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This article on Yskaela Issue Twitter was written to give you a brief description of Yskaela.

Have you heard about the Yskaela Issue yet? What is the Yskaela issue about? Are you aware of the news about this issue? Why is everyone searching for it online? What is it related to? Most people from the Philippines are searching for this topic recently. Are you one of them? If yes, you have landed at the right place. The details about this issue are given below. To read more about Yskaela Issue Twitter kindly read this article below, with your prior attention.

Who is Yskaela? 

Yskaela is a popular model and a creator who is known for her beauty and modeling skills. She has a massive fan following. She is a social media influencer who has gained a lot of fame due to her videos and photos. Her full name is Yskaela Fujimoto. She is also very famous on Tiktok, her tiktoks have a massive amount of views and likes. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 700k subscribers on Youtube. Besides this, she has a huge amount of followers on her Tiktok which is 10 million, with over 240 million likes. She has gained a lot of fame and popularity in no time.

Yskaela Fujimoto Issue 

As we have read above, Yskaela has a massive fan following. Her fans are crazy about her. She is the most searched influencer in the Philippines. Recently, she has gone viral due to the surgery she went through. Her fans are very eager to know more about her surgery. Everyone is searching for Yskaela Issue to find out more about her. According to the internet, Yskaela recently got face surgery is done which has changed her face, and her fans are eager to find out more about her as this surgery has changed her appearance.

Yskaela Picture Issue Twitter 

After Yskaela got her surgery done, her fans are only searching for her all over the internet. She has received a lot of negative comments from fans regarding the surgery. Fans claim that her face was not the same as it was before and she is receiving a lot of negativity from her fans. After fans searched Yskaela Issue Twitterthey found that used to look much younger and more beautiful before the surgery, whereas now she carries a bold appearance, which is not much liked by her fans.

Reviews of her surgery 

Since she got her surgery done, she got viral on the internet. Many videos and articles were published on her. Whereas she is yet to share the news about her plastic surgery. The Yskaela Issue Twitter got viral all over, especially on Twitter. Fans posted about their reviews which were not very positive. They claimed her to have done other plastic surgeries as well. She has kept this news private and hasn’t shared it online or anywhere else. She has gained hype for her appearance on Instagram and other social media platforms.


As we have read above, Yskaela has gained an immense amount of popularity due to her recent plastic surgery. Her appearance has become a lot more attractive. To know more about her, kindly click on this link

What are your thoughts about her surgery? Kindly share your views below.

Yskaela Issue Twitter – FAQs 

Q1. Who is Yskaela? 

She is a famous social media influencer.

Q2. Where is she from? 

She is from the Philippines.

Q3. Why did she recently get famous? 

Due to her plastic surgery.

Q4. How many fans does she have of Tiktok? 

About 10 million.

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