Zom 100 Bucket List Of The Dead Voice Actors – Everything About the Voice Actors

Experience the thrilling performances of talented voice actors in “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead,” as they bring the characters and story to life with their captivating voices, Know more about them from the article below.

Zom 100 Bucket List Of The Dead Voice Actors

“Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” is a manga and anime series that features voice actors portraying various characters. The voice actors for the anime adaptation of “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” bring life to the story and its characters through their voice performances.

Character Name Voiced by (Japanese) Voiced by (English)
Akira Tendo Shūichirō Umeda Zeno Robinson
Shizuka Mikazuki Tomori Kusunoki Abby Trott
Kenichiro Ryuzaki Makoto Furukawa Xander Mobus
Beatrix Amerhauser Minami Takahashi Laura Post
Takeru Minakata
Izuna Tokage
Mikio Kousaka Shuhei Sakaguchi Keith Silverstein
Sumire Kousaka Sara Matsumoto Jennifer Sun Bell
Teruo Tendo Hiroyuki Kinoshita Rick Zieff
Akiko Tendo Yuuko Sasaki Jill Remez
Gonzou Kosugi Kenta Miyake Jamieson Price
Kanta Higurashi Nobuhiko Okamoto Bryce Papenbrook
Shigenobu Kurasagi Seiro Ogino Bill Millsap
Naoki Atenbou Kouji Takeda Bill Rogers
Touko Kanbayashi Manaka Iwami Kate Clarke
Saori Ohtori Sora Amamiya Lauren Landa
Yukari Shion Wakayama Xanthe Huynh
Masaru Kumano Naomi Kusumi Richard Epcar
Nagisa Kaneshiro Yū Sasahara Jenny Yokobori

Zom 100 Bucket List Of The Dead Voice Actors (JAPANESE)

Shūichirō Umeda

Shūichirō Umeda, a Japanese voice actor from Ken Production. He is known for his roles as Saybil in “The Dawn of the Witch,” Yuuki Izumi in “Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie,” and Akira Tendo in “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.” In 2023, he was honored with the Best New Actor Award at the 17th Seiyu Awards.

Tomori Kusunoki

Tomori Kusunoki is a talented Japanese voice actress and singer. She is known for her work in various anime, including “Kirara Fantasia” and “Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.”Tomori Kusunoki is part of Sony Music Artists and has received recognition for her roles, winning a top award in 2019. She also voiced Shizuka Mikazuki in Zom 100 Bucket.

Makoto Furukawa

Makoto Furukawa, a Japanese voice actor and singer. He was previously with SpaceCraft Entertainment. Later she  became independent in September 2018.Makoto Furukawa joined Toy’s Factory in December 2018 and started singing solo under Lantis in July 2018.

His notable roles include Saitama in One-Punch Man, Miyuki Shirogane in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, and Sherlock Holmes in Moriarty the Patriot. She also voiced Kenichiro Ryuzaki in Zom 100 Bucket.

Minami Takahashi

Japanese voice actress Minami Takahashi, born on December 20, 1990, in Tokyo. She is known for her roles in Food Wars, Selector Infected Wixoss, Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls, and Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. She is part of the Haikyō agency. She also voiced Beatrix Amerhauser in Zom 100 Bucket.

Shuhei Sakaguchi

Shūhei Sakaguchi is a Japanese voice actor associated with Aksent. Shūhei Sakaguchi is famous for his talent in making characters come alive with his voice. He is well-known for dubbing Lee Byung-hun and playing Narcistole in Delicious Party Pretty Cure. This made him earn respect from fans and others in the industry.

Sakaguchi’s dedication and love for storytelling keep him highly respected in Japan’s voice acting world. She also voiced Mikio Kousaka in Zom 100 Bucket.

Sara Matsumoto

Sara Matsumoto is a notable Japanese voice actress with Kenyu Office. Sara Matsumoto is known for her great acting in Yashahime as Towa Higurashi and in Kono Oto Tomare! as Hiro Kurusu, showing her skill in playing different kinds of characters.Matsumoto’s role as Jim in Back Arrow also shows her ability to handle serious and funny characters well. Fans and colleagues admire her work in the anime industry. She also voiced Sumire Kousaka in Zom 100 Bucket.

Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake, born on August 23, 1977, is a Japanese voice actor and narrator linked with 81 Produce. His deep voice suits many roles in anime, games, and narration. He plays heroes, villains, and funny characters, showing his range. Miyake’s talent and experience have earned him respect in Japan’s voice acting scene. He also voiced Gonzou Kosugi in Zom 100 Bucket.

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Nobuhiko Okamoto is a Japanese voice actor and singer born on October 24, 1986. He is a well known person in the anime industry. He received the Best New Actor Award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards, and later the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 5th Seiyu Awards, This helped him to grow as a good voice actor in Japan. He voiced Kanta Higurashi in Zom 100 Bucket.

Manaka Iwami

Manaka Iwami was born in 1998. He is a Japanese voice actress who gained recognition through her impressive performances. She won the Best Rookie Actress award at the 13th Seiyu Awards and later received the Best Supporting Actor award at the 18th Seiyu Awards. She is now considered a respected and accomplished voice actress in the industry. Manaka Iwami voiced Touko Kanbayashi in Zom 100 Bucket.

Sora Amamiya

Sora Amamiya is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She was born on August 28, 1993. Her notable roles include Kaori Fujimiya in “One Week Friends” and Elizabeth Liones in “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Amamiya has voiced characters in various anime and has also performed theme songs for many. She received the Best Rookie Actress Award in 2015 and is part of the music unit TrySail. She has also released albums and singles as a solo singer.

Sora Amamiya voiced Saori Ohtori in Zom 100 Bucket.

Shion Wakayama

Shion Wakayama, born on February 10, 1998, is a Japanese voice actress associated with Himawari Theatre Group. She joined the group when she was three years old.Transitioning to voice acting, Wakayama landed her first leading role as Aoi Aioi in Her Blue Sky. Some of her notable roles include Yume Minami in SSSS.Dynazenon, Cosette Schneider/Destiny in Takt Op. Shion Wakayama voiced Yukari in Zom 100 Bucket.

Naomi Kusumi

Naomi Kusumi was born on June 17, 1954. He is a Japanese voice actor known for his work at Mausu Promotion. He first worked at the Seinenza Theater Company in 1999. Kusumi usually works for overweight or middle-aged characters in voice acting. Notably, he is the official Japanese dubbing voice for Scooby-Doo in the franchise. Naomi Kusumi voiced Masaru Kumano in Zom 100 Bucket.

Zom 100 Bucket List Of The Dead Voice Actors (ENGLISH)

Jamieson Price

Jamieson K. Price is an American actor who is known for his deep voice. He is featured in various anime and video game projects. He is notably recognized as the voice behind characters like the Count of Monte Cristo in Gankutsuou, Sojiro Sakura in Persona 5, Ovan in .hack//G.U., as well as Galbalan and Milton Grimm in Ever After High. Additionally, Price had a role in the 2000 movie The Patriot and portrays Dark Mayhem in The Thundermans. He voiced Gonzou Kosugi in Zom 100 Bucket.

Abby Trott

Abby Trott is an American voice actress, has made a name for herself in anime and video games. She started her career in Japan. Then she later joined Bang Zoom! Entertainment in the United States. Notable roles include Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba), Yoh Asakura (Shaman King remake), and Windblade (Transformers: Combiner Wars).

Trott also voiced Maya Fey in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice and provided the English version of the main theme for Super Smash Bros.She voiced Tomori Kusunoki in Zom 100 Bucket.

Bryce Papenbrook

Bryce Papenbrook was born on February 24, 1986. He is an accomplished American voice actor who is well known for his work in English-dubbed versions of Japanese anime series. Bryce Papenbrook is known for voicing young male heroes in anime. His skillful voice acting has made him popular among fans. He’s in high demand for bringing animated characters to life in English. He voiced Nobuhiko Okamoto in Zom 100 Bucket.

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