Updated Answers of The Irish Independent Simple

The Irish Independent Simple

Know how to solve crossword puzzles with our guide covering the latest crossword clues with answers and explanations.

Discover the world of crossword puzzles by solving the clues in the Irish Independent Simple crossword. We will help you understand the questions and find the answers. This guide will improve your thinking skills as you solve the puzzle. So, start scrolling and have fun.

Outcome (6)


Outcome: This term typically refers to the result or consequence of a preceding event or action. The answer is SEQUEL, which denotes a subsequent event, situation, or installment that follows or arises from a previous one, often continuing or extending the original story or narrative.

Crevices (6)


Crevices: Here, we’re discussing narrow openings or fissures in a surface. The answer is MOUTHS, which refers to openings or cavities, often found in rock formations or other surfaces, allowing passage or access to a confined space.

Military trials (6,7)


Military trials: This phrase indicates legal proceedings conducted within the military justice system. The answer is COURTS MARTIAL, which refers to a tribunal or legal assembly convened to hear and adjudicate cases involving military personnel accused of violating military law or regulations.

Correct (7)


Correct: Here, we’re looking for a term that denotes the act of rectifying or remedying a wrong or injustice. The answer is REDRESS, which means to correct or remedy a situation by providing compensation, restitution, or relief, often addressing a grievance or complaint.

Classical language (5)


Classical language: This clue refers to a language associated with ancient civilizations and their cultural heritage. The answer is GREEK, which denotes the language spoken by the ancient Greeks and used in classical literature, philosophy, and historical texts, known for its influence on Western civilization.

Beneath (5)


Beneath: This term typically denotes a position or location below or under something else. The answer is APART, which means separated or distinct from something else, often suggesting a position or condition that is distinct or separate from what is above or alongside it.

Pit-worker (5)


Pit-worker – MINER: This clue suggests “MINER,” a person who works in a mine extracting coal, minerals, or other valuable resources from underground. They often perform physically demanding tasks in hazardous conditions to extract natural resources.

Dawdle (5)


Dawdle – WASTE: This term indicates a leisurely or inefficient use of time, suggesting idleness or procrastination. “WASTE” in this context refers to squandering time or opportunities rather than making productive use of them.

Early evening meal (4,3)


Early evening meal – HIGH TEA: This phrase refers to a meal traditionally served in the late afternoon or early evening, consisting of a variety of savory and sweet dishes accompanied by tea. “HIGH TEA” is often more substantial than afternoon tea and may include hot dishes such as sandwiches, pastries, and cakes.

Miss World, e.g. (6,7)


Miss World, e.g. – BEAUTY CONTEST: This clue suggests “BEAUTY CONTEST,” an event where contestants compete based on physical appearance, personality, and talent. “Miss World” is a prominent example of a beauty contest, where contestants from around the world vie for the title based on criteria such as poise, charm, and physical attractiveness.

Jockeys (6)


Jockeys – PILOTS: This term refers to individuals who operate or guide vehicles, aircraft, or vessels. While “PILOTS” commonly refers to those who operate aircraft, in this context, it can also encompass jockeys who steer and control racehorses during competitions.

Church caretaker (6)


“Church caretaker” – This clue refers to an individual responsible for maintaining the church premises and assisting in its operations. The answer is “VERGER,” indicating a person who serves as a caretaker or attendant in a church, often responsible for tasks such as opening and closing the building, tending to the grounds, and assisting during services.

Register (6)


“Register” – This clue directs attention to a record or log of events maintained over time. The answer is “ANNALS,” indicating historical records or chronicles, typically organized in a systematic manner to document important occurrences or developments, often used to track significant events or milestones.

Test group (8,5)


“Test group” – This clue describes a collection of individuals or subjects used for experimental or evaluative purposes. The answer is “SOUNDING BOARD,” suggesting a group of people or entities consulted for feedback or opinions, often serving as a sounding board for ideas or proposals to gauge their potential impact or reception.

Flexible (5)


“Flexible” – This clue suggests a quality of adaptability or resilience. The answer is “HARDY,” indicating strength or toughness, but in this context, implying a degree of flexibility or robustness in enduring adverse conditions or adapting to changing circumstances.

Siren (7)


“Siren” – This clue refers to a warning signal or device used to alert people to danger. The answer is “WARNING,” indicating an alert or notification intended to caution individuals about potential hazards or risks, often signaling the need for immediate action or attention.

Just dealings (4,9)


Just dealings – FAIR TREATMENT: This phrase describes fair and equitable actions or behavior towards others, implying the provision of equal opportunities and considerations without discrimination or bias. “FAIR TREATMENT” emphasizes the importance of justice and impartiality in interpersonal interactions and institutional practices.

Goodbye (2,4)


Goodbye – SO LONG: “SO LONG” is a casual and informal way of bidding farewell or parting with someone. It conveys a sense of departure or separation, often used in informal settings or among acquaintances to express well-wishes or convey a temporary goodbye until the next meeting.

Break (5)


Break – SPACE: In this context, “SPACE” refers to a pause or interruption in activity, providing an opportunity for rest, relaxation, or reflection. “Break” suggests a temporary cessation or interruption of ongoing tasks or routines, allowing individuals to recharge and regroup before resuming their activities.

Firearm mechanism (7)


Firearm mechanism – TRIGGER: This term denotes the part of a firearm that, when pulled, initiates the firing sequence, causing the weapon to discharge a projectile. The “TRIGGER” is a critical component of firearm operation, responsible for activating the firing mechanism and determining when the weapon will fire.

Men’s hairdresser (6)


“Men’s hairdresser” – This clue describes a professional who specializes in cutting and styling men’s hair. The answer is “BARBER,” indicating a person trained in the art of grooming and maintaining men’s hair and facial hair, often providing services such as haircuts, shaves, and beard trims in a barbershop setting.

Stun (5)


“Stun” – This clue suggests the action of causing someone to feel shocked or startled. The answer is “SCARE,” indicating the act of startling or frightening someone, often resulting in a momentary state of alarm or surprise, eliciting a strong emotional response.

Cardboard container (6)


“Cardboard container” – This clue refers to a receptacle made of sturdy paper material used for holding and transporting items. The answer is “PACKET,” indicating a small container or parcel typically made of cardboard, often used for packaging and storing goods for shipping or distribution.

Type (5)


“Type” – This clue directs attention to a particular category or classification. The answer is “GUISE,” suggesting a form or appearance assumed by someone or something, often representing a particular type or style, especially in terms of outward presentation or demeanor.

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