing surprise or astonishment. The answer “OHMYGOSH” is a similar expression used to convey the same sentiment, fitting the context of the clue.

Ranting and raving


“GOING APE” is a colloquial expression meaning to become extremely angry or agitated, often involving irrational behavior or ranting. The clue accurately describes this behavior as “ranting and raving,” making “GOINGAPE” a fitting answer.

On target

Answer: APT

To be “APT” means to be suitable, fitting, or appropriate for a particular purpose or situation. In the context of the clue, “on target” suggests being precisely right or accurate, which aligns with the meaning of “APT.”

Soda that sounds short

Answer: NEHI

The clue hints at a soda brand that sounds like it’s short or abbreviated. “NEHI” is a brand of soft drink that fits this description, as its name sounds like the word “knee-high,” suggesting a short stature.

Swedish toast

Answer: SKOAL

In Swedish culture, “SKOAL” is a traditional toast, similar to saying “cheers” in English. The answer fits the clue perfectly, indicating a word used for toasting in Sweden.

Typical Delhian

Answer: HINDU

Delhi, the capital city of India, has a diverse population, but the majority of its inhabitants are of Hindu faith. Therefore, the clue refers to a person who is typically from Delhi as a “HINDU,” which is the predominant religion in the city.

Notorious Amin

Answer: IDI

The clue refers to Idi Amin, the notorious Ugandan dictator who ruled the country from 1971 to 1979. His full name, Idi Amin Dada, is often shortened to “IDI” for brevity, making it a fitting answer to the clue.

NIH nutrient suggestion

Answer: RDA

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) often provides guidelines and recommendations regarding nutrition, including the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for various nutrients. Therefore, “RDA” fits the clue as it stands for the suggested intake levels of essential nutrients.

Coffee grown in America

Answer: KONA

Kona coffee is a type of coffee grown in the Kona Districts of Hawaii, which is a part of the United States of America. So, “KONA” accurately represents coffee grown in America, specifically the Kona region

5th-century conqueror

Answer: ATTILA

Attila the Hun was a fearsome warrior and leader who conquered vast territories in Europe during the 5th century. His name, “ATTILA,” is synonymous with conquest and aggression, making it a fitting answer to the clue.

Rock band staple

Answer: GUITAR

In many rock bands, the guitar is a staple instrument, often serving as a primary element of the band’s sound. Therefore, “GUITAR” is a fitting answer, representing the instrument commonly associated with rock music.

Add more branches

Answer: EXPAND

To “EXPAND” means to increase in size, scope, or extent. Adding more branches to something, such as a business or organization, would indeed make it larger or more extensive, making “EXPAND” an appropriate answer.

UV-protection measure

Answer: SPF

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which is a measure of a sunscreen’s ability to protect the skin from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. Therefore, “SPF” accurately represents a UV-protection measure commonly found in sunscreen products

Vote against

Answer: NAY

In parliamentary or legislative settings, “NAY” is a term used to vote against a proposal or motion. It is the opposite of “AYE” or “YES.” So, “NAY” fits the clue as it denotes a negative vote.

Hot spot

Answer: OVEN

An “OVEN” is a kitchen appliance used for cooking food by applying heat. It is indeed a “hot spot” within the kitchen, as it reaches high temperatures to cook or bake food items. Therefore, “OVEN” is a suitable answer to the clue

Creamy dessert

Answer: FLAN

FLAN is a type of dessert consisting of a sweet custard topped with caramel sauce. It is known for its creamy texture and rich flavor, making it a popular choice for dessert lovers.

Tongue in Teheran

Answer: FARSI

Teheran is the capital city of Iran, where the official language spoken is Persian, known as “FARSI.” This clue hints at the language commonly spoken in Teheran, making “FARSI”

Make official

Answer: ENACT

To “ENACT” means to make into law or to officially establish something, such as a rule, regulation, or legislation. Therefore, “ENACT” accurately represents the process of making something official, particularly in a legal or legislative context.

Shaqtin’ a Fool airer

Answer: NBATV

“Shaqtin’ a Fool” is a segment on the NBA TV program “Inside the NBA,” where humorous basketball bloopers and blunders are highlighted. Therefore, “NBATV” is the network that airs this segment, making it the appropriate answer.

Highly inclined

Answer: STEEP

Something that is “STEEP” is at a sharp incline or slope. This term can be used to describe a hill, mountain, or any surface that rises sharply from its surroundings, indicating a significant angle of inclination.

Automated browser

Answer: BOT

A “BOT” is a software application that performs automated tasks over the internet, often replicating the actions of a human user. In this context, a “browser bot” would refer to a program that automatically browses the internet, accessing websites and performing tasks without human intervention

Fond of

Answer: INTO

“INTO” is a preposition indicating movement or direction towards something. In the context of the clue, being “fond of” something suggests having an interest or liking for it, which can be interpreted as a figurative movement or inclination towards that thing. Therefore, “INTO” is an appropriate answer.


Answer: THAW

When something is frozen, it is in a solid, rigid state due to low temperatures. To “THAW” means to allow it to return to its natural state by warming it up, causing the ice to melt and the substance to become unfrozen.

Levy’s purpose


A “levy” refers to the imposition or collection of a tax by a government or authority. Therefore, the purpose of a levy is to gather funds for public use through taxation. “TAXATION” accurately represents this purpose.

Skaters’ gigs


“ICESHOWS” refers to performances or events where skaters, typically figure skaters, showcase their skills on ice. These events often feature choreographed routines, music, and sometimes theatrical elements, making them entertainment gigs specifically tailored for skaters.

Checkout counter sign


At a checkout counter or register, a sign that reads “CASH ONLY” indicates that only cash payments are accepted, and credit or debit cards are not valid forms of payment. This restriction is often indicated to customers through a prominently displayed sign, informing them of the payment options available at the checkout counter.

“The Flying Kangaroo” company

Answer: QANTAS

“The Flying Kangaroo” is a nickname for QANTAS Airways, which is the flag carrier airline of Australia. The airline is well-known for its logo featuring a kangaroo, hence the nickname.


Answer: UNEASE

“UNEASE” refers to a state of discomfort or anxiety, often characterized by a feeling of nervousness or apprehension. It accurately represents the concept described in the clue.

Give guidance to

Answer: ADVISE

To “ADVISE” someone is to offer them recommendations or suggestions on what they should do, providing guidance or counsel. This action aligns with the clue, which describes the act of offering guidance to someone.

What some loaves are made of

Answer: RYE

“RYE” is a type of grain used to make bread, particularly rye bread. Some loaves of bread are made with rye flour or a mixture of rye and other grains, making “RYE” an appropriate answer to the clue.

First words

Answer: INTRO

“INTRO” is short for introduction, which often refers to the initial words or remarks made at the beginning of a speech, presentation, or written work. Therefore, “INTRO” accurately represents the first words or introductory remarks mentioned in the clue

Shoves off

Answer: SAILS

“Shoves off” can be interpreted as departing or leaving, often by boat or ship. The term “SAILS” fits this clue perfectly, as sailing is a common method of propulsion for boats or ships, indicating departure.

Nonverified no.

Answer: EST

“EST” is short for “established” or “estimated,” but in the context of the clue, it seems to be a shortened form of “estimate” or “estimated.” When something is “nonverified,” it means it is not confirmed or validated, and “EST” may represent an estimate that has not been verified.


Answer: RIPS

To “RIP” something means to tear it apart forcefully. In a figurative sense, “RIPS” can be used to describe harshly criticizing or finding fault with something, as if tearing it apart verbally.

Extremely popular

Answer: HUGE

The clue suggests that the answer describes something that is very popular. “Extremely popular” can be synonymous with “enormously popular” or “massively popular,” which can be succinctly described with the word “HUGE.”

“Innovative” prefix

Answer: NEO

The clue hints at a prefix often used to denote something new or innovative. The prefix “neo-” is commonly used in this context, such as in words like “neonatal” (relating to newborns) or “neoliberal” (relating to a modern form of liberalism).

Common Little Italy nickname

Answer: SAL

The clue refers to a common nickname often associated with individuals whose names start with “Sal” and are part of or associated with the Italian-American community. “Sal” is a shortened version of names like Salvatore or Sally, which are prevalent in Italian-American culture.

Sei diviso due

Answer: TRE

The clue appears to be in Italian, translating to “You are divided by two.” In mathematical terms, being divided by two means being halved. In Italian, the word for “three” is “tre,” which indicates that when you halve two, you get three.

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