Young Royals Season 3 Ending Explained, Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Find what happened in the ending of series “Young Royals season 3 episode 6” which was released on 18 March 2024. Whether Wilhelm and Simon will come together again.

Young Royals Season 3

Young Royals Season 3 is the third and last season of the series on Netflix. The third season was released in 2024. The main actors in the show are Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm, Malte Grainger as August, Frida Argento as Sara, Nikita Uggla as Felice, and Omar Rudberg as Simon. Totally six episodes in this season. The decision to end the series after three seasons was made by the head writer and co-creator of the show.

Ending Explained

At the end of the series “Season 3 of Young Royals” some important things happen. Wilhelm’s mom apologized for how she treated him, showing that their relationship is changing. Simon and Wilhelm say their goodbyes, meaning they will be apart for a while. Felice decides not to want to go to New York with her friends and instead goes with Sara. While Wilhelm is in the car with his mother, Wilhelm says he wants to give up the throne and give it to August.

Then he goes to Sara’s car where Simon is waiting, and tells them he loves Simon again. The couple finally gets back together, and the episode ends with Wilhelm and Simon holding hands in the car, happy together with Sara and Felice.

Release Date

The Young Royals season 3 episode 6 was released on 18 March 2024. Episode 6 of the Young Royals season 3 TV series was directed by Linnéa Roxeheim.





Edvin Ryding Prince Wilhelm “Wille” of Sweden
Omar Rudberg Simon Eriksson
Malte Gårdinger August Horn of Årnäs
Frida Argento Sara Eriksson
Nikita Uggla Felice Ehrencrona
Pernilla August Queen Kristina of Sweden
Magnus Roosmann Duke Ludvig
Carmen Gloria Pérez Linda
Inti Zamora Sobrado Ayub
Beri Gerwise Rosh
Ivar Forsling Prince Erik
Anna Valkyria Petersson Malin
Leonard Terfelt Micke (season 1 and season 3)
Ingela Olsson Miss Anette Lilja
Felicia Truedsson Stella
Mimmi Cyon Fredrika
Nathalie Varli Madison McCoy
Samuel Astor Nils Poltjerna
Xiao-Long Rathje Zhao Alexander
Fabian Penje Henry
Uno Elger Walter
Nils Wetterholm Vincent af Klintskog
Tommy Wättring Marcus Sköld (season 2)
Magnus Ehrner Jan-Olof Munck (season 2)


After the breakup, Simon decides to skip school to avoid seeing Wilhelm. Meanwhile, Sara receives a car from her father as a gift. A shocking announcement disturbed a class, that Hillerska School will be closing because of harassment and bullying. Felice’s friends blame her for the situation.

In response, the 3rd-year students plan a final party. During the party, Simon and Wilhelm exchange longing looks, and Wilhelm goes to a room where they used to meet. In that room, August apologizes to Wilhelm, and Wilhelm forgives him. Sara opens up to Felice, and she feels a stronger connection with her. So Sara decides to distance herself from August. Wilhelm and Simon promise to have a peaceful evening, expressing their longing for the past.

The next day, Wilhelm’s mother asks sorry to him. Simon and Wilhelm say goodbye to each other. Before going to New York with her friends, Felice decided to travel with Sara. In a very touching moment, Wilhelm proposes that he give his role to August and quickly heads over to Sara’s car, where Simon is waiting patiently. Once again, Wilhelm expresses his love for Simon. Finally, the two of them come together again.

Streaming Platform

Young Royals season 3 episode 6 is available on Netflix. The series is available to stream on Netflix with a subscription. It is the only way to watch the series “Young Royals season 3”.

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