What Happened to Bob Menery? What Did Bob Menery Do?

What happened to Bob Menery? A prominent figure in sports commentary, Bob Menery, has found himself embroiled in a dispute with the NELK Boys and the FULL SEND podcast crew.

What Happened to Bob Menery?

Bob Menery, a prominent social media figure and co-host of the ‘Full Send’ podcast, made headlines due to his departure from the show. Menery, known for his charismatic persona and viral videos, gained a substantial following in the golfing community before joining forces with the Nelk Boys to establish the Full Send podcast empire.In an interview on his new podcast, ‘Ripper Magoos,’ Menery shared his side of the story regarding his departure from ‘Full Send.’ While he did not explicitly state whether he was fired or chose to quit, his comments hinted at a less-than-amicable split.

Menery expressed his belief that he played a crucial role in building the ‘Full Send’ podcast, but eventually felt used by his former co-hosts. He claimed to have evidence supporting his claims of being utilized until he was deemed expendable.Although Menery did not delve into the specifics during the interview, he assured his fans that he would address the situation in a future episode of his podcast. He acknowledged the concerns of his loyal followers and expressed his commitment to being transparent with them.

Following his departure from ‘Full Send,’ Menery launched his own podcast, ‘Ripper Magoos,’ where he has hosted various guests, including rapper Bobby Shmurda, NFL player Antonio Brown, NBA trainer Chris Brickley, and former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill. Menery’s new venture aims to provide entertaining and engaging conversations with notable figures from different industries. The details surrounding Menery’s departure from ‘Full Send’ have been a subject of controversy. His former co-host, Kyle from Nelk, presented a different perspective in response to Menery’s claims.

According to Kyle, Menery was generously compensated for his involvement in the show, receiving a substantial payment of $1.2 million for ten months of work, as well as a share of ad revenue and merchandise sales. Kyle also provided a list of guests, which seemed to challenge Menery’s assertion of being solely responsible for securing high-profile guests. The public dispute between Menery and his former co-hosts gained attention on social media, with UFC President Dana White even getting involved, asking Menery to refrain from mentioning his name in the ongoing drama.

Amidst the back-and-forth and conflicting narratives, Menery issued an apology on Instagram, attempting to address the situation and potentially move forward.As the controversy continues to unfold, fans and followers are left to navigate the varying accounts and form their own opinions on the matter.

What did Bob Menery do?

Bob Menery’s departure from “Full Send” marked a significant moment as the prominent social media figure and co-host of the podcast decided to part ways with the show. Known for his charismatic persona and viral videos, Menery had garnered a substantial following in the golfing community before joining forces with the Nelk Boys to establish the influential Full Send podcast empire.

Although the exact reasons behind his departure remain unclear, Menery hinted at a less-than-amicable split during an interview on his new podcast, “Ripper Magoos.” While he didn’t explicitly state whether he was fired or chose to quit, his comments suggested a sense of dissatisfaction and feeling used by his former co-hosts. This development has sparked controversy and left fans and followers curious about the future directions of both Menery and “Full Send.”

Bob Menery Age

Bob Menery is an American sportscaster, comedian, and Instagram star. Born on August 10, 1987, he is currently 36 years old and hails from Massachusetts, specifically Boston. Menery made the decision to move to Los Angeles in pursuit of his acting career. It was through a video featuring his sportscaster-style voice that he gained widespread attention and kickstarted his career.

Menery has cultivated a devoted fan base who eagerly watch his drive-thru antics and play-by-play parodies. Before his rise to fame, Menery worked as a caddie at the Wilshire Country Club for a span of five years. During his time there, he had the opportunity to carry bags for notable players like Rodgers.

However, it was in 2017 that Menery’s journey as a sports commentator truly took off. His very first sports commentary video went viral on July 10, 2017, amassing an impressive 135,000 views. Currently, his YouTube channel boasts over 108,000 subscribers, further solidifying his growing popularity.

Bob Menery Girlfriend

Currently, there is no available information about Bob Menery’s current girlfriend. However, Bob Menery was previously in a relationship with Summer Sheeky. On March 12, 2022, Bob shared a heartfelt picture on his Instagram account featuring himself and his girlfriend, accompanied by a touching caption.

The image portrayed their deep affection for one another. Bob openly expressed his desire to marry Summer, acknowledging the ups and downs they have experienced as a couple. Despite their challenges, they managed to reconcile and are currently in a happy dating relationship. It is worth noting that Bob clarified in his post that he has not proposed to her yet. Summer Sheeky, who is Bob Menery’s girlfriend, is not only a social media influencer but also a YouTuber.

Bob Menery Podcast

Bob Menery is known for hosting a popular podcast where he engages in entertaining conversations with various guests. The Bob Menery Podcast offers a platform for Menery to showcase his comedic talents and engage in discussions about sports, pop culture, and other interesting topics. With his energetic and charismatic style, Menery creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for both his guests and listeners.

The podcast has gained a significant following, attracting fans who enjoy Menery’s unique blend of humor and insightful conversations. Each episode provides an opportunity to dive into entertaining discussions and gain a glimpse into the world of sports and entertainment through Menery’s entertaining perspective.

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